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  • It's time for Thousand Roads' yearly one-shot contest! This year we're focusing on the theme of partnership between humans and Pokémon. You have all February to craft an entry--see more details here!

Official Signups


Dragon Enthusiast
  1. charizard
This is the thread where you will officially sign up with your character, or just as an Ethereal player!

Click here for the character sheet!

The signup form is below:

(Required for all participants)

Player type: Front Lines / Support / Ethereal

(Support and Front Lines)

Character name:

Basic personality:

Pokémon Species:

Starting build: (Even if you're Front Lines, do this just in case it gets crowded) Hex / strike / boon / heal / shield

Talents: Choose up to three from: HP / Stamina / Attack / Magic / Defense / Resistance

Weaknesses: Choose up to three that aren’t in Talents; you must have at least one in each or none at all, and you cannot have three talents and one weakness, or vice versa. Feel free to specify if one talent is “bigger” than the other talent, etc.

RP notes: Put anything here that has to do with your preferences when roleplaying, such as content you aren’t keen on interacting with, so other players can be aware of them. If you yourself know that you have a tendency toward common content warnings, it may be wise to put those here (or, depending on how intense they are, avoid doing so during Blacklight / tone it down.)

DM control: Full / Partial / None: (see notes below)

Front Lines only:

Moves (Level 1, No egg or TM moves) :

Ability (No hidden abilities) :

Extra Move & Justification:
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Dragon Enthusiast
  1. charizard
Player type: Front Lines 3

Character name: Owen

Basic personality: Bright-eyed, helpful, a little insecure, and surprisingly wise. Essentially the Sun Arcana if you played Persona games.

Pokémon species: Charmander

Starting support build: Boon

Talents: Resistance, defense

Weaknesses: Attack, magic

RP notes: I’m generally open to anything, but I’m not keen on intense, non-planned / uncoordinated pvp interactions.

Languages: Unovan, Kantonian, base pokespeech, elevated pokespeech.

DM Control: Full

Sample quotes:
As if he was introducing himself in a group circle: "Hi!" Owen waved and gave a light bow. "My name's Chariz--er, Charmander Owen. Before I got here, I was part of the Thousand Hearts, sort of a, um, we help people out all over! Mostly Dungeons. I joined so I can use my strength to help as many in the world as possible."

Small talk: "So... Do you read any comics? ...You don't know what comics are? Er, um, okay, how about fighting? Do you fight? Oh! You do!" His flame immediately doubled in size. "How about maybe we fight right now? What? Well yeah, we just had lunch, but why's that a problem?"

Pensive at night: "Oh, I'm okay, sorry. No, I had dinner a while ago. I was just thinking again. I got more of my memories back." His flame was dim, but he didn't look very willing to go into detail about why. The way his claws fidgeted with each other were like the thoughts swirling in his head. "Do you ever wonder if you're letting a past self down? ...Sorry, weird question."

About to battle: "Alright!" Owen crouched down, fire welling up in his chest. "Let's do this, guys! This guy has a lot of bulk but maybe that means he can't hit hard! ...O-okay, never mind, Nip's down, he can hit hard! He--" The rest of Owen's words were cut off in a crushed wheeze, a massive fist slamming him into the ground.

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Miracle Eye (Extra)

Ability: Blaze

Extra Move & Justification: Miracle Eye, which in Blacklight also allows him to see and announce enemy HP and other potentially useful information. Justification: In his world, Owen has extremely strong perceptive abilities, and can ‘see’ much more than the average fighter can in battle. Also, as the Dungeon Master Player Character (DMPC), it's appropriate that he's the team's tattle fairy.


Bonus Point Priority:
Max Resistance first.
Distribute bonus points to HP and defense next, such that the final values for HP is ~2x Defense.
Drop some points in stamina now and then so it doesn't fall too far behind the other stats. Owen needs those.

Auto-item inventory:
Tiny Reviver Seed
Elixir x2
Small Blast Seed x4
Heal Seed
Oran Berry
Invisify Orb
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Bidoof Fan
  1. custom/sneasel-nip
  2. bidoof
  3. absol
Player type: Front Lines (interest level 2. May change after classes start)

Character name: Nip

Basic personality: A bit standoffish at first, Nip can be a bit hesitant to make connections with others, struggling to trust them. But once he has, he can be loyal to a fault.

Pokémon Species: Sneasel

Starting build: strike

Talents: Choose up to three from: Stamina and Attack

Weaknesses: Magic and Resistance

RP notes: My rp style tends to be a couple of paragraphs at a time. I'm pretty lax on content. That said, as Nip is a hunter or carnivore in his universe, so it's possible discussions about that could come up here, but I doubt it would go into graphic detail. If it might I'll provide a content warning.

DM control: Full

Front Lines only:

Moves (No egg or TM moves) : Scratch, Leer, Ice Shard (extra)

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Inner Focus

Extra Move & Justification: Ice Shard.
Justification: As a move he was taught by his mentor, he holds this move close to his heart and has done everything in his power to keep the move fresh in his mind.
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Mew specialist
  1. custom/mew-adam
  2. custom/celebi-shiny
Player type: Frontline (Interest Level 1)

Character name: Cynthian

Basic personality: Cynthian is a relatively shy dude though it doesn't take much for him to open up to others. He wants to find courage and determination to push himself forward. Cynthian wants to be brave, and being part of a collective effort in saving the world sounds like a step in the right direction;

Pokémon Species: Roselia

Starting build: Hex

Talents: HP (Big), Res

Weaknesses: Defense/ Attack (Big)

RP notes: When it comes to non-plot group scenes, i'd rather only be in scenes of only up to three characters with mine included. Likewise, i'd rather other characters dont insert themselves into scenes i'm in with someone else unless it's been pre-planned and everyone is cool with it. Basically scene hijacking isn't something i'm remotely fond of.

DM control: Full

Moves: Growth, Absorb, Stun Spore, Poison Sting.

Ability: Natural Cure

Bonus Point Priority: Max Resistance first. Followed by Stamina, Hp and Mag last. Any remaining points should go to Def.

Extra Move & Justification: None.

Auto-item inventory: Tiny Reviver Seed
Elixir x2
Small Blast Seed x3
Invisify Orb
Escape Orb
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Pokémon Trainer
Player type: Front Lines
Participation level: 2/3

Character name: Mellow

Basic personality: As her name suggests, Mellow is an easy-going and gentle Pokemon. She works in a flower and tea-making shop as a helper. Seeing people's surprise when they see a fire type working with plants is one of the highlights of her day!

Pokémon Species: Charmander

Starting build: Hex

Talents: HP / Stamina

Weaknesses: Attack / Magic

RP notes: Roleplaying is fun and cool

DM control: Partial

Front Lines only:

Moves (No egg or TM moves) : Scratch, Growl, Sunny Day (extra)

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Blaze

Extra Move & Justification: Sunny Day; In order to help out her co-workers and boss with getting out tea mixes faster, she studied and practiced until she was able to make use of her natural abilities to help the plants they use grow! She is very proud of being able to do this as a fire type.
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  1. espurr
  2. fennekin
Player Type: Support (Hard 5)

Character Name: Artemis "Tricky" Carracosta Duringshell

Basic Personality: On the surface, very excitable and energetic. She likes to charge into things without thinking first, relying on others to check her before she gets out of control. Loyal, perhaps to a fault. Under the surface, she's afraid to act for herself or "grow up", and relies on others to make hard decisions for her.

Pokemon Species: Fennekin

Starting Build: Strike

Talents: Stamina, Magic

Weakness: Attack, Defense

DM Control: Full

Character Quote:

"What do you mean I have to sit here and talk about something? I don't have anything to talk about... well, except cake. I like cake. Do you like cake? I like cake. Ooh- do you go exploring? Do you? Huh?

You don't?

Oh... You're no fun..."

RP notes: I'm mostly open to anything, although scenes without a planned point in mind/a general direction are going to be a bit of a harder sell for me. My character has a traumatic backstory involving a graphic death, so if that gets brought up content warnings for death and blood. At no point do I plan to go into gruesome detail with it, though. I'm also not really comfortable RPing scenes with sexual references/innuendos/undertones.

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember (Extra)

Extra Move & Justification: Ember. Justification: As part of her aspirations to become an explorer, Tricky manually trained herself to use fire earlier than others of her species. She wasn't able to manage anything more powerful than Ember, but constant (over)use has led her to be very practiced with it.
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Ace Trainer
  1. vulpix-alola
Player Type: Support (IV)

Character Name: Cuicatl Ichtaca

Basic Personality: While being turned into a deino has greatly boosted her spirits, Cuicatl is still weighed down by guilt and low self esteem. On her better days (and when talking about the things she enjoys) she can brighten up considerably. Has a cruel streak she mostly doesn’t bother to keep in check.

Pokémon Species: Deino

Starting Build: Boon

Talents: Magic, Resistance

Weakness: HP (BIG weakness)

DM Control: Full

RP Notes: Not being in her own body mostly negates her ED, for now.

Ability: Hustle

Moves: Tackle, Focus Energy, Mirror Coat

Extra Move and Justification: She is psychic in her own universe. While she’s not strong enough to attack with her own power, reach into her mind and you’re going to have a bad time.

Bonus Point Distribution
2 Stamina
4 Defense
2 HP
2 Magic
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PMD Writer
  1. weavile
Player type: Front Lines (Interest level is a hard 1. I didn't sign up and comb through the nitty gritty details to be support)

Character name: Cabot

Basic personality: Cheery, optimistic, yet also a little bit naive. Had a strong desire to go on adventure and signed up for the navy in his world because of that.

Pokémon Species: Cranidos

Starting build: Strike

Talents: Attack and Stamina

Weaknesses: Magic and Resistance

RP notes: I’m down for most things except unplanned battles with other players. I’m open to pvp, but it’s something I’d like to coordinate in advance

DM control: Full

Moves : Headbutt, Leer, Zen Headbutt (Extra)

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Mold Breaker

Extra Move & Justification: Zen Headbutt. This move was passed down by his parents.
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*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
  1. mawile
Player type: Support

Character name: Razzle Dazzle/RD (Aka Phantom Fox)

Basic personality: Cocky and sneaky. Likes to have fun, and is a bit of a thrill-seeker. His primary goal is finding treasures for his Guild, going so far as to steal, and compete with other Treasure Hunters. He doesn't like it when things don't go his way, and is quick to make rivals. But he can make a very loyal ally, using his sneaking skills and illusion to reach a final goal.

Pokémon Species: Zorua (with leg warmers <3 )

Starting build: Hex

Talents: Stamina/Magic

Weaknesses: Defense/HP/Resistance

RP notes: I like Roleplaying, so I'm cool with most things.

DM control: Full


Ace Trainer
  1. luxray
Player Type: Front Lines

Character name: Curio

Basic personality: Curio is excited to be back in her Riolu form, especially since she has her arm back, though how long that will last, time will tell. She's boisterous and brash to the point of rudeness, but she's loyal to those she cares about and deals with a lot of her own demons. Now she's free from the stresses of the human world, how will she fare in this one?

Pokémon Species: Riolu

Starting build: Strike

Talents: Stamina / Attack

Weaknesses: Magic / Resistance

RP notes: I'm open to anything.

DM control: Full

Moves: Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Force Palm, Swords Dance

Ability: Inner Focus

Extra Move & Justification: Flash Cannon - A leftover from her previous form as a Lucario bearing a metal arm that does... something. It's implied to be a cannon of some sort, so this manifests in some way in Curio's powers as a Riolu. So she has a gem on her left arm that signifies this.


am i spoopy?
  1. silvally-dragon
  2. necrozma-ultra
Player type: Front Lines

Character name: Bahamut

Basic personality: Believes life and light are sacred... with the exception of his life. Views himself as a failure for being unable to protect that which is most important to him.

Pokémon Species: Necrozma (base/prism)

Language(s): Unown, Unovan, Kantonian, pokéspeech (& variants), Guzzlish, Deoxish, telepathy

Starting build: Shield

Talents: Choose up to three from: HP, DEF, RES

Weaknesses: ATK, MAG (BIGGER)

RP notes: Nothing at the moment. I'm flexible~

DM control: Full

Moves (No egg or TM moves) : Charge Beam, Confusion, Metal Claw, Magic Coat

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Prism Armor

Extra Move & Justification: Magic Coat — Used to ward off the corrosive, mind-altering effects of Etherium's growing distortion and reflect hexes from vicious, unrelenting Phantoms.

subject to change if dm doesn't like this :V
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Celeste New

Shiny Phantump

Born of Smol and Void
  1. sylveon
I haven’t been around here much since my joining, since I’ve been elbow deep in getting my story off the ground, but I’m making good progress. After a bit of a dry spell, I’ve got the urge to get back into reading/reviewing, and my first chapter should be up by the time we start. Expect to see me around more often.

Player type: Front Lines (1) Etherial

Language Stuff: He and anyone who speaks english/unovan should be able to communicate. A word here or there might get lost to 800 years of linguistic drift, but it should be mostly intelligible.

Auto Stuff: Buy Tiny Reviver Seed, Elixer and Max Stamina

Difficulty preference: Normal at first, maybe hard later.

Character name: Celeste (In a particularly formal setting, he’d go by “Celeste of the Sacred Flame,” but I don’t expect that to come up.)

Basic personality: Forwardly cheerful and sociable, Celeste likes being around other people. Thus far, he’s been relatively sheltered from the rougher elements of life. He’s not particularly good at working through his own emotions, having always relied on his older sister for support and help dealing with stress. Without his home-world support circle, Celeste will need to find new friends to open up to as soon as he can.

Pokémon Species: Absol

Starting build: Heal

Talents: Defense / Resistance

Weaknesses: Attack/ Magic

RP notes: Even though I’ll probably have chapter one up by the time we start, I’m still taking Celeste from before the events of the chapter. (haha how naive past Phan was.)

DM control: None at first, because I want to figure out what direction I’m taking him in for myself. Once I’ve settled into something, and there’s been some time for everyone to become familiar with him, I’d be comfortable shifting to Full.

Moves: Scratch, Feint, Leer and Wish. (Extra)

Ability: Super Luck

Extra Move & Justification: Wish. All members of Celeste’s family have access to Wish, in return for their service to Ho-oh. He will be using it during the fic.

Celeste Scenes:

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Exploring The Infinite
Player Type: Front Lines

Character Name: Vix

Basic Personality: Curious and innocent, determined to do what's right. While normally levelheaded and calm minded, she can lose her temper if she's pushed far enough.

Pokemon Species: Litwick

Starting Build: Hex

Talents: HP, Mag(Bigger)

Weaknesses: Atk(bigger), Def

RP Notes: Down for anything and everything, and willing to tone things back if need be

DM Control: Full

Ability: Infiltrator

Moves: Minimize, Hex, Overheat, Night Daze (Extra)

Extra Move and Justification(Night Daze): She trains with the powerful dark-type Castiss, and learns this from him
Dave New


Ace Trainer
  1. butterfree
Player type: Front Lines / Support (I think trying out front lines would be fun, but it may be a bit much and I'm not particularly interested in the mechanical part, so I may switch to support, and if we've got too many front line players I've got no problem just stepping back and being support)

Character name: David Ambrose (Dave)

Basic personality: To quote his mafia description: "Has for his entire adult life covered up his many issues and insecurities with anger, sarcasm and general jerkassitude. He is very smart and also kind of an idiot and generally terrible and often pretty self-destructive, including rampant alcoholism that he is somehow still in denial about."

Languages spoken: Morphicverse English (for the purposes of intelligibility, it's Unovan/Galarian)

Pokémon Species: Poochyena

Starting build: I think Shield is probably the most in his spirit.

Talents: Resistance

Weaknesses: Magic

RP notes: I'm down for most any kind of interaction. Dave is quite abrasive, curses a whole lot, and will probably be a bit of a jerk to people (but I'll of course try to avoid being excessively mean in a way that'd make him unfun to roleplay with; I'm going for fun, entertaining interactions with others, not making anyone genuinely feel bad).

DM control: Partial

Front Lines only:

Moves (No egg or TM moves) : Tackle, Taunt (Extra)

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Run Away

Extra Move & Justification: Taunt - Dave is good with words (for some value of good), very blunt, and all in all prone to calling people names and pissing them off.

Round 1
Mission Statement (introductions in Veritas City)
Arrival (introductions in Treasure Town)
Finding Equipment (meeting the God Squad)
Truffle wants to show Dave the Hidden Quarters
Dave's Turf (Truffle shows Dave the Hidden Quarters)
Dave and Brisa
Cynthian and Dave
Group communication - help call for Zane (single post)
Sushi and Sashimi appear (single post)
An Unfortunate Confession (Dave and Zane)
Infighting Aftermath (strategizing)
Training: Dave & Owen
Sushi and Sashimi fight
Battle Aftermath (post-Sushi and Sashimi fight)

Round 2
Dave vs. Astrid
The Darkwhite (Darkwhite's first appearance)
Dave and Nate on the Beach

Round 3
Team Spice Found (receiving badges/food names, single post)
A Radiant Boost (Radiance explanations)
Investigation Preparations
The Great Slug Hunt (Marketplace investigation, Dave befriends Squiggly/learns Radiant Guard)
Dave Speaks to the Manager (Dave confronts Maple about Radiance)
Dave and Curio Discuss Politics
A Hasty Escape (post-Darkwhite/Lugia fight)

Round 4
The Rumor Come Out (Dark Matter reveal)
Chip and the Shades (Squiggly goes in the Ultra Stone)
Dave and Tricky Eat Curry
Group communication - post-Maple's interrogation (two posts)
Shaymin Village fight

Round 5
Victory Drinks (Nate and Dave)
Dave and Starr Discuss Shades
Dave and Owen Discuss Rooming
Brisa, Dave & Owen Discuss the Plot
Dave and Brisa Discuss Fathers
Blacklight Dragon fight (Dave learns Shadow Charge)
Blacklight Dragon fight aftermath (Shadow Dave)

Round 6
Dave and Brisa at the infirmary (Mia hatches)
Dave and Mia at Icetales' party (single post)
Zane talks to Dave at the party
Dave and Mia and Soul Discuss Identity
Dave and Astrid Discuss Radiance

Round 7
Brisa and Dave Discuss Outsourcing (lead-up to Jesse Stranger confrontation)
Preparation for Spirit Channeling (lead-up to Jesse Stranger confrontation)
Investigating the Rocket Hideout (Mia, two posts)
Best Morph Buddies (Nate, Rocky and Mia)
Eterna Darkwhite fight (single post)
Eterna Darkwhite fight aftermath (arguing about whether shades are being corrupted)

Round 8
Dave and Soda Discuss Worldjumping
Assault on Destiny Tower (Mia)
Come to Pasta Plaza if You Want an Ass-Kicking (Dave and Nate)
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✠ Endure. In enduring, grow strong. ✠
Greensboro, NC
Player Type: Preferably Front Lines, Support if needed

Name: Mirathestra
Goes By: Mira, Thess, Tess, “Hey, you”, and some less flattering appellations

Formerly Human? Yes
Human Age: 34 years, technically
Occupation: Field Physician
Wait, What Did You Mean “Technically”? Oh, jeez. Okay, well, so. Mira is technically much older than 34. She has lived multiple lives, and each time one of those lives comes to an end, she starts again. The world she comes from is a place filled to bursting with magics of many kinds, including the sort of magic that those seeking immortality might be tempted to try. Only, the magic that holds Mira in the realm of the living is imperfect. True, she does not “die” in the strictest sense of the word, but each new life is devoid of the memories and experiences she accumulated in the preceding ones. Unfortunately, her new selves are still beholden to the consequences of the less savory decisions she made in lives past. One such consequence caught up with her right as Diyem called out, and those words fell upon her soul laid bare. It is unclear which self answered that call, but the answer came in a moment of great fear, at her most vulnerable. And all of her agreed to run from that feeling.

Basic Personality: Mira has been many things and acted in many ways, but there are a few commonalities that crop up the most regardless of which life she leads. She is a pragmatic person, focused on the needs of the present and how to achieve them. Unfortunately, she can sometimes be prone to giving less consideration for individuals, losing sight of the trees for the forest. She’s also very inquisitive, and seeks knowledge in what could be described as a relentless manner. This, unfortunately, also extends to curiosity about things that some might consider personal, and she has sometimes been referred to as invasive. In spite of that, (or perhaps because of it) she is also very good at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of others, and often can’t resist thinking about how best to use those qualities to achieve things. Does this make her incapable of seeing others as people in their own right, rather than means to an end? No, but it certainly doesn’t help. She’s the sort of person who needs to be nudged back from the potentially problematic extremes of her own tendencies. She is persistent, but not immovable.

Pokémon Species: Clefairy

Starting Support Build: Heal

Talent: Big Magic, Resistance
Weakness: Big Attack, HP

Roleplay Notes: I’m a fairly open roleplayer. I enjoy writing across a wide variety of topics and genres, so I wouldn’t say there’s anything especially out of bounds for me. That being said, I also tend to try to stick close to what the people I’m writing with want to focus on, so I’m not bringing something random out of left field. Length-wise, I’m a fairly verbose person that likes to fully explore a given thought or idea, even if it might seem a bit meandering or long-winded to do so. I also enjoy good prose, even if I’m not particularly gifted at assembling it myself, but it’s not for lack of trying. I’ll probably get a little fancy here and there at various intervals. I’m happy to engage in character conflict, as well, be it a simple disagreement or a full-blown battle. Just let me know what you’re looking for, and I’m sure we can make something interesting happen.

DM Control: Assuming Direct Contr- *ahem* I mean, full. Full.

Moves: Sing, Disarming Voice, Copycat, Heal Pulse (Extra)
Ability: Magic Guard

Extra Move Justification: In her most recent life, Mira served in a penitent capacity for one of the kingdoms she had wronged so thoroughly in a previous life, working as a field physician in their military. During her time in that role, she witnessed many horrible things on the battlefield, including the furthest extremes of just how much a human can take and still be put back together. Though she never considered herself a healer in any life prior, her most recent experiences have left perhaps the heaviest impact on her soul.

Thematically Appropriate RP-Only Move: Metronome. Rather than using this in a combat capacity, I thought it would be interesting if I applied this strictly to Mira’s characterization. Given her background as someone who has led many lives, I figured it could be a fun component of the roleplay to have Metronome manifest in a character-specific way. When under a particularly high degree of stress, or pain, or pressure of some other kind, there is a chance that Metronome will kick in and randomly call forth one of Mira’s other selves. You might be surprised at just how different a person can be from one life to the next.

((Note: Metronome’s inclusion is entirely up to Namo’s discretion. I am fine with not using it if it would cause any sort of problem.))
Starr New

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
  1. custom/pikachu-chibi
  2. lugia
Player type: Front Line rank 1

Character name: Starr
Formerly Human? Yes
Human Age: 18
Languages: Tohjoan (or whatever you want to call the language from the Japan-based mainline regions) and somewhat limited familiarity with Pokespeech

Basic personality: Grumpy, contrary, and easily annoyed. Likes to complain about everything, even things she's generally in favor of. Her primary means of showing affection is through teasing, light insults, and playful aggression. Literally ride or die for the people she cares about. Tends to avoid thinking about her problems while hoping that they'll go away (they never do). Has a tremendous amount of guilt and self-loathing that I'm looking forward to making her tackle head-on.

Pokémon Species: Litten

Starting build: Shield

Talents: HP / Attack
Weaknesses: Magic / Resistance

RP notes: Down for just about anything. Gonna try to keep her from being too big of a jerk. Will very much enjoy forcing Starr to confront her baggage so please feel free to prod at her insecurities.

DM control: Full

Moves: Scratch, Growl
Ability: Blaze
Extra Move & Justification: Parting Shot - because getting one last jab in before gtfo'ing is painfully on brand for her.

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Pokémon Trainer
  1. espurr
  2. inkay
Player type: Support. Interest level: 4. There may come a point when I want to participate in the Front-Lines,

Character name: Ashwood
Formerly Human? Yes, and from the real world
Human Age: 17

Basic personality: Ashwood is boisterous and outgoing and would like to be your friend. They're usually good-natured, but it's possible to flare their temper. They have poor impulse control and a bit of a stubborn streak. Pokemon was their favorite game growing up and they're psyched to finally be isekai'd. They may not be taking this seriously.

Pokémon Species: Golett

Starting build: Strike

Talents: Attack / Stamina

Weaknesses: Big Magic

RP notes: I've never RPed like this before so feel free to give me advice xD. Ashwood swears, but I'm willing to tone it down or refrain if desired.

DM control: Full

Moves: Astonish, Mud-slap, Mega Punch
Ability: Iron First
Extra Move & Justification: Mega Punch. They were good at punching things in real life so that carried over.

Bonus Point Priority:

First focus on maxing out Stamina and Attack, then distribute any remaining points to HP, Defense, and Resistance.
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Don’t underestimate seeds.
  1. custom/moka-mark
  2. solrock
Player type: Front Lines / Support / Ethereal

I don't reaaaaaaally have an interest in RPing, though I might pop in once or twice? I also can't fathom using one of my existing characters out of context--for me character is story is character is story, and I don't think any of my characters would work well without their supporting cast. So, here's a brand new one, just for Blacklight. You've got my full blessing to use this little bean as an NPC.

Character name: Parmelia

Basic personality: grouchy, but helpful. "OMG, you got hurt again? Sigh, come here and let me put some plant goo on it to heal it." Resents being short.

Pokémon Species: shroomish

She comes from a long line of druidic, witchy brelooms. She wants to follow in her foremother's footsteps and master healing spells and plant stuff ... but first she has to evolve so she's tall enough to reach those high shelves where all the Real Magic is kept. So, a-journeying she goes.

Starting build: Hex / strike / boon / heal / shield

Talents: Choose up to three from: HP / Stamina / Attack / Magic / Defense / Resistance

Weaknesses: Defense and resistance? IDK, fam

RP notes: Put anything here that has to do with your preferences when roleplaying, such as content you aren’t keen on interacting with, so other players can be aware of them. If you yourself know that you have a tendency toward common content warnings, it may be wise to put those here (or, depending on how intense they are, avoid doing so during Blacklight / tone it down.)

DM control: Full / Partial / None
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onion witch
  1. farfetchd-galar
Player type: Support

Character name: Lauchzelot (shocking!)

Basic personality: boisterous, overly familiar, and quick to laugh, yet very patient and slow to anger. he's got the appetite of a creature five times his size.

Pokémon Species: galarian farfetch'd

Starting build: shield

Talents: hp/defense/stamina

Weaknesses: big magic/resistance

RP notes: don't care too much tbh. anything goes. lauchs is a bit dense and acts like he knows what he's talking about all the time even though he rarely does, so don't feel the need to over-explain/correct if he says something dumb or incorrect about your character or worldbuilding. it's just him being a tool.

DM control: full. please try to keep his dialogue on brand though! i can provide pointers if necessary. 😁
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