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New Year's Resolutions


Angel of Memory
It's that time of year again! Maybe next time I should resolve to get this thread up on the first. Do you have any resolutions for 2020? And how was 2019--did you have any big achievements in the past year? I know some people here made big progress with their stories, at least, so feel free to brag a bit!

I think I did pretty well in 2019 overall... I didn't get out a ton of chapters for Salvage, but with Little God being essentially four additional chapters, I don't think I did so terribly. I had a great NaNo and did a fair amount of behind-the-scenes work, and, oh, I guess I set up some online forum or something. :P I think that went pretty well!

In 2020 my only resolution is to finish Salvage. There's of course a ton more I'd like to accomplish, but I hope that by focusing on just one thing, with a clear highest priority, I'll have a better chance of success. I don't think I'll be able to get the whole thing posted this year, but as long as it's ready to post, I'm good. I think meeting this one would require me to beat my best yearly chapter output by something like 300%, but I really feel like I can do it! We'll see, I suppose... With only one goal, if i don't manage it, I'd end up with a pretty huge failure on my hands, heh.


Pokémon Trainer
Yaaaaay, another year...

Well, looking back on 2019, I was pretty pleased with the progress I made. I got out a lot of chapters out for The Curious and the Shiny, both backlogged and new material, as well as revised it twice around the same year. Outside the Frame also did particularly well, and it brought more of a reader base for the universe I'm writing. I did finish Uni as well with a 2:1 and wrote some original stuff here and there, so I was active in other places too in terms of writing.

To be honest, in 2020, I want to step away from fanfic a bit since I'll be taking a hiatus from writing new chapters of The Curious and the Shiny soon (I'll still be uploading the backlog to this site), but not before writing two more ones to conclude this current arc. I do want to make some more progress on it, but working on it has also distanced myself from carving out more of a professional portfolio, so I want some to do more original writing in general, both with fiction and non-fiction stuff. Not that I'm not proud of the work I've done; far from it, I love my fanfic stuff to bits, but it's become a bit of a chip on my shoulder when talking to other authors that don't do fanfics or seem to look down on it.

When I do go back into fic writing, maybe in the second half of this year, I want to get some more one-shots out.


Pokémon Trainer
2019 was okay but pretty disastrous for me creatively. i started wandersword at the beginning of this year, and am... four chapters in, five counting the prologue? oof. did some art but nothing i'm immensely proud of. etc etc. this year i'd love to update my fic a bit more consistently, and practice my art a bit more than i did last year... i don't want to fall off the wagon on any of this stuff. it'd be nice to record a couple new songs too. i'm hesitant to set any specific goals on this, like "i must update wandersword once a month" or something like that, because i think if i put deadlines on myself for stuff like this it's just going to be stressful and could impede the quality of work... but i guess if i don't, it's kind of nebulous to the point that its application is kind of limited. at any rate i'm just hoping to Make Some More Stuff this year. :p

The Walrein

Junior Trainer
January 1st is such an arbitrary date for the start of the new year, isn't it? And the middle of winter isn't a great time for me productivity-wise, so I'm going to go ahead and declare the Vernal Equinox (occurring tonight in the northern hemisphere) to be the first day of Walrein Year 2020. And with a new year, comes new resolutions:

The Walrein New Deal For 2020

I will be posting a new update or short story of at least one-thousand (1000) words in length every other week, beginning this Saturday, March 21st.
2. I pledge to maintain carbon neutrality by offsetting every such post with at least one review of one chapter of someone else's story, to be posted no later than four (4) weeks after the initial post.
3. I will invest in renewable energy by renewing my old abandoned stories and bringing them to completion, starting with I Sold My Soul To Victini And All I Won Was This Stupid Championship, which I aim to complete by the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd.
4. I will refurbish all Pokemon fanfiction I have not yet posted to this forum to meet modern humor emission standards, and will subsequently post all those stories to this forum by the end of Walrein Year 2020.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
You know, considering I only just recently clawed myself out of a hole, now's the time for me to actually make a resolution as well.

I will complete at least 12 chapters this year not counting the one I just posted, because that was supposed to be posted last year. I will reach chapter 55 in LC. This is an ideal moment to end the year on because it has a major reveal that dramatically shifts the status quo.

In addition to that I will post minimum one review a week. Not necessarily here, I'm including all fanfic sites in that, but I really need to kick myself back onto the reading train, and I'm finally feeling the motivation to follow through with it.


Never not editing
IDK about the whole of 2020, but my Quarantine Resolution is to finish and post the next chapter of Divides. 👌


the cat is mightier than the pen
Might be getting in over my head with this . . but as a Quarantine Resolution TM, I'd like to give proper reviews to all the pokemon stories I've previously favorited, as long as they've been updated in the last two years. Writing can be unpredictable, but this is something I can plug away at, and I've been finding reviewing really does help spark the creative juices.


I still think about y%#'()_*{\\"'&36)%("'$&''&(15y
Well, my writing resolution for this year is to actually get started on my story. I haven't written for a while, and each time I do I'm put off by how clunky my prose is. What I write might not be good, but I have to remind myself that writing something bad and getting feedback on it is much better than writing nothing at all!
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A cat that writes stories.
My resolution this year was to write at least fifty words a day. So far, I've stayed committed to that goal! 113 days in, and I've far exceeded the 5650 word minimum I set for myself by this point. I haven't kept precise track in order to avoid getting neurotic about it, but I estimate I've written nearly 20k words so far, spread across different projects.