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New Year's Resolutions 2021


Live by the Sword
It's that time of year again! Do you have any resolutions for 2021? Did your 2020 resolutions work out at all? (Last year's thread is here, if you want to refer back!)

In the end 2020 really laughed at all my plans for the year, which I can't really feel too bad about. I had quite ambitious goals at the outset of 2020, but as we move into 2021 I think it'd be wise for me to take it a bit slower. As far as writing goes, I think I'd like to try and publish one chapter per Blacklight round. Since each round is four weeks, that's basically a chapter a month, twelve this year... not enough to wrap the whole story up in 2021 (which I hoped I'd do in 2020!), but a pretty reasonable pace of progress. And hopefully a pretty doable pace, especially considering that a couple of those chapters are nearly done already!


Bug Catcher
Yay! (I've been eyeing that first thread, very happy to see this new thread!)

For me, I think I'll keep my writing goals very very simple and easy and non-committal.
- I would like to write at least a short review of 250+ words for a fic every month.
- Perhaps I should also start writing at least one paragraph every month.

Looking forward to everyone's goals!
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Nrml and grnd type fan, with a dash of psn n bug
My goals, writing wise, are to finish a long fic (either "Traversal" or "Dodging") and edit at least three of my old fics and clean out their notes from my storage (Four by four, Two paths, and some other I haven't decided on).


Biomechanical Abomination
Same as last year... 3840 x 2160.

(What the frell do you mean, not that sort of Resolution?)

Now that I've gotten the obligatory pun out of the way and the resultant groans have been appropriately monitored as part of the screening procedure, I suppose it's time to display a more serious answer, and the answer is that I genuinely don't have one. Never did quite mesh with the concept of new years' resolutions, to be honest. Deities know where the year is going to take me and throwing general commitments that may or may not actually take shape is not exactly something that my brain likes doing.

I would, nevertheless, like to attempt to actually write something this year, if only because it's been Bloody Ages™. Now it's just a matter of finding time between work and FFXIV <<;


Bug Catcher
Well this year, my resolution is to start on all the projects I've put on hold since last year. That translates to roughly 3 or 4 fics which I've planned out, made an outline off but not started. Hopefully I'll be able to write at least 5 chapters of each this year


*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
It's not a resolution per-se, but I plan to pick up my ocarina again. I started learning a few months ago, and put it down as I was bored of playing the same two songs over and over 😅 I've got a book to help me learn now, so hopefully the variety will keep me interested.

I've also set myself a goal of reading 20 books on Goodreads. I enjoyed my reading goal for 2020 so I've increased it this year. I have two on the go atm (one for daytime the other for bedtime), and I finished one at the start of January.

I'd also like to get my original project in motion, but Rekindled takes centre stage in my writing so I can get it finished. In fact, I plan to finish the re-write before the end of the year. Let's see if I can do that...


Pokémon Trainer
Writing - I don't like setting any concrete goals for particular projects, but I do want to make Find a Way Home a priority. Last year, I chose various main projects throughout the year and committed myself to do at least 500 words/30 mins of work on it every week, so I'll do that again with FaWH being the continuous main focus unless I finish!

For general writing, I'm going to continue with my goal of doing at least one "writing" a day. Last year, I also set a wordcount goal where most months I wanted to write 500 words per day, with "words" translated very loosely. (Any words at all, correct spelling and comprehensibility optional. Also time spent writing translated to 1k words/hr, which included if I just sat in front of my screen.) Beyond the monthly goal, I also set a yearly goal for 250k, which I met! Also exceeded. By 50k *cough*

So, seeing as I surpassed last year's goal, I've decided to be ambitious and increase my goal to 320k words by the end of the year. That translates to 750 words a day for most months, with an increased count for NaNo months. I had to think hard on this, but I've decided to challenge myself with this!

(btw, this forum post counts for words, so I'm off to a good start today xD)

Reading - Reading isn't really hard for me, but I like to make it a goal because it makes me feel good about myself ^.^ My goal is to read books and short stories and have fun doing it!

I also wanted to make a goal for reading and reviewing fanfic, but I didn't come up with any specific parameters before the end of the year, so yeah... I'd like to do something, though! I just gotta think of it >.>

- Last year I mostly studied German and French. I reached the end of the German course on Duolingo, so I'm feeling really good about that! I want to keep doing some studying, with the goal of being able to read a full book in the language? 👀 We'll see.

I studied French, but realized I wasn't that interested in the language itself. I've decided to set it aside, being satisfied with knowing the basics. So for 2021, I've started two languages I haven't studied at all before: Spanish and Japanese. Spanish I'm just going to go through Duolingo. For Japanese, I'm going at it with various resources. This is my first language that uses a different alphabet, so I'm very interested to see how this goes.


Mew specialist
- Make at least six "completed" artworks throughout the year.
- Make it through the next semester without a hitch.
- Draft a comic oneshot and finish it by the end of the year
- Revive and redesign my lost and forgotten original characters
- Go through and complete at least three art video courses by the end of the year
- Make up to 100 submitted reviews throughout the year.
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