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[MAFIA WIN] Second Anniversary Fanfic Mafia - Game Thread

Day Zero End
  • Negrek

    Shadow Falling
    That's it for the pre-game RP phase. I'm going to close this thread for the night and begin distributing the role PM's. If you don't receive your role in the next hour, please let me know ASAP--it means I missed you!

    One difference with the role PM's this year is that I've included the name of the generic/standard role your power corresponds to, if any, in the body of the PM, as well as a link to the role description in the Mafiascum wiki. This is to allow you to find out more about your role if you'd like, although there's no reason to look it up unless you're curious. Please note that the roles used in this game may differ from their standard version. If there is any disagreement between what's written in the wiki and what's written in your role PM, your role PM takes precedent. The wiki links are provided solely for people who feel like they'd like to learn more about their role and the game as a whole and should not be taken as gospel.

    Also, a couple quick reminders:

    1. Posting, screenshotting, or directly quoting any portion of your role PM is against the rules! If you do this, your post will be deleted immediately, and if you do it multiple times, you risk being kicked out of the game. Feel free to say whatever you like about the contents of your role PM, as long as you don't directly include its actual text.

    2. Please don't edit your posts! It's super obnoxious to notice a typo and not be able to do anything about it, but people are often tempted to go back and edit out things they really wish they hadn't given away. Unfortunately this causes unfair and confusing scenarios where some people will have seen the original post while others haven't, while certain players (i.e. moderators) will always be able to see the original post anyway, meaning that some players will have access to its information while others won't. If you need to, double post or post a correction rather than editing! If I find an edited post, I will revert it to its original version with a note about the edit. Again, if you persistently edit your posts, you may be kicked out of the game.

    Night Zero begins now and lasts for forty-eight hours, until midnight May 6th UTC/8 PM May 5th EST. Good luck, everyone! Let's have a great game!

    @windskull @AbraPunk @DawningWinds @IFBench @Seren @Equitial @DeliriousAbsol @Fusion @Namohysip @Navarchu @Mellow @Inkedust @Shiny Phantump @unrepentantAuthor @Chibi Pika @Dragonfree @elyvorg @HelloYellow17 @Flyg0n
    Day One Start
  • Negrek

    Shadow Falling
    Night falls abruptly, startling some of the people who'd been mid-conversation when darkness flooded the featureless plane they'd been brought to. Activity continued for a little while as people worked to build themselves some sort of shelter for the night, with varying degrees of success. Soon, though, quiet fell over the makeshift village. It wasn't sleep, perhaps, for most people--a few still with late-night tasks, others simply wracked with anxiety over what might befall them in this strange place. One way or another, though, most people clearly felt it would be safer to stay indoors than try to carry their conversations on through the night.

    Dawn's arrival was of dubious relief, especially for those who'd play this game before. Dawn brought the counting, the grim realization of who'd been lost during the night. One by one people gathered, almost instinctively, glancing around in search of familiar faces. After a little while, a somewhat grudging, more systematic accounting of the missing began. And in the end, from the tiny dedenne to the lanky mewtwo, they were all... present and accounted for?

    Dave snorted and crossed his arms. This again, really? He should be used to it by now. When did the killers ever strike in the first night, after all?

    No one has been eliminated. Discussion is now open for Day 1 and will continue until midnight EST May 8th/8 PM EST May 7th.

    Also, Fusion wanted me to let you know that he probably won't be able to participate during most of this day phase and to not suspect him if he doesn't post much.

    @windskull @AbraPunk @DawningWinds @IFBench @Seren @Equitial @DeliriousAbsol @Fusion @Namohysip @Navarchu @Mellow @Inkedust @Shiny Phantump @unrepentantAuthor @Chibi Pika @Dragonfree @elyvorg @HelloYellow17 @Flyg0n
    Day Two Start
  • Negrek

    Shadow Falling
    Rascal sprang in front of the one she'd chosen to defend, taking delight in the thrill. This game was fun. Fighting, protecting, testing herself against someone. Oh, if only this could last forever.

    But all too soon it was over. One small slip was all it took, and she went down. She was dying, she realized, although she supposed that meant she would get to go back to her world. That's how this worked, apparently.

    Shame. She was happy to get to see her own trainer again, but she'd hoped to fight longer. More opponents. Pity. And she hadn't even gotten a chance to bite that Lexx guy... And he'd looked so bite-able too!

    Well, maybe another time.

    She died, but she perished with a grin of malicious delight on her jaws, exactly how she'd hoped, fighting.


    When the group reassembles the next morning, it rapidly becomes clear that people are missing. Multiple people.

    Jesse advises everyone not to panic, tries to organize a search party to explore the jungle of makeshift dwellings that the group has fashioned, and even beyond that, scouting into what appears to be an infinite flat plane beyond.

    Namco is found quickly, still lounging on her pillows. After a heated argument about whether joining everyone else would be a "pointless waste of time," the lugia is at last goaded out into the open, making no secret of how little she thinks of this whole affair. She trails along at the rear of the party, her scowl hovering over all.

    The other missing people, though, are not so easily discovered. Wes, in particular, feels sick with the recognition that the place has gone quieter with the disappearance of a certain boisterous, over-familiar pokémon. And that other trainer--he seemed so cool, so confident in the face of all this madness. He couldn't have gone down so soon, could he?

    It seems so. After an hour or so of searching, the only sign of either person is a patch of disturbed ground, the blank, plasticky surface torn and tossed in frozen ripples, ripped apart, maybe, in some kind of scuffle? But what kind, it's impossible to tell, and further investigation turns up nothing while the rucked ground slowly sinks back to its flat, neutral state, even this one clue disappearing while the group watches.

    A grim silence falls over them. After one day of respite, the Mafia's made up for lost ground. Spark mutters angry epithets under her breath, whiskers twitching and electricity crackling through her fur. They can't simply sit around and wait to be picked off one by one.

    Rascal (Flyg0n) has been eliminated. She was Innocent.

    Lexx (Chibi Pika) has been eliminated. He was Innocent.

    Discussion is now open for Day 2 and will continue until midnight EST May 12th/8 PM EST May 11th.

    (( Tetra wrote the intro in Rascal's POV! ))

    @windskull @AbraPunk @DawningWinds @IFBench @Seren @Equitial @DeliriousAbsol @Fusion @Namohysip @Navarchu @Mellow @Inkedust @Shiny Phantump @unrepentantAuthor @Chibi Pika @Dragonfree @elyvorg @HelloYellow17 @Flyg0n
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    Day Three Start
  • Negrek

    Shadow Falling
    The discussion this day is far more heated. Everyone's on edge, agitated. They know full well that they'll have to choose someone to eliminate this day, and it feels like they have no leads at all.

    Things boil over when the arctozolt makes a stuttering gambit, periodically interrupted by his own tale. The other players are furious first at his reticence and then at the fact that he gave up too much. But the pressing, the shouting, the exasperation won't get them anywhere. That play seems too elaborate to believe as a Mafia ploy--at least not without further evidence. But who has further evidence? Who has any information at all?

    Perhaps the Mafia aren't anyone here at all--no one who's really been arguing, searching, getting full into the game. Maybe they're hanging near the edges of the group, staying quiet, hoping to avoid notice.

    One by one people turn towards one quiet soul in particular: Lance the lucario, setting cross-legged in the same spot he was when they all arrived. He hasn't moved or said a word since the beginning of the first night, to all appearances meditating peacefully. Maybe he's simply overwhelmed by the circumstances and unable to cope with anything but extreme denial, ignoring everything until the game simply ends. Or perhaps he's quietly plotting how to kill them all.

    The other players begin to mutter to each other. What could he be up to? Why won't he defend himself even when people call his name, shake him by the shoulder. Lance doesn't react as the votes pile up, face set in a mild frown, apparently oblivious. As day tumbles swiftly and inevitably into night, the ground beneath the lucario begins to go liquid, drawing him inexorably below the surface.

    Those who haven't seen a jailing before watch closely, fascinated and horrified, as the semiliquid ground closes over Lance's head. He neither moves nor makes a sound. Wes watches with jaw clenched, free hand clutching the arm that bears the Snag Machine.

    The new players start to wander off after a few minutes, quiet and avoiding each other's eyes. It's the veterans who are left staring, waiting for the verdict. With the ground show red, the color of the mafia, or green, the color of innocence?

    They'll be waiting for quite some time. In the end what the featureless earth displays is nothing, nothing at all.

    Lance (Navarchu) has been eliminated. He was neither innocent nor mafia.

    Night Two begins now and continues until midnight May 14th UTC/8 PM May 13th EST.

    Final Vote:

    Navarchu: 5 (Namohysip, unrepentantAuthor, Inkedust, Shiny Phantump, HelloYellow17)
    Abstain: 2 (AbraPunk), Seren)
    HelloYellow17: 2 (elyvorg, Dragonfree)
    Fusion: 1 (windskull)
    IFBench: 1 (Namco)
    Namco: 1 (IFBench)
    Seren: 1 (Equitial)
    Shiny Phantump: 1 (DawningWinds)

    Not Voting: DeliriousAbsol, Fusion, Navarchu
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    Day Four Start
  • Negrek

    Shadow Falling
    Dave tossed and turned, anger simmering restlessly in his mind. The Luxio who'd simply given up in the face of the slightest scrutiny, refused to even mount a defense; her fate was on her, had left them no goddamn choice. Suspicions shifting, targets he burningly wanted to ask some fucking questions. The entities whose presence he felt even now, probably cackling at the thought of having stuffed him here with Jesse fucking Stranger. It was bound to be a cold day in Hell when he wanted to just go back to being a fucking Mightyena, but that day had come.

    He heard a noise, and he bolted upright on the bed. The featureless shelter the void had built had no light switches, no lamps. He stared into the darkness, heart thumping, but felt the presence more than he saw it. There was something there, in the room with him. A shiver went down his spine, hair rising on the back of his neck.

    "You here to kill me?" he snarled at the abyss. "Good. Great. Worth it to be free of all you fucking people. Can't fucking wait to have no memory of any of you. Have fun dancing along to the rest of their bullshit."

    He braced for the awful disintegrating coldness of last time, temporary, just a minute or two of that and then he'd be back, in Cibus, and they'd go save Sword in the Worldcore--

    Only now that he thought about it, something horrible and creeping told him that had already happened. He remembered it, in some strange, detached way. Another him was with Brisa right now, somehow, having beers, talking about her therapy. Cibus had moved on without him, merrily racing along and leaving him behind. He wasn't going there. Was he going anywhere?

    Home, flew into his head with a jolt, but why the fuck would he go home? The guy in Cibus was going home. He'd better.

    He stared into the darkness, heartbeat deafening in his ears, facing oblivion, or maybe, if he was unlucky, more of this forever, and wanted to say something else defiant but didn't have the voice.

    As the presence closed in, he hoped it'd be quick.


    Once again it's noise that awakens the players, a great tearing noise, as though someone had rent a circus tent in half, followed by a low, menacing hiss. But as they pile outside, it soon becomes apparent that what was torn wasn't any kind of fabric, but the world itself. Dave's humble, nondescript shelter is half-gone, what's left leaning precariously over a huge gash in the ground nearly two meters deep. Altair lets out an impressed whistle, staring wide-eyed into the chasm. Its ragged edges flake and crumble away even as the group watches, hissing and crackling faintly, the tear digging itself deeper almost faster than the inevitably-oozing ground can fill it back in. To no one's surprise, there isn't any sign of Dave.

    But that isn't all. The group of players is dwindling fast, and by this point, any absence is noticeable. It doesn't take Cold Fusion long to spot that Miyako's missing, and not much longer to come upon a certain familiar staff, now cracked and lying lonesome without an owner. Telltale scuff marks litter the rucked ground, a series of ripples and tears even now fading to nothing. Whatever came for Miyako was clearly far less powerful than whatever went for Dave, but whatever it was, it must have been enough.

    Miyako (Seren) has been eliminated. She was Innocent.

    Dave (Dragonfree) has been eliminated. He was Innocent.

    Day Four begins now and lasts until midnight May 20 UTC/8 PM May 19 EST.

    (( Dragonfree wrote the Dave flavor for this post! ))

    @windskull @DawningWinds @Equitial @SparklingEspeon @Fusion @Namohysip @Mellow @Inkedust @elyvorg @HelloYellow17
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