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Jaiden Animations


Pokémon Trainer
So she does a lot of topics, some light, some not, but here's her 'mon centrist work which I think would fit this site well.


First Nuzlocke

Best 'mon game never played

Platinum nuzlocke

The last nuzlock gets a bit dark/surreal at the end, and there's some flickering lights around the Legend encounter. But nothing that'd trigger a seizure I think... Well it didn't trigger mine or even trigger a headache but some flashes are there... so heads up. Her topics/videos don't push anything past pg 13, as she self censors/cuts herself off from even alluded profanity for everything I've seen thus far... So I'd peg her at PG13.


Pokémon Trainer

Blackjack Gabbiani

Merely a collector
  1. shaymin
I like her videos about her parrot Ari.


Pokémon Trainer
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