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Intro Thread


Inland Northwest, United States
hoy, i’ve been hanging out on the discord for the past few days so i figured i’d also introduce myself here!

my Trainer Name is Leaf but you can also just call me kibi; i’m a Delinquent in that i specialize in Dark‐type pokémon, but i’m actually a big softie on the inside. Obstagoon is my boyf (editor’s note: i’m a lesbian).

my genre specialty is Romance and my interests are in Gender, Religion, and Folklore, which are things i have studied academically before. i tend to write somewhat artsy, somewhat challenging fics and like picking apart the history and culture behind why people do the things they do. i used to write a lot of Zelda fanfiction!! but lately it’s been mostly pokémon. i’m a big fan of trainer/journey fics, especially ones with a strong sense of environment/place.

the above topics can easily veer into not‐for‐kids territory, which is why i mostly post on A·O·3. but i’m interested in posting some of my more accessible works here (especially oneshots and the like)! feel free to hit me up, here or on Discord, if you want my thoughts on anything :) .


Triple Cross
Oof, I'm so sorry! I thought I'd already welcomed you a while back. I hope you've been enjoying your time on the forums. Love me a good journeyfic, and it sounds like you like exploring a lot of themes I find pretty interesting--and I think many other people around here will, too! Fine taste in pokémon as well. Journeyfic with an obstagoon and I'd be there. :)

Welcome again. It's great to have you here!


Otherworldly Dessert

I'm MintyMimix here, but you will see me go by Crococore on AO3 and FF.net! I've been a Pokémon fan since my first copy of Blue, but I really got deep into it once I played Diamond & Red Rescue Team! Because of how those games influenced my preferences, you'll likely see me poking around and reviewing isekai, first contact, and xenofiction stories!

Outside of Pokémon, I currently work in Data Analytics and am working on my master's in Computer Information Systems. My hobbies tend to revolve around games or talking about them and their stories! I play a lot of City of Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, and "party" games like Jackbox, Dokapon, and Tower Unite! I also like to do homebrew tabletop every now and again (the world of my current fic, A Role Recasted, is derived from a PMD-style campaign I'm running with some friends)!

I haven't been around the community for too long, but I hope to make a good impression in both reading and sharing ideas, interactions, and engaging stories with one another!

If I were a Pokémon...
Type: Dragon / Fairy
Nature: Docile
Somewhat vain.
Likes spicy food.


Triple Cross
Welcome to the forums! It's always nice to see another fan of PMD--I think you'll fit right in here. We also have plenty of data analysts and other computer-type people, so feel free to vent about programming nonsense any time; we feel your pain! It's cool that you're running a PMD-flavor TTRPG. Always wanted to try one of those myself! Hope we'll get to see the fic based on it at some point, too.

All in all, sounds like you have fine taste. Hope you enjoy your time here! Welcome again to Thousand Roads.
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