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Intro Thread

She, Her/Hers
Hi there! I was on TR's Discord for about a month. Here I am joining the actual site now! You can call me by my username, or shorten it to TLHW, or go with Sam or Sammy, or... Honestly, I don't mind whatever you pick from there.

I've written quite a bit of Pokémon fic before. They usually got abandoned due to factors such as poor self-esteem and jealousy :/ I'm hoping to change this by reaching out to new communities and becoming more social.

Confession: I've written a lot of self-inserts. If my latest idea would cooperate with me, it would feature the FMC traveling through various fandoms I've written for, including a take I had of Pokémon SM/USUM where the MCs for them don't exist. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in demotivation purgatory thanks to RL. Maybe that will change quite soon? Or maybe I'll decide to dip my toes deeper into Pokémon and write one-shots for the series instead of long, elaborate fics I can never finish nowadays? Who knows?

I don't know how often I'll be participating in discussions here. You'll usually find me chatting on TR's Discord. Hey, though. When I can focus on writing again, I'll be sure to bring my stuff here.
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Only the Lonely
Looks like I missed this! Hello! I hope you're able to find your motivation and get back into story writing, since it sounds like you've had a lot of fun with it in the past. One-shots can definitely be a good way to get back into the swing of things! But whether you find your way back to fanfic or not, you're certainly welcome to hang out and chat. Glad to have you, and I hope you enjoy your time on Thousand Roads!


just a small ant on a highway
Hi there!! :D I´m Nemo and I´m a huge pokemon fan since i was 4 or 5 years old.

I always loved reading fanfiction (mostly Harry Potter and Pokemon) and I recently tried to write some as well. I wrote some short one shots in my native language. Not sure if I can post them here ´cause my translation skills are not that great.😓

About me:

I´m a ski instructor and I love free ride skiing and hiking. I speak German and Italian. My favorite Pokemon game is Emerald, mostly of nostalgic reasons.

My stats:

Type: Fairy Fire
Timid nature
Often lost in thoughts

Well that´s all for now. I am very excited to be a part of this community!!:tongue:


Only the Lonely
Hi, welcome! Ski instructor sounds like an awesome job, especially if you're out in Germany or Italy--some really great mountains. I'm also a big Emerald fan, personally; lots of Hoenn people here, you'll fit right in! Glad to have you, and I hope you enjoy your time on Thousand Roads.
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