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Intro Thread


Angel of Memory
Intro Thread

Welcome to Thousand Roads! Or welcome back, if you've been away for a while. Feel free to introduce yourself here, let us know what you've been up to if you're returning, or give someone a welcome.

I'll start things off with a little introduction of my own. I'm Negrek, and I've been writing pokémon fanfic for over fifteen years now. Mostly I write long, rambling darkfic about original characters. Original characters are my jam in both reading and writing, although I've also loved the occasional canon-character work. Currently I'm writing a very long story about an idiot pokémorph and all the trouble they cause with their grandiose plans.

When I'm not writing I'm often programming, which is how I came by the main site that I recently decided to add a forum to. The golden age of pokémon fansites is long gone, which makes me sad, really, and if you're ever in the mood to talk code instead of words, I'm more than down for it. It's hard for me to balance time spent on my web site against all the other things I enjoy, but I hope that having my fanfic activities more closely entwined with it will give me an excuse to update it a bit more often.

What else? I love animals, travel, games, and the color green. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, and if I were a pokémon, my status screen might look a little something like...

Type: Psychic/Steel
Impish nature.
Apparently met in Fortree City.
Strongly defiant.
Likes sweet food.


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
Yo! I'm Umbra, I've been writing fanfic and RPing since age 19. I am a rare genfic Pokemon writer that writes about canon characters a lot and suffers for it, though I also love making up and writing about OCs. I like RPGs and fantasy and sci fi in general, so that tends to flavor my fics.

My main project right now is a fantasy epic set in the setting of the eighth Pokemon movie and starring some of the characters, but I've also written a Fire Emblem crossover and many more. In the future there's a ~secret project!~ and a PMD fic coming.

Most of my fics are set in a shared universe called the Yangverse. The stories aren't 100% essential to all read at once but there is some shared lore.

Anyway, looking forward to posting here!


I Like Cats
Hey I'm named after a DBZ RP character I made up when I was 13 who I can't seem to shake. When I was 11 I got a game called Pokemon Red for my birthday and it ruined my life. Here I am mumble years later, still obsessed with Shinto Fight Monsters. I've also made up my own Fakedex of fan-created pokemon and am (glacially slowly) drawing them all over here on deviantart.

Eventually I grew troubled by the logistics and ethics of children owning Shinto Fight Monsters and came up with a slightly different take on pokemon, namely Shinto Fight Ghosts, sapient elemental monsters with their own energy ecology that humans use for their own benefit and vice-versa. I do sometimes write in universes closer to the consensual reality of pokemon fandom, especially when I don't want to write a ton of dialogue.

I basically only write genfic, and generally action/adventure stuff with supernatural and science-fictiony elements, and mayyyyyybe a tiny bit of shippy stuff as icing. I swear a lot but try to avoid actual slurs, and I like violence but don't always describe the results in abattoirial detail. All my fanfics revolve around one or more of a limited set of themes, including 1) the terrible and consuming desire for recognition, 2) losing humanity in search of power, 3) seizing the means of production, and 4) killing god.

I like Journeyfic, Original Characters, well-written anything, and promising to read people's fic but then falling down a well of executive dysfunction.

My current multi-fic project is Gods and Demons, which is about a pokemon trainer finding her way out of an oppressive family situation into newfound independence and friendship, until The Actual Devil shows up.

Gods and Demons I: ad terminos terrae (198k words, Teen)
So Comes Ice After Fire (33k words, Teen)
Gods and Demons II: Among the Exiles (forthcoming)
Gods and Demons III: A Time for Monsters (forthcoming)​

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
Hello all! Call me Chibi. I started writing a fanfic over 17 years ago, and for some ungodly reason I'm still writing it.

My tastes in Pokéfic are pretty broad and include trainerfic, Poké-pov, PMD, and even occasionally canon-centric (game canon moreso than anime canon.) I like Legendaries, villain teams, genetic experiments, and big, grandiose, saving-the-world type affairs. I generally gravitate toward adventure, though I've been known to enjoy slice-of-life from time to time. I enjoy when characters are thrown into the pit of despair and made to endure suffering, but I generally prefer for stories to lean more towards hopeful rather than cynical. Also fluffy friendshipping is nice.

My fic is about 12-year-olds fighting Team Rocket, getting PTSD, and arguing with centuries-old godbeasts that are only marginally more mature than they are. It's currently aiming for the world record of most trainerfic cliches.

Outside of fic, I'm a 3D character artist and illustrator, and just generally far better at art than writing. I enjoy games and tend to be highly competitive. I like biology and speculative evolution, and my favorite animal group is paravians. I have a worldbuilding project focused around sapient troodontids that's currently on the backburner until I finish my fic.

Also I like the idea of sharing Pokemon status screens, here's mine:

Type: Flying
Ability: Oblivious
Naive nature.
Highly persistent.


Pokémon Trainer
hi! i'm qva, but you might know me alternatively as skylar or kyeugh. i am a computer science major living in florida, though i grew up primarily in germany. i write pokémon fanfiction... sometimes... but i'm quite bad about it and i generally prefer to read stuff. :'D still, new community here so i'm hoping i'll be able to get back on track! i tend to prefer grittier fics, as well as ones that provide a unique take on the pokémon world. like chibi, i'm very interested in speculative evolution, and i think the pokémon lore is great for that stuff, so i love to see people's interpretations on that too!

outside of pokémon i'm an artist and a pretty avid worldbuilder— my major project is about a world in which birds are the dominant lifeform, and thus fill a lot of niches that they don't in our own world. it's basically an excuse for me to make fake bird/theropod species, lol. kind of surprised at the parallel to chibi's work there! aside from that, i sometimes make music and am a huge fan of tokyo ghoul. most of my writing is tokyo ghoul fanfiction actually. honestly tokyo ghoul is a really good series and you should all read it, especially if you like characters getting hurt :DD

totally hear you about the decline of smaller scale pokémon sites, negrek. i was really into those as a kid and wanted to make my own for ages, but i guess it's kind of out of fashion now, huh? still, little communities like this are some of the best. plus web dev is fun! maybe i should actually like do it sometime and stop neglecting my website!

anyway, i know some of you already but nice to meet you all the same :0 hope to become familiar with all your guys' writing soon, it's definitely a lot more manageable in a smaller community like this. and hopefully you can expect some out of me soon too... maybe...

Type: Fairy/Flying
Careful nature.
Likes spicy food.


Biomechanical Abomination
Hi. Name's StellarWind Elsydeon, and I haven't joined a new community since Times Immemorial™, so pardon any random awkwardness.

I'm a generally creative sort with a massive thing for worldbuilding and interesting creatures. Granted, I deal more with art than I do with fic - and even that I seem to do sparingly as of late due to general Time and Energy Shenanigans™ - but I do write on occasion (typically short stories with vague Douglas Adams/Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman influences) and certainly have some stories to share.

Pokémon has been a huge part of my life for a long, long time now - and the setting serves as a major (if not the most major) creative outlet for me. My main project within the scope of the Pokémon multiverse is a fan region named Miato, which I've been developing roughly since Gen 2 was brand-new and, due to numerous redesigns and re-configurations that are still ongoing, haven't quite finalized to this day. Otherwise I do a frell of a lot of theorizing and headcanon-farming concerning the biology of Pokémon, the inner workings of Assorted Elemental Nonsense and other various elements of the world that the games themselves don't properly get into.

Beyond that there's not all that much to say about me. I am a massive biology nerd (seems to be going around - I think I might like it here...), occasional RPer, even more occasional gamer, one of the founding members and administrators of Pokécharms, and an all-around armbladed, shapeshifting biomechanical abomination from across the threshold of dimension. And that, as they say, is that.

StellarWind Elsydeon
Type: Grass/Steel
Quirky nature.
Often lost in thought.
Apparently met in [s͙p̣̹̗̭͖̰̦͝u̗r̼̗͇įo̕u̘̘̗̪̣ͅs͈̦͈-̖̞͙͚̣ͅd̤̘̞͈̫̠̰͢a̧̲͙̳t͓̠̱͔́a̙/̗̙̥̮͖n͏͉o͎̭͙̗̖͝_̵͕r̼̺̻͖̙̳͠ef̗̹̰͙͇̱̱͘.͇͇̹̰̕[̱̩̫͖͔̣̞?̮͖ͅ]͠] ̲͉̠
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*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
Name - Del
Level - 34
Nature - Quirky; scatters things often...

Hey! I'm DeliriousAbsol, or Del. I'm British, a Christian, a Cyberpunk sci-fi nutter, and I love tea. I also love the Fairy type. My favourite pokemon are Mothim, Absol, Meowstic and Mawile. (People who are familiar with my work will know me for the latter XD )

I'm not currently working on a Pokemon fanfic atm. I was working on the third installment to the System universe, titled System: Outbound, but it's been set aside for the time being. I'm hoping Sword and Shield might spark some inspiration off for it later this year. Right now, I've got a Work in Progress on a Sonic the Hedgehog AU. Once again set in a Cyberpunk universe not entirely dissimilar to System. So... there may very well be a crossover down the line!

I'm not sure what fanfiction to start posting here yet, as most of my completed ones are very long. Hmm... do I write something exclusive to Thousand Roads...?


Pokémon Trainer
Yo, Neb here! Glad to join this new forum! I've noticed there's a little bit of crossover with Serebii, but it's also nice to see some new faces. But anyway, I'm a soon-to-be-graduating journo/writer looking to get into copywriting as a day job and indulge in my fanfic projects by night until I find an original project worth sticking to. I also do art on the side, but in my opinion, I'm a much better writer than an artist. Still, it's always good to practise.

As for my fic projects, I'm currently working on The Manifold Curiosity, a universe of fics set in the same timeline in a world similar to the mainline Pokemon games, but with slight differences. My works tend to focus on Pokemon protagonists in the human world as they struggle to fit in and find a purpose in life. While these lean towards slice of life and stand on their own, I want to continue writing these with the intent of going into much darker and political territories, to the point where certain stories start to overlap with one another in terms of characters and plot points.

My main longfic is The Curious and the Shiny, which follows a duo of human-speaking Pokemon, a Lucario and a Luxray. They both grapple with repressed memories concerning a mysterious organization named GeL, the story of which is told in a multi-layered narrative style. It won 3 awards from the 2018 Serebii Forum Awards, so that's something.

In any case, while I haven't been active on many other fan sites other than Serebii, I hope to change that with this one and would like to get involved with this community as well as the fics of other users here.


Pokémon Trainer
Hi! I'm Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis, best known as the owner of a website called The Cave of Dragonflies and an epic-length trainer fic called The Quest for the Legends that I started when I was twelve and finished last year at twenty-eight, because I am ridiculous. I also wrote a ~50,000-word Pokémorph fic called Morphic in 2007-2010.

I'm not actually actively working on a Pokémon fic right now (I'm still making my way through commenting on the entirety of TQftL for my own amusement), but thanks to a ridiculous April Fools' Day joke I am kind of tempted to have my next fic project be rewriting some very dark and twisted and depressing fanfics about wild Scyther societies in the QftL-verse that I wrote in 2006/7 and that nobody should read actually in their current form. Failing that, I'm looking to rewrite Morphic soon and very possibly TQftL as well (again), and then I have a vaguely planned sequel to Morphic, but it kind of bugs me that I haven't done anything properly new in a long time and hope I'll find some inspiration for a new fic when I get the chance.

My writing naturally tends quite dark (Morphic was supposed to be pretty comedic and lighthearted, but the second half of it ended up being pretty much a solid wall of death and angst and terrible coping mechanisms), and I'm a big, big fan of putting characters through the wringer, making them suffer physically and emotionally, and terrible coping mechanisms. But I'm also a huge fan of close friendships, characters who'd die for each other in general, and just seeing cute, authentic interactions between people who genuinely care about each other. You may notice a common theme of characters; characters and their psychology are my jam, and my plots are generally mostly about the characters.

I really enjoy reviewing stories and thinking about how fiction works in general, and I've been wanting to get more fanfic reading done for a long time; maybe I can do some more of that here as people start posting fics from the beginning at a reasonable pace. I look forward to reviewing some of you guys' work!

In real life, I'm a programmer married to a mathematician, and on my website I've written some extremely elaborate articles analyzing Pokémon algorithms mathematically. I'm casually interested in a pretty wide variety of fields, including biology, linguistics and math, but my big passion in life is fiction. I am also trying to teach myself to draw, largely so that I can draw some of my characters and scenes from my stories; I've been drawing something daily since the beginning of 2016 and posting it on Tumblr.
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Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
*aurorus noise*
Beep bop bope. I'm Sike, and this'll probably be on the briefish side. :V

I'm an old fart, sort of. I've been coming up with stories about my favorite series/species/characters for an absurdly long time. I do poké-POV drama for the most part, though inevitably silly things slip in here and there because I'm a giant dorkwad. As far as what I read fanfic-wise goes, mostly pokémon stuff, all sorts of genres, but I like drama, horror, and sci-fi especially. Bonus points for largely or entirely non-human cast.

Beyond that, I'm a collector, I like spending time outside walking and looking for bugs, and I seem to have become a bit obsessed with Nuclear Throne over the past several months.

Type: Bug/Psychic
Timid nature.
Alert to sounds.


PMD Writer
Hey there everyone! I'm Virgil, 23 years old and mostly just active on Serebii.

I'm mainly into PMD and Poké-Centric fan fiction, but will occasionally read other Pokémon fics as well if the premise happens to catch my interest. I used to just beta read for others, but eventually wrote a fic myself called Casting Off. It's a short PMD story about a Cranidos joining the navy in an oceanpunk setting. Right now I'm taking a small break from writing by focusing on other stuff, but am planning on starting on my next project soon.

Will look forward to posting more on this site!


Hello everyone! I'm Raggy, I think.

I'm good at hanging around and finding strange music I like online. I have no idea what I'm writing, but it's something or another.
My specialty is talking alot about things no one cares about.
Hope to get to know everyone!


Chimera Blasphemy
Howdy howdy, my name's Caliburn and I need to write more. I've always wanted to write my own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story, and I've tried before, but nothing's ever turned out good. Hey, maybe that'll change soon, who knows? I'm also in the middle of concocting a fanmade region that is, to my current chagrin, based on Great Britain (it's Game Freak that's ripping me off and not the other way around, I swear). Time will tell if that amounts to anything more than an assortment of fakemon.

For the most part I pretend to write for an original fantasy setting of mine. I'm currently working on an RPG for this setting and brainstorming a million more that'll never see the light of day, but I'll probably write some one-offs for it as well. Might even do a full-on story someday.

Also, dunno how much it matters, but I'm a furry.

Ability: Rattled
Modest Nature
Often lost in thought


Dragon Enthusiast
Oh, why not?

Hey all, I'm Namohysip, though Namo is preferred by myself and all others. I'm a software developer professionally, but I write as a passion, and fanfiction is what I'm doing most of all right now. I'm a dedicated Mystery Dungeon writer. Mostly Hands of Creation and some peripheral stories. I tend to write about colorful, lovable characters struggling together, and sometimes against one another. I've also been told that my writing style, both from casual readers and my own betas, reads like a good shonen anime. Take that as you will because I'm still personally coming to terms with it.

Hmm, I'm pretty open about the fact that I live in the long-lost and forgotten dot on the map known as Hawaii, and a bit of that comes through in my writing now and then in subtle ways that probably only I or fellow islanders understand. I'm also writing a fully original work (though that's on hold while I play with HoC, with how much fun it's given me and knowledge in terms of execution and planning) that will probably be as long or even longer than what I'm posting here in total. Also, I love dragons, hard games, and mandu.

If I was a Pokemon...?

Type: Dragon
Ability: Competitive
Nature: Hardy
Apparently met in Kilo Mountain.
Often lost in thought.


the world's scariest violinist
Hi! Call me Phoenix, or possibly Kratos, either one idc. I would like to say that I write fanfic, but that would require said fanfics actually be written at some point, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One of these days, maybe. There's earlier stuff on the site in my signature which you can look at if you want but feels too old to bother posting here, oh well. I do actually still like the more recent stuff, it's just... old, haha. Fresh site, fresh start and all that.

In theory my current "active" project, since people seem to be discussing those, is actually more of a worldbuilding exercise than strictly a fanfic per se (though in an ideal world there would also be fic, yes). It's called Arilterra and it's fantasy with, like, elves and dwarves and all that other Tolkien garbage everyone's been sick of for years, but also pikachu. It's probably the worst idea I've ever had and someone should've stopped me a long time ago but oops, now you're stuck with it, haha, suckers. (Er. In theory. If I could ever actually finish anything so I had something to show for it. brb crying) There's also this thing about glitches I want to write but I don't even know what's going on with that idea anymore, man. I just. I don't know.

I really need to read and review fic more often. Kinda hard right now because brain don't always wanna brain, but I would love to read all y'all's cool stuff and will attempt to do so when I'm able! Keep being awesome in the meantime!

Outside of attempting to pretend to be something adjacent to a fic writer, I also do some fanart and make up silly fakemon and I like video games but take way too long to actually finish them so I'm currently suffering through a backlog twice the height of Mt. Everest. I also enjoy board games and am coming dangerously close to ordering more than I have physical space to store them in; watching Game the Game was probably A Mistake. Uh, and I've been really into D&D lately and have been working on some homebrew stuff, so that's a thing.

Boy do I sound cheerful, heh. Uh, quick, say something that's not self-deprecating... um... my favorite pokémon are giratina and skiddo? Yeah, that. Skiddo's great, man. Enough about me, let's talk about skiddo.

Type: Normal
Timid nature.
Apparently met in Vermilion City.
Often lost in thought.
Likes sweet food.
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Losing her head
Hi! I'm NonAnalogue, aka Jocey. Though I recognize some names on here, so some of you might know me via the username I used to use - TheBlueAvenger. I'll make this short, since I'm on mobile right now!

I've been in the Pokemon fandom for... at least 17 years? Though I played Blue when it was still new, haha. I'm only just now dipping my toes into fanfic. I'm currently working on Mew-child, about a Pokemon shelter worker's quest to protect Mew's offspring from forces that would aim it in malicious directions. It's maybe 3/4ths of the way done currently, and I'll be slowly porting it herewards.

I love to write in general; for the past several years, I've been working on stories set in a ridiculous fantasy pastiche called Ennen. I'm currently brushing up some manuscripts to make them ready to send to agents!

All that aside, there's something very nostalgic about introducing myself on a forum.

NonAnalogue ♀️
Type: cosmic/retro
Gentle nature
Met in Gateon Port
Loves to eat.


Hello all! You probably don't know me, because I don't usually say much, but my name is Noodlebirb (which is a long story).

I've been writing stories for literally as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until I got into Pokemon around the age of 10 or so that I truly started writing fanfic. I've more or less played every main-series Pokemon game I could get my hands on, and even if I'm not quite as into the games as I used to be, I still couldn't resist getting a Switch for the new Let's Go Pikachu. I mean, how could I not? I grew up playing all the games set in Kanto, and that region has a special place in my heart.

Anyway, I wrote Pokemon fanfic for quite a while before life got in the way and writing sort of fell to the wayside. I became an English major in college and now I'm in graduate school working on my teacher degree, so most of my writing energy goes to stupidly long essays.

What little energy I have left goes mostly into my original characters, to be honest. They evolved from fandom OCs about five years ago, and they've spiraled into a mess of an original story that is constantly being reworked. Maybe it'll see the light of day sometime, if I can ever settle on a coherent plot. I would love to get back into writing Pokemon stories, to be honest (which is why I'm here). I have some vague ideas floating around in my head, so we'll see.

Generally speaking, though, I enjoy world-building, fantasy, sci-fi, and action. If I do end up writing here, you'll probably see a little bit of all four of those in my stories.

Beyond that, I'm a huge cat lover. I've got two dumb little fur-babies. One is a two-year-old food thief, who has to be in everything all the time and eat all the food, especially if it's cheese and milk. She also makes sure I wake up every morning by trying to drag me out of bed (quite literally) and feed her. The other is an old granny who just wants to sleep and be fed and get lots of pets. There are two other cats I have but don't currently live with - one's a little runt who screams, and the other is her sister, who is huge and round and loves people just about as much as she's afraid of them. Basically I'm a crazy cat lady, but I'm not alone (I have a wonderful fiance, who incidentally drew my icon as of writing this).

Aside from that, I love playing games like Overwatch, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect (though I've only played Andromeda, which might be why I actually like it when so many fans hate it).

Nice to meet you all!


emerald girl
right, so, let's see about not being a complete cryptid

STRATEGY: for someone who plays a lot of games about that I sure haven't gotten any good at it
these, probably? my favorites tend to be fighting- or electric-types
SELF-INTRODUCTION: ... I'm back to square one, I see

oh well, what else... at the time of this writing, I'm a brazilian in my twenties with a lifelong obssession over Pokémon and a more recent obssession over Fire Emblem; at some point in the future my age will probably change, my nationality probably won't change, and who even knows with my interests I swear. I study history in university, but this is currently my third unfinished course, so, who knows what exciting or panic-inducing possibilities the future holds!

I have a natural talent for writing and I love fanfiction! unfortunately, I also have terrible reading speed and an overreliance on bursts of inspirations when I write. still, maybe one of these days I'll get around to reading some of the stuff you folks make -- probably when I'm supposed to be reading something else altogether! and I'll need to be done writing Fire Emblem stuff forever if I want to get started on writing Pokémon stuff again, but in the meantime, I might as well plug my Ao3, amirite? these days I mostly write on prompt, like for fan events and stuff, which tends to cause writing centered on characters and relationships, but my real passion is worldbuilding, and that one I mostly indulge by taking notes for pseudo-projects and not getting them off the ground or anything like that

I also have an interest in game design, or at least, toying with ideas about game design; I don't normally do anything more interesting with it than I do with the worldbuilding stuff, but hey, if mafia catches on around here, I might just subject you all to the terror that is known as MFia. I've also been managing to find myself in the general vicinity of tabletop roleplay increasingly more lately, but the fact that voice-based communication of any sort is the bane of my existance tends to hamstring the amount of it that I end up doing, besides those usual complications like how doctors have nothing on DMs in terms of things that they've failed to keep alive-

lastly, I grew up on fandom forums, so it's usually nice to hang out with the other stragglers of that particular geological age of the internet; and I haven't been able to keep a lot of such contacts who are still active in Pokémon fandoming, so it's nice to stoke that particular flame again. so, long story short -- and this is already getting roughly the length of some stuff I call finished works -- it's nice to meet you all!

Shadow of Antioch

Messina, Italy
Grettings all!

I'm an aspiring fanfiction writer from the beautiful country of Italy. I've been writing four around four years now, and though I've been fairly active on fanfiction.net, I've only just found this server thanks to my friend @Namohysip . My passions extend from Pokémon (and the Mystery Dungeon games in particular), to Mass Effect, politics, history, rowing, and more.

Until now, I've only ever been part of one Discord writing community, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to branch out a bit. I'll be looking forward to learning more from everyone here!


Angel of Memory
Hey, welcome! Always fun to see another PMD enthusiast around, I enjoy those sorts of fanfics quite a bit. I have to say, your username is pretty cool... Does it mean anything in particular, or did you just like the sound of it?

Anyhow, welcome again! I look forward to reading your story, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.