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How do you organize your characters?


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The Casca Region
General "how do you track everything with your characters" thread

Currently I do a mixture of google docs, txt files, notes in my head, and ways to trigger the latter through the former.
Annnd what I've been trying to do last week is take inventory for my upcoming pkmn fics and start creating Toyhou.se profiles for them.
Mostly just dunking basic bio descriptions into one private folder until I make each character a profile.

For those not aware Toyhou.se is website where people make profiles for their characters as a way to track info, inform others, and even do things like character trades or adopt sales. A similar website was Charahub, which died sometime last year if I remember right. May have been early this year. Sorry to those who had an old account.


Biomechanical Abomination
At this point I'm pretty sure I stopped even trying to keep track of all my weird brain children as there are generally too many of them across multiple continuities and many of which were generated for RPs that have long since faded. So most of my characters are scattered in a semi-completed state across numerous discussion threads. Some of them actually have bio threads of their own in the corpse of a forum I've once put up on my server and currently use exclusively as a project aggregator, and characters directly linked to my fan region project have wiki pages in various states of completion. Between that and assorted text files scattered on my computer and echoes in my head of concepts I've intended to implement for particular characters...

Yeah. I guess my characters are as generally "organized" as everything else in my neural cores is. xD

As for Toyhou.se, last I checked it was invite-only - so the likelihood of me ever using it is essentially negative. I've seen other services out there with similar premises, but all of which were paywalled as all frell and I am largely unimpressed with such. >>;
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oh wow i'd completely forgotten about charahub, looks like the world did too...

For my absolutely most fleshed out character, that being Red, I have a GDoc that started off as filling in some character information template but got the important addition of a timeline for the stories and important character events. It actually comes into use when I have to keep track of the chronology and seasons and whatnot, but honestly everything else about Red in the doc is extraneous now that Red basically lives in my s o u l

I say everything else "about Red" since there are also small notes on the other characters in the universe which I would say are also reliably available in my memory but I think are still useful to have written down so nothing is lost forever if I happen to forget it.

For non-TPPverse chars, those being the chars in my PMDesque worlds, I have brief descriptions of them listed in the doc notes of the story they're part of. I tend to have pretty distinct characters (and having all be different species helps), so it tends to not be too hard to remember traits and such. If I was writing stories longer than a few chapters, I might have more complex motivations to keep track of, but now it's mostly just pretty simple stuff.

(if there are sentences that don't make sense here it's because i'm forced to listen to christmas music in the background and it's screwing with my brain)


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The Casca Region
@StellarWind ach! I forgot to say in the OP that Toyhou.se invites are often available like Ao3 invites, through people on sites like reddit, petsites (neopets, flightrising), etc.
The way you're doing it now sounds like it works well for you, but if you ever want to try Toyhou.se there's def people out there giving free invites (and there's a subscription option iirc, but it's extremely optional)
@ Canisaries: that's def a good way to do it for both :0


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I use Scrivener for almost everything except timelines. My character notes are fairly simple -- if I can't hold the character arc in my head, it probably needs to be trimmed down. I track basic physical descriptions, teams, core goals and interests, core backstory, and that's about it. All in all, it's maybe a paragraph or two per character.

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So I actually used to keep all my fic notes in Zim Desktop Wiki (which is nice: very light program for organizing documents and linking between them, and you can keep it on a flash drive) and I made pages for all of my characters in it. I thought about writing profiles for all of them, but then only ended up doing it for one of them (Sebastian. He got two whole pages.) Now I mostly just use it for throwing backstory details so I don't forget them, details about their Pokemon teams, where they got them, stuff like that.

For stuff that actually happens during the story, I tend to do better having my notes for character arcs in the outline itself so I can see how the beats come up in the story.


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The Yangverse
Mostly Google Docs. Lots and lots of Google docs. I do in fact also have a Toyhou.se that I use to store character art and OC information!


Feel free to browse. I can also work on getting an invite code for anyone who wants one.


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Galar, Slumbering Weald
*giggles nervously in most info being in the head* Well, I generally try to do a mix of notes and profiles, but in all honesty discord messages either in dms where I've gushed about my characters to the person(often my best friend) or servers where I info dump as much as I can about the characters in a series of messages. That's even assuming I don't keep the info and stuff all in my head like I do alot. *side eyes Megan Lucarina as being a victim of that*

I've got a toyhou.se as well, but I'll be darned if I remember the name I used there, cuz it wasn't Alira that's for sure. I'll try to find it and link it later, assuming it isn't a mess. I'll definitely try to get my ocs on there when I can though.