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Hoopa's Multiverse Party! [Roleplay Thread] {Nov 16-22}

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    Horizon let out a terrified peep, covering his face. "I-I swear I didn't mean to! Honest!"

    Zak bopped him on the back of the head before he whined too much. "At the very least pretend to have half the righteous pride as me? We can't joke about being on the level of the worms forever, Grunt!"

    "R-Right, uh, yeah, whoops," Horizon tittered, then sighed. "Ok... Never have I ever... I really haven't played before but if I were to guess... I say something that I've never done, and someone else raises their hand or... something else if they've done that thing? Maybe?"

    "Like, for instance... Never have I ever, uh..." he hummed, deep in thought. "Drank alcohol?"

    "That's right!" Hoopa declared. Yes, that sounded right. They turned to Ghaspius. This ghost was fun. He understood! "Yes perfect! Hoopa says that everyone has to drink the potions if they don't get a question right," they snickered, then sobered slightly.

    "Hey!" they howled in the direction of Odette and that... thing. Hoopa shuddered just looking at it. Or thinking about it. Hoopa shrugged. They supposed to the others could catch up.

    With just a bit of enchantment over their voice, Hoopa's voice could be heard everywhere.... "That Dragonite- er, Horizon. He asked, 'Never have I ever drank alchohol!' So fess up everyone!" they snickered.
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