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First Pokemon fanfic you remember writing?

When I was twelve, I found the diary feature in Platinum very inspiring. (Basically, the game would record the battles and cities you visited and show it to you in a diary-like format before you started the game). I created my own version out of Post-it notes and distinctly remember writing about Dawn cycling into Eterna City for the first time and crashing into a hapless resident. Simply walking into Eterna City just wouldn't do, no sir, it would not.

What about you?


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The first Pokemon fanfic I ever attempted to write was about a formerly human Darkrai who was an evil sorcerer until oops, he's a Darkrai now. It was going to be big and on Serebii and everything. Unfortunately I got through like the first scene and then 15-year old me was like "this is too much" and abandoned it and didn't attempt a fanfic again until four years later. I do still have the Word document the scene was written on, which I've uploaded to Google Docs here. I still have a fondness for the premise for this one and have tweaked and adjusted it since. The idea as it stands now is called Nearly A Nightmare and I'm planning on finally making it a thing once at least one of my other chapterfics is done.

The first Pokefic I actually published was called Long March of Time, and it was an epic history of the Pokeverse that died after six chapters because I discovered a certain RP that changed my view of the Pokeverse in a way that didn't match the fic. So I eventually salvaged It for parts when making the Yangverse. It's still up on FFnet, AO3, and also Bulbagarden but I'm not digging for the link for that one.


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My first Pokéfic is, uninterestingy enough, my current main fanfic, Tale of Legends, which I wrote the entire first chapter of on December 10th of last year, months before starting the second chapter of, which I wrote sometime in late March. I've been writing chaptered stories since I was nine(with a ten-chaptered book that was only around two pages a chapter being the first), and roleplaying Pokémon for probably just as long, but never really written anything other original work until quite recently.

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*sees thread title*


...ah hah.

Well... My first Pokemon fanfic ever was a three-page long little ficlet that I wrote in writing class on December 14, 2001. It was about... wait for it... me and my friends becoming Pokemon trainers! We went to Oak's lab, got our starters, and set off on a grand adventure! Amazing. I was quite proud of it.

Then a few months later, I showed it to a friend, and she wanted to know what happened next. Next? I hadn't thought of a next. Well, I decided to write her into the fic too--we came up with an idea for a cool Team Rocket subplot and I arbitrarily assigned it to Chapter 13. But now that I had a Chapter 13... that meant that I had to write the rest of the story, right?

Alright, half of you already know where this is going, but for the half that don't, you would probably assume that this silly little noob fic is some old shame from my childhood that no one is allowed to see. Unfortunately, its name is The Legendarian Chronicles and I'm still writing it. :V

It's been revised twelve times, four of those being total ground-up rewrites, and not a single scene, plot thread, or character arc remains from the original (aside from that Chapter 13 subplot I mentioned.) I didn't figure out what the plot was actually about until 2015. What started out as a plotless little romp around Kanto eventually evolved into a ridiculous, over-the-top deconstruction of every single trainerfic cliche in existence. I'm a little over halfway done, so I'd like to think at some point I might actually be able to say that I finished my first fanfic. :P


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My first fanfic was from 1999 or 2000, and it was a rote description of me getting a Mew for a starter and catching every single RBY pokemon and also pikablu, togepi, and the mysterious unknown pokemon from the first episode of the anime. After encountering more and more fanfics I started adding more Chosen One type tropes to the story and re-writing it again and again, and as I headed into middle school it got grimmer and edgier until I finally gave up on Kanto.

The first fanfic I actually finished was about three chosen ones and mewtwo fighting missingno, which was totally rad.

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My first Pokémon fanfic was The Origin of Storms. :V The version I have up here and elsewhere isn't the original one from '04, but it's not terribly different from it, either.

If only Pokémon as a franchise were like a decade older, and I'd gotten the chance to write the kind of stuff for it that I was writing about the likes of X-Men and The Simpsons as an actual child. Then this post might be a little bit more interesting. :B


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Hoo boy. I attempted to write quite a bit of stuff before I found my stride with The Curious and the Shiny. I started writing that in 2017, but even before that, there were many attempts to try and get a fanfic project off the ground. A lot of them weren't very interesting and went unfinished, but the two most substantial projects I had that never saw the light of day were The Gothic Teller and The Long, Long Ride to Kalos, which I tried to write from 2015-2016.

The Gothic Teller was an episodic slice-of-life that focused on the titular Gothitelle and the various clients she got that requested her to tell them their futures, some of them being humans that want to know what path they'll lead to success later, from Pokemon that want to know when they'll die so that they can spend the last moments with their trainers in happiness. Along the way, the Gothitelle would reveal tidbits about her personal life, eventually coming to a head when she would need to come to terms with her troubled past. FYI, this actually featured a prototype of Curio as an unnamed Lucario client, except without the metal arm.

TLLRTK featured Curio's first appearance as a protagonist. She gets bored of her travels through Sinnoh, seeing all there is to it, and decides to sneak aboard to Kalos by posing as a trainer's Lucario, since strays aren't allowed on there. Little does she know that there are former members of Team Galactic posing as the ship's crew, which eventually results in a mass hostage situation that she has to stop, with the aid of another trainer's Pachirisu and a rich trainer's Infernape bodyguard.

Both of these had potential, even if they might not've turned out great in the end, but these two had the same problems: inexperience and a lack of a clear outline. I hadn't written a complete project at all, so I had no idea how to actually finish what I started. So as much as I tried to finish my projects, it meandered so much in the end that I decided to drop them both. I retooled some of the ideas in later works, of course.

In terms of the first Pokemon fic I ever put out, in the midst of writing TCATS, I wrote a Christmas-themed one-shot called Deli's Delivery Service in 2017, which is on these forums. The reception that got motivated me to continue writing, and so, here we are now.


My first Pokemon fanfic wasn't actually writing, but a comic. When I was nine/ten I filled up almost two notebooks with little stories about a Pikachu, a Charmander, and a Squirtle, aka "the PokeCrew". There was one picture a page, quality a step above stick figures, and the dialogue numbered so you knew which order to read it in. The first story "Jumpy Trouble" is five pages. In it, the PokeCrew find a jump rope, start jumping, trip, tumble down a hill, and finally land in a pond.

In my last story of my second notebook, I planned to have a story-line start when the PokeCrew find out their background friends were actually secret agents. That was also the first comic where I tried having panels instead of only one picture a page, at the same time I was looking up how to actually draw. Alas, it must have been too much work and I dropped "the PokeCrew" entirely mid-story. I never tried a comic again, and my drawing skills remain at about the same "barely above stick figures" level.

Now, for actual writing, I made my first fanfiction.net account on March 14, 2011, when I was twelve years old. I'm willing to bet I posted my first story that day, but I'm not sure which. I remember posting two stories in that time:

One is an adorably old story that was based on a bunch of little Pokemon figures by brothers and I played with. I started that a bit before I posted, as I have a few pages handwritten in a journal. As I wrote, "I am doing a story with my pokemon. In my story, the world, which has no people, only pokemon, is ruled by evil Lord Rayquaza." Apparently, Rayquaza used to be a noble king, but one day he left on a journey and came back "cruel and evil, and his mind was set world domination." Upon his return, he waged a war that killed many people and made literally everyone else a slave.

In my journal, I have three pages of the story where my main character Grovyle and his friend are escaping from "slave hunters." Then I stop. For ff.net I wrote a prologue which I deleted off the site and then lost. I remember it was from the POV of a Sceptile character (who in a plot twist would be revealed to Grovyle's dad don't tell anyone). I write his arm getting ripped off because the toy Sceptile I had was broken.

The other story I posted was my first attempt at writing my current project, SoH. I actually got a review for that one. Like with the previous, I took SoH attempt 1 down and don't have it anymore, sadly (about not having it - thank god it's not floating around on the internet). I remember it well enough. I wrote a prologue and the first chapter, and there are some lines I remember in particular that are just aaahhh.
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oh boy. my first fanfic actually predates my first interaction with the internet beyond, like, poptropica. so i didn't know what fanfiction was yet, nor did i know of the existence of anything resembling a pokémon "fandom." i've always liked writing... i used to fill in short answer questions at school by turning them into super short stories, somehow, which is a bit cringey to look back on. i got my first pokémon game when i was ten, and thought to myself, i should totally turn this game into a book, what an awesome idea that certainly no one else on the planet has ever conceived of.

so i got right to work on novelizing pokémon soul silver, play by play. like, i really mean play by play. i got up the bulbapedia walkthrough on the game and wrote out at least two wild encounters in each area, as well as a full description of every single trainer battle. i got surprisingly far doing this, all the way up to (i will never forget his name) sage nico at sprout tower. at this point i decided i was bored of writing it by the book to the letter, so i turned sage nico into a zoroark for no good reason and then had no idea how to proceed. i think i got up to entering the violet city gym, and then i quit. i really, really wish i could dig this document up somehow, but sadly i think it's lost forever. i'm pretty sure it was close to a hundred pages long in twelve point times new roman on microsoft word 2007. i have no idea how i managed to keep it up for so long. i bet it would be a joy to read.

i do remember some of the extremely Bad writer moments i had during the writing of this. at one point i decided the story would be more engaging if lyra joined ethan in his travels, but i ended up not really knowing how to integrate her, so i'd occasionally just confusingly make her say dialogue that was previously attributed to ethan. failing that, i would sometimes remember that, oh yeah, lyra is still here, and in order to remind the readers of the same, i would write something nebulous like "Ethan acknowledged Lyra" in between otherwise unrelated lines. you know, just to jog your memory. i probably did this a good dozen times. good lord.

anyway, that was my first foray into pokémon writing! i have basically not improved since then and i'm certainly writing less so maybe it wasn't so bad after all.


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Oh dear.

We don't talk about my first ever Pokemon fanfic.

It is an embarrassment. Such a cringe-cheese-plot (which is now an adjective). Some hand-written 'Del becomes a Pokemon Trainer' nonsense. All I shall tell you about it is that my starter was a vaporeon, which was my favourite pokemon at the time.

Oh. And my sister was in it. But I think I also wrote a sequel, around when Gold/Silver was revealed, so I probably wrote her into that, or at the end of the first story. I can't really remember.

I was probably 14 or 15 when I wrote it...


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Oh. And my sister was in it. .
Oh yes, the writing friends and loved ones into your fanfics-- I was doing that for a LONG time, regrettably, and then graduated to putting their OCs in the story, which never worked well either.
I definitely wrote a lot of Pokemon fanfic in class, haha. At the time, I wasn't aware of fanfiction, but looking back that was exactly what I was writing. My teachers became pretty fed up with it.


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I... actively cannot remember what my first proper attempt at writing for the Pokémon setting was. I can only assume it was some kind of a half-baked trainer fic featuring even more half-baked fanmade Pokémon, some of which directly inspired by non-Pokémon critters that I thought could make good Pokémon designs. I loosely recall some incredibly proto version of Miato that featured some Digimon-esque armor evolutions, a crystalline bird-creature that teleported by projecting a coordinate map around it, identifying a spot and directly blinking over to it, and an evolution line that essentially started off as a Dune-esque sandworm and evolved into straight-up outer shell Lavos, but I cannot recall if I ever actually attempted to write that into a fic or if it was just jumbled ideas.

I think the first fic I remember actually getting a few chapters into before my brain drifted away from how awful it was involved an ancient prophecy about two slumbering legendaries whose awakening and subsequent battle would bring forth the end of the world (this was quite a bit before Ruby and Sapphire were released - maybe shortly after the first three mon of gen 3 were publicly revealed?), unless Humans and Pokémon came together and reached the next evolution for both. This was deemed fairly cryptic until one of these slumbering legendaries (a rather demonic looking creature slumbering in the depths of the world's mantle - and yes, its opposite number was a weird celestial angelic thing slumbering in the blasted stratosphere, however did you guess?) has been discovered - setting in motion the work of a particular group of believers to bring about this particular prophecy and save the planet from impending disaster. Of course, these people interpreted the "coming together" and "next evolution" elements of the prophecy in a rather literal fashion and had the scientific knowledge and resources to - in a secret facility built not too far from where the slumbering core legend was found and designed to also observe it - artificially create a pair of (yes, you guessed it) Human/Pokémon hybrids (based on Ditto and Eevee of all things) to serve in the role their particular interpretation of the prophecy apparently foretold. Whether or not the prophecy actually referred to that or not was a different question altogether.

Which sounds like it has potential until it all fell on its ass when whatever degree of ominous tension I could have built was replaced with our protagonists being sent out to hide in plain sight as regular Pokémon trainers so they can experience the world outside the facility they were raised in Or Something™ and then it just flopped into another half-baked trainer fic featuring even more half-baked fanmade Pokémon, some of which directly inspired by non-Pokémon critters that I thought could make good Pokémon designs. Pretty sure that one featured something that looked like a green moogle with a rose instead of a pom-pom and leaves instead of bat wings as a grass starter, and an orange cat with horns that looked practically like a flipping acara as a fire starter... Ooft. I can only conclude I was horrendously, horrendously derivative in my early/mid teens.

Needless to say, no trace remains of this story, and honestly, thank frell for that.

I think that after that disasterpiece most of my attempts at writing Pokémon were limited to RP and short fics, with two notable exceptions being Resonance (a trainer fic set in Hoenn featuring the separate journeys of an OC and her Machop and of Silver, pursued by unknown assailants with a link to his estranged father's past, and the points where they cross over - with some kind of overarching weird background plot involving the Pokémon Tower in Kanto and the Cave of Origin that did not make much sense) and At the End of the Wilderness (a fic taking place in Orre, revolving around the ancient civilization that created the Regis and a vast sentient construct capable of unimaginable feats that this civilization left behind, children with a psionic tuning capability collected at a young age and trained by a government black-op to manipulate this construct for their own ends - including one in particular and her Porygon who, through a filter malfunction, came into direct contact with the construct and became its messenger, a new incarnation of Cipher who uses a nanotechnology-based twist on Shadow Tech to create a world without emotion... and the way all of those cross over into one big damn plot) - both of which collapsed dramatically into their own navel about three or four chapters in. I'd say of all of these, Wilderness has the greatest amount of potential to end up serving as the basis for a rewrite - if I can but find the time and focus. @_@
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Oof... My first fanfic was posted on Serebii waaaay back in 2008. It was about an invincible girl with psychic powers who had an invincible Eevee that could evolve into every possible Eevee-olution and de-volve back into her normal state (I made up some sort of explanation for it but I don't remember why it was so). I was going to have her fight Team Galactic... and I'm not 100% sure what the rest of the story was going to be. I know she was going to befriend Saturn and end up dead (her, not Saturn). I didn't know how to take criticism at the time, so when someone pointed out the flaws in my story I threw a hissy fit and stopped writing ^_^; I'd like to think I've matured slightly since then.

I had another story I started writing around the same time, which was going to be Princess Mononoke but with Pokemon. I then realized that technically wouldn't make it my own original work so I stopped it.

I tried trainerfic writing also, but I think mine wasn't going to have anything special to it so I got bored and stopped lol.

There were dozens of other stories I scribble down the ideas for, but none of them got anywhere. "Drowning" is the only story I've actually committed to, lol.


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Ohoho yikes I actually remember practically all of the first pokemon fic I came up with when I was like, ten. I did it in the style of those pokemon story videos with the pictures and the text-I'm pretty sure I burned them to disks somewhere but I don't know where those are.

It was about a special shiny eevee named Shira(not the original name i had for her but I changed it), who was blessed by the spirits of the eeveolutions so she could evolve into any eeveelution and then de-evolve back into eevee because she was the reincarnation of the spirit of Umbreon(Luna I think was her name?)'s daughter, even being able to evolve into a special hidden evolution named Eeveeon(Sylveon wasn't around yet). There were also two clans of fire types and water types like in Warrior cats, I don't know if there were any more clans, but the water one, Waterclan, was evil and the leader, a vaporeon, had her parents killed at some point after a special seeress with a extra ring on her chest shiny umbreon named Jade and a espeon name Saphira went and praaactically kidnapped Shira to bring her to the Fireclan to help in the war against Waterclan.

I had a lot of misadventures happening on the way to Fireclan, where Shira accepted her situation of being kiddnapped far too easily after only one escape attempt. Not sure what else happened other than a witch Glaceon trying to control Shira to marry her son and Jade needing to rescue her, as well as meeting and recruiting a deformed eevee named Crystal who looks like Hollyleaf from Warriors cause she was experimented on by humans, but eventually they arrived in the forest of Fire clan.

Where Shira promptly met a umbreon named Garry and the two fell in love and I don't remember everything that happened after, but a battle broke out over Shira cuz of her special power, and during said fight, Fireclan won but Garry died protecting Shira. Not sure what else happened, but I had a sequel planned where she leaves Fireclan while mourning Garry and ends up in a magical forest, being the long-awaited queen of the forest, she meets new friends and falls in love with a Lucario eventual but that's about it.

Oh, and I believe Jade and Saphira were lovers? I don't remember, I just know a lot of the eevee/eeveelution ocs were girls.

I'm surprised at how much I recall of this considering I came up with it YEARS ago XD

I do plan to try to redo this story at some point, but it needs a complete rewrite for any of it to make sense.