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Fic Rec and Review Archive


Yes, my fav 'mon match up with TR's, what of it?
Title/Link: The Drawing Board chapter 4

Genre: Pokemon OT, genre analysis

Rank: Teen, mainly for language and some not too horridly detailed 'mon abuse,

Author: Against.The.Current.

Status: One shot/ idea pile, complete

Why I'm recing it/summary: A variant of "challenging the 'mon world system" and the "trainers are wrong" without running into the pit falls of the mainstream of that genre. So we've a 'mon story with no battling, no trainer's journey where the trainer had the wrongness shown in stages, rather the MC it's a out of universe insert who has a fuzzy clue as to where she is, and when she takes her bearings, realizes what world she landed in is...

Her groan of utter irritation can be heard a 'verse away.


Don’t underestimate seeds.
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  2. solrock
I think the index post is fully updated now with all the posts on this thread, but I haven't yet combed through and pulled allll the recs from the 7 Day Fic Challenge thread. That'll be a project for another morning. 😤


Yes, my fav 'mon match up with TR's, what of it?
I found more fics... sharing one though since rules and all that...

Made for Team Rocket

by JFSindel
Link: MfTR
> Seems to be settled in Teen for the moment, as there's some alluded gore and evil but nothing much showed thus far.

> Pokemon Manga centric, a spin-off of the Yellow/SPECIAL arch focusing on the spiritual nature of the series.

> adventure intrigue (stories in starting stages so this may change)

> Optional: It Seems Team Rocket-centric considering one of the narrative forces is Gio and he's the present head of TR.

> Length and status ongoing multi-chapter with short chapters each update.

> Why you're recommending the fic? Honestly, anyone who starts poking into the spiritual side of the manga gets my attention since it's a rare topic even broached. The fact that the main antagonist is still connected with the Forest of Viridian (a melding of eldritch abomination/landscape/and something from Miyazaki's head) and the present protag is a child raised by the said Forest and is half-feral for it... It's an interesting starting point to the tale where the underlings of TR are wondering if their Boss is losing it, unable/unwilling to challenge his power either way, and the villain of the hour seems to be sliding between worlds/awareness from the physical world to the metaphysical at a drop of a hat. This spin of Gio contrasted to the sweet, innocent if feral, Yellow has been a treat to read thus far.
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