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Exquisite Corpse 2020: Evil Team POV


Bidoof Fan
We've had our betrayals, we've had our jumps into other worlds. Now it's time for evil!

This corpse has all sorts of excitement. Secret agents, stick-ups, breaking and entering, and an appletun, yo! Ten authors came together to create this beautiful mess. Here they are, in alphabetical order.

Chibi Pika
Starlight Aurate

As is usual, the author for each part is in spoiler tags at the end of each part, so that you can guess who wrote what! With that, I give you...

Thousand Roads Exquisite Corpse 2020
Evil Team POV

Part 1:

Why did their team exist?

No, seriously. Why did their team exist. Why was Team Obliviate a thing?

From the sound of it, you’d think Team Obliviate was yet another team dead-set on the path to world destruction and domination. (There had been a lot of those lately, and Lilly was seriously beginning to fear for the sheer amount of mentally impaired people who managed to get their hands on armies and followers galore.) You’d be dead right. Team Obliviate was absolutely gunning for world domination. Only… why like this?

“That’ll be 200P, please.” Lilly shoved all the store items haphazardly into a bag, and then handed it to a disheveled trainer who looked like he hadn’t taken a shower in a week and smelled like he’d needed one for a month. She thought she caught him ogling her out of the corner of her eye.

The trainer silently pulled the money from his wallet and set it on the counter – Lilly picked it up and shuffled through it at lightspeed. Just like she’d thought, 10P short.

“Hey, kid!” she called out after him just as he was about to walk out. “You’re 10P short!”

The trainer stopped.

“What?” he looked back, ignoring the nearby pikachu that had almost fainted of the smell and was staggering off, clutching its nose. “I was sure I had it all right this time.”

“Come on, Richie,” Lilly sighed. “Just pay up. It’s not the first time you’ve tried to get away with this.”

Richie sighed, sauntering back onto the counter like he wanted to be anywhere else (obviously, he did). He pulled out his wallet, ruffled through it, and slammed a 10P note down on the countertop. “Can I go now?”

Lilly counted through the money once more – that wasn’t right. She flicked through it again. And again. And again. No. No no no—

“I said, can I go now?” Richie asked again, this time loud enough to catch the eye of the male cashier working behind her. Lilly felt his eyes on her back – she had to end this quickly. She looked at the dollar bills, then at Richie. He’d tried to do this to her a thousand times before… would anyone even blink if she swindled him just this once?

But just as quickly as it came, the thought vanished from her head – she couldn’t do that to him. Not even if he was the stinkiest, most money-grubbing thief ever…

“…I’m sorry. I miscounted. You’re actually on-point.” Lilly slid the 10P note back towards Richie, who shoved it back in his wallet annoyedly.

“Thanks for nothing!” he flipped her the pidgey on his way out. Lilly could still feel the cashier behind her watching her – that was a markup for later if she ever saw one. Lilly sighed, then looked up at the slogan that hung above the store’s entry doors: carving our way to world domination, one food product at a time! No-one would believe it, but that slogan was meant to be taken as literally as possible – Team Obliviate was quickly carving their way into all the cities’ banks, one food product at a time.

Sparkling Espeon

Part 2:

Inside the store, two agents were conferring.

“It will be dangerous,” said the first. Just the faintest hint of a quaver was noticeable in her voice. “You can still back out.”

The other agent moved his head slowly from side to side. There was a long silence.

“All right . . . if you’re sure. Good luck, Agent Sugar.”

She hesitated for a moment, then got to her knees and hugged him tightly. The mingled scents of sweet apple and aromatic cinnamon hit her nostrils. At last, Agent Sugar indicated that it was time for him to go. He tugged himself out of her embrace and padded heavily from the store. He was terrified, but gave no outward sign of that fact.

It was a muggy, overcast day. The scents of the city were vivid and almost overwhelming: the purple-dark, acrid smell of oil, the rust-yellow stink of piss on unwashed streets. Sweat collected on his bulbous forehead and under his ears as he walked. He’d seen the pictures, of course, and heard the stories⁠—even talked to a survivor. But he knew none of that could prepare him for the actual experience. And if something went wrong, he’d⁠—no. It was better not to think like that.

When he reached the rendezvous point, a worker scraggy was waiting, his tail twitching nervously. Agent Sugar almost greeted him, and then remembered. He had to start getting used to being voiceless. He settled on the crumbled asphalt with his head bowed.

“You’re the one, huh.” The scraggy had a high voice that leaped from syllable to syllable like a pidove fluttering from perch to perch. “I don’t have a choice, you know. My trainer sends me here. She needs the money, uh . . . she has real bad parents. They don’t help her out.”

Agent Sugar kept silent. He wasn’t sure what the scraggy wanted from him: condemnation, absolution? He could say, “You always have a choice,” but that would be redundant. Some part of the scraggy must know that. After all, he’d made the choice to collaborate with them. Maybe the scraggy just needed to give those words shape, as if speaking them in the open air could form a scaffolding for his conscience to rest on. Agent Sugar waited.

“Well, we’d better get moving, then. Uh. Normally you’d be tranquilized, so you wouldn’t be able to walk. But if you’d prefer⁠—”

He had to do this right. Agent Sugar lay still and let the scraggy lift him onto the conveyor cart. His heart thumped. The wheels rattled; a door groaned. A human voice said, “Wow that’s one plump appletun. Stick it in prep room 27B.”

There was no going back now.


Part 3:

The appletun was being prepped for Manie’s battle—but that didn’t solve their problem of what to do with the flapple.

Joshua jerked his head to the left and saw a dragon-shaped silhouette flying around outside. His heart squirmed. Were they strong enough to hold off a rampaging flapple? The appletun would prove useful, for sure. Team Yell needed large, attention-grabbing Pokemon to push away anyone trying to distract Marnie. But the appletun’s mate was not happy—and she flew over Spikemuth City, roaring her displeasure.

Joshua looked at the weavile hanging at his side. “What do you think we should do?”

Weavile hissed—they needed the appletun for a while, and they couldn’t just let the flapple destroy the city. They needed to attack her head-on!

“Well, if you say so!”

With that, Joshua and weavile headed out of the base and into the sunlight. Joshua’s mind raced a mile a minute. Maybe, if he could fix this mess and keep the raging flapple from damaging their place too badly, then he could be handed on the Spikemuth Gym, and Marnie would advance through the Pokemon League and eventually become the champion.

He smiled. Yeah, that’d be great—Joshua would promote all of the grunts in Team Yell, and they would provide a never-ending system of support for each other.


“Woah, weavile, look out!”

As Joshua and weavile walked the Spikemuth streets, the raging flapple noticed them and shot a chemical concoction from her mouth. Weavile nimbly dodged, and the chemicals splattered onto the sidewalk, eating away at the concrete.

Joshua’s heart dropped. That was not good. But this wouldn’t be a big deal—flapple was quadruply weak to ice-type moves. Weavile would take her out without a problem!

“Weavile, take her down with icy wind!”

While a stream of arctic air flowed from weavile’s mouth, Joshua glanced toward the Spikemuth Gym. As long as the grunts got that appletun to block anyone antagonizing Marnie, then things would be okay.

But which grunts would be chosen? It suddenly occurred to Joshua that he didn’t even know any of the grunts’ names—none of them made an impression on him to where he felt like he should bother remembering them. Would they be able to handle a fat appletun?

Starlight Aurate

Part 4:

“Well…” Joshua sighed. “I guess there’s only one way to find out.”

He raised his reptilian head slightly to eye the two grunts. Both identical. That was the problem, really. To a pokemon, all humans looked alike. He was beginning to forget which one had challenged him.

He tossed himself into the air with a mighty roar. “Body slam!”

The two grunts let out identical yells of surprise and raised their arms in defense. Joshua soared over the zigzagoon one had called out in retaliation, and landed square on the chest of the startled grunt.

“Oh no!” His identical partner began to dance erratically beside the stunned human. “B! Are you all right, bro?”

The fallen grunt groaned. “It was meant to attack Zigzagoon.”

Joshua pulled back from his target, his mouth filling with sticky goop. The other grunt… A, was it?... plucked a pokeball off his belt.

“Don’t worry, bro!” he said. “I’ll save you! Go, Nikkit!”

A small red and black fox materialized from a glowing beam, and flicked her tail.

“Hey there,” she said.

“Scratch it!” shouted A.

The nikkit seemed to shrug for a moment, and lunged at Joshua. The appletun ducked, letting the fox skim the pastry on his back, then spat a globule of sweet apple sauce in A’s face.

“Eurgh!” the grunt swiped at it, desperate to clear his masked face. “Get it off! Get it off!”
The nikkit looked between her trainer and the apple pie dragon. “Did you just… attack my human?”

“He started it.” Joshua snorted sugar out of his nostrils.

He’d actually forgotten how it had all started. That was the problem with being an appletun. Their memories weren’t as good as a flapple.

He’d wanted to evolve into a flapple. But he’d eaten the wrong apple.

While he was trying to sort out his thoughts, the zigzagoon and nikkit both launched themselves at him, teeth bared and claws spread.

Joshua let out an ‘eep!’ of surprise.

B had dragged himself to his feet, and was dancing like a lunatic as he watched the dragon fall beneath the two smaller pokemon.

“Go Zigzagoon! Go Nikkit!” he yelled. “Take appletun down and then we nick it, yo!”

Joshua raised his head above the raging pokemon.

B tossed a pokeball into the fray.

Joshua was engulfed in a flash of light, and let out a pitiful scream as it dragged him inside his new plastic prison.

“Woo hoo!” B twirled on the spot and held up the pokeball. “I caught appletun, yo!”


Part 5:

"Ayo it's ya boi B comin' atchu from the Wild Area, bird uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!" B said into their Rotom Phone. "Peep this sweet number I just found in a den, yo!"

Appletun squeaked happily, eating a pile of apple curry.

"Now you might be havin' the same thought I'm havin' right now y'all which is... ain't that cannibalism, yo!?!?" B yelled through their Team Skull bandanna. "And the answer is... I dunno yo, that question's WAY too existential for me! Dayum!"

B turned the camera at the Wild Area, filming the grassland and the huge pillars of purple light erupting from it periodically. "Now that we got J-Dapps it's time for our next event, yo! Time for a battle!"

Other trainers with bicycles whizzed to and fro, tailed by swift ground pokemon or flyers. A Corviknight shot B a Look and they and J-Dapple hid behind a rock. Eventually they settled on what looked like a soft target.

A girl was approaching on a bike wearing a green hat with a pom-pom on it and a gray sweater. B popped out from behind the rock.

"Get 'er J-Dapps!"

The appletun did a stumpy-legged run toward the girl, who slowed down and stopped to pet it.

"Cor, yer a special wee lad an' no mistake," the girl was saying. "Who's a good dug?"

"App! App!" J-Dapple burbled, accepting the pets fondly.

"I can't understand what you're saying, yo!" B interrupted. "Stop petting my monster! We're havin' a battle!"

"Wheesht ya scunner, can't ye see Ahm havin' a yap wi' the wee bairn?" the girl said harshly.

"Are you even speakin' Galarish right now yo!? J-Dapps, get her!" B ordered the appletun.


Part 6:

"Duuuuude, relax. I've got this yo." J-Dapps casually walked over to the woman sitting on an outdoor restaurant table across the sidewalk. He trotted in front of her and cleared his voice. "Greetings, citizen. May I please request your wallet and precious belongings?"

B stared slack-jawed at J-Dapps, and he palmed his face so hard that it was practically a slap. "Oh for the love of God, why are you so useless, J-Dapps?"

"Aww, what a precious little thing you are!" The woman crouched to pet J-Dapps with a smile on her face.

"Ma'am, your wallet please," J-Dapps said, in the most nonchalant voice possible.

"Aww, you can even talk! Who's a good boy?"

The woman kept her purse on the table, leaving it open and vulnerable. However, J-Dapps made no effort to reach for it while he received his headpats.

"Just… Fucking get the purse already!" B said as quietly as possible. He was hiding behind a nearby corner.

"Please, Ma'am. I deeply require monetary offerings. It is an urgent matter," J-Dapps said. Then he yawned.

"Oh, well I can't give you any money now my dear." The woman glanced at the table and took a muffin from her plate. "Here, you can have this."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

J-Dapps received the muffin in his mouth and swallowed it whole. "You have my thanks, Ma'am. I am pleased. Farewell."

B's eyes twitched as J-Dapps trotted back and around the corner to meet him.

"I got cake, boss. Unfortunately, I have consumed it."

"That's it! Back in the pokeball you go! Fucking hell, I'm doing this myself or so help me god." B withdrew J-Dapps into his pokeball, though the appletun didn't really seem to care either way.


Part 7:

So much for the plan to have J-Dapps distract the guards. Well, B wasn’t about to give up now. The rest of the grunts were already inside the stadium, weren’t they? If he couldn’t get in through the front entrance without a ticket, he’d figure something out.

B turned around and started scoping out the entrance around back. He spotted a ventilation opening that he considered trying to crawl in through, but it was too high off the ground, and he didn’t have any Pokémon that could lift him up. (Why the hell were Appletun so small? All the pictures he’d ever seen made the thing look like it should be at least five feet tall.)

The clock struck twelve. This was bad. What self-respecting member of Team Yell would miss one of Marnie’s matches? Maybe this was why the others had left him behind…

No, what was he thinking? Obviously this was just a test. If he couldn’t surpass a few obstacles, how was he supposed to prove himself a loyal fan? This would be the most difficult challenge he’d ever surpassed, but he’d defeat any obstacle if it meant cheering on Marnie in the Champion Cup. Bring it on!

And then suddenly the garage closest to him started to slide open with a metallic creak. A couple trucks pulled out and drove off down the alley, leaving a very large, very convenient entrance into the stadium.

Well, screw proving himself—B wasn’t about to ignore the universe handing him success on a silver platter.

With all the grace of a Rillaboom, B somersaulted in under the closing door--not because he needed to, but because it looked cooler that way. Once inside, he found a door that led into one of the hallways inside the stadium, which was fortunately unlocked. Not that he couldn’t have broken it down if he really needed to, he just didn’t want to mess up his mohawk.

B proceeded to wander about the hallways, somehow managing to get lost despite the sounds of the battle in the arena above acting as a guide. His heart was pounding faster now. Come on, he was so close—the rest of the team was probably cheering Marnie on right this second.

Eventually, he somehow managed to find himself in the competitors’ locker room, currently empty. Well… there was one way to see the match from here, but B wasn’t too fond of the idea of walking out onto the pitch. The thunderous roar of something huge smashing into the ground confirmed those fears. He was… definitely better off turning around. Maybe that last staircase he’d passed led up to the stands...

“Someone there?” a voice called from around the corner

Oh shit. Someone was coming. Was it too late to try finding some place to hide? It would probably be difficult in his brightly-colored uniform, but—

No, what was he thinking? The whole point of being on Team Yell wasn’t to blend in—it was to stand out. If he couldn’t talk his way out of trouble well enough to make it, then he didn’t deserve to see the match.

The guard rounded the corner and his face went from curious to annoyed in two seconds flat. “Oh, it’s just one of you lot. What’re you doing down here? Last I saw, the rest of your crew had nicked all the condiments from the concessions and were using ‘em to paint your leader’s face on every wall in the stadium. Thought that nonsense would’ve ended once she became Gym Leader.”

B grinned. “Can’t squash our passion.”

The guard put a hand to his forehead. “Whatever, just show me your ticket.”

B stiffened, taking a step back. “Shouldn’t need a ticket. My leader’s the one out there fighting.”

“No ticket, no entry,” the guard said, advancing on him.

B was sweating now. “Look it’s not our fault that the League keeps jacking up the ticket prices so that no one from Spikemuth can afford ‘em! We’re not just here to cheer on our idol—we’re here on protest.

The guard was undeterred. “Yeah, well after this, I’ll see to it that everyone with Team Yell colors is banned for life, how’s that for ya?”

B was outraged. He grabbed his signature Team Yell double megaphone and shouted, “You can’t silence us!

Then there was a flash of light as the guard opened a Pokéball, and a tall, hulking Obstagoon suddenly appeared, crossing its arms over its chest in the usual obstructive posture. There was no way B was getting past that. Nope, no way.

How ironic; he was about to get kicked out by one of Team Yell’s own signature Pokémon. There was only one thing left for B to do--and that was obviously to hurl the Nest Ball forward, sending a very confused Appletun crashing straight into the security guard’s face.

Chibi Pika

Part 8:

“Guh!!!” cried the security guard as she went down. “Wuh!!!” cried Appletun as they bounced off the guard’s face and spun across the floor on their pie crust shell.

“We need to abort!” B informed Appletun. “My cover got blown when I tried to acquire the package and ah sh–”

The guard’s Obstagoon lunged. B turned to run and immediately tangled his feet together, dodging gracefully under Obstagoon’s swipe. He hit the ground with an oof and made a very dignified yelping sound when Obstagoon growled again.

“So, as I was saying, Appletun…” He clambered over the security guard and squealed when Ostabgoon’s claws brushed by his hair. He rolled to his Pokémon, took them into his arms, and jumped to his feet.

“It’s time to knock out this Obstagoon and make our daring escape!” He aimed Appletun at Obstagoon. “Dragon Pulse!”

Appletun raised their head languidly. They squinted at Obstagoon. “Wuh,” they said.

I said,” – B shook Appletun emphatically – “Dragon Pulse!”

Appletun glanced at Obstagoon. “Wuh.” They went limp in B’s grip.

“Uh,” said B.

Obstagoon seemed unamused. It raised its claws, lighting them black.

“Oh god I am so sorry. Please don’t call my parents. They’re going to take away my Xbox,” B begged and shielded his face with Appletun.

No… no. How could it have come to this, the end? B’s life flashed before his eyes; he saw a light, a bright light, the light of oblivion. He fell to his knees. Appletun wuh’ed quietly. This was it, for both of them.

Wait. There was… there was one move left. But…

B swallowed. Stood. “Please,” he said, looking at Obstagoon’s feet. “Please, I have one last request, before you do what you have to do.”

Obstagoon rolled its eyes but halted.

“I… I need to say I’m sorry, Appletun. But this is the only way.”

“Wuh.” Appletun raised their head.

B hurled them into Obstagoon’s face.

“Wuh!” Appletun said before they and Obstagoon went to the ground.

“I’m so sorry Appletun your memory will live always in the minds of all Team Yell good luck byeeeee!” B said and fled, screaming.

B ran faster than he ever had in his life. He didn’t look back – he couldn’t let Appletun’s heroic sacrifice be for vain. He burst into the main hall of the tournament building, shrieking incoherently. He knocked over random stalls to throw any pursuers off his trail. Tournament goers watched with bewilderment. He grabbed one by their shoulders and shook them, wailing, before resuming his mad dash for life and freedom.

There – a glowing exit sign! He let out a desperate scream and threw himself through the doors.

He landed on the sidewalk, scraping his knees. A slight breeze caressed his cheeks. He had done it. He had escaped with his life. He was so grateful he kissed the ground in gratitude, but actually that turned out to be gross so he stopped.

He turned to his side to congratulate Appletun on a job that hadn’t ended in abject failure, but his partner wasn’t there. B remembered… he had made it, but Appletun – his truest companion, his best friend – was lost.

“Appletun,” he whispered. Memories of his partner’s dopey smile and stupid wuhs flashed across his mind. “Appletun!!!”

He pounded his fist on the ground. Tears poured from his eyes in manly rivers. “No! No! No!” Passersby gave him a wide berth, recognizing his grief. Eventually, B exhausted himself and collapsed.

He lay on his back on the hard concrete. “This is all my fault,” he said hoarsely.

His mom had warned him, hadn’t she? I don’t like these people you’re hanging out with – they’re going to get you into trouble someday. And please, reconsider the mohawk.

B had gotten such a rush running missions with Team Yell, felt the enthrallment when he cheered for Marnie. But, as much as he idolized Marnie, he realized now that Appletun was his true love. Appletun had always been there for him. Physically at least. B idly wondered if Appletun was deaf or hard-of-hearing. That would explain why they never seemed to understand his commands.

“This is it,” B told himself. He stood. Tonight, he would go to his leader and tell him that he quit. His life of evil had cost him a friend; he would do this no longer.


Part 9:

The pokeball in B's pocket was cool to the touch. His heart pounded so furiously he felt ill with it, but he focused on the coolness, the still-unscarred metal, the weight of it in his hand. It couldn't replace what he'd lost, no. But it could be a new start, after tonight. After now.

After one last chance to save himself.

Not if you give yourself away first, he scolded himself. You don't need a goddamn baby blanket. Hands at your sides. Walk. Go.

The hallway was quiet, as ever, with low light regardless of time of day and thick wine-red carpet that muffled footsteps. At the desk in the anteroom sat the latest secretary. B didn’t know this one’s name, but she looked the same as the other girls had: blonde, neatly pressed, as still as a doll. And beyond her was the door illuminated with footlights like a monument at night.

“How can I help you?” the secretary said as he drew near. Anna, said the name tag. Sure, why not.

“I want to see the boss.”

She smiled blandly. “Do you have an appointment?”

B’s stomach churned, but he pushed through it. “He’ll want to see me.”

"No weapons, of course. No pokemon."

"Of course." B raised his arms to show he wore no belt. There is no reason at all to be suspicious, he thought at her with all his might. I'm docile as a wooloo munching daisies.

“One moment, please.”

With a manicured hand, she lifted the phone from its cradle. “There’s someone here to see you, sir.” In the pause that came after, B couldn't even hear the ghost of a whisper from the other end. She covered the receiver and asked, “Name and rank?”

“Bartholomew Burke. Grunt.”

She relayed this information, and a long pause followed. “Yes, sir. Of course, sir.” Then she hung up and said to B, “You can take a seat. He’ll be with you shortly.”

B stiffened, a chill running down his spine. Did he suspect—? No. He forced himself to lock his hands at his side to keep from reflexively touching the pokeball hidden in his pocket. “Right,” he said and then sat.

Forearms resting on his knees, he waited. And waited. There was no clock on the wall, just Anna solemnly typing away. She didn't look at him, not as if she were avoiding doing so but as if she had forgotten he existed. The chair was not comfortable--by design, he thought--but he would not give the boss the satisfaction of seeing him squirm (for surely there were cameras). All the same, a trickle of sweat began between his shoulder blades.

"It's urgent," he croaked after what felt like hours but may have only been minutes.

Without looking away from her screen, Anna repeated in a clipped voice, "He will see you shortly."

Each time he blinked, he saw the face of his friend, the one he would never see again. He clenched his teeth, feeling nearly ready to splinter under the strain of keeping still and holding his head high.

Docile as a wooloo, he reminded himself. I am a rock. I am unshakable. I have to be.

B waited and waited while, in his soul, seasons turned and mountains eroded and reformed again and the sun went out.

At last, the telephone gave out a single ring.

"You may go in."

To his credit, B stood and walked through the doorway with considerable calm and composure. But the waiting game had had its effect. No sooner than the door shut behind him, B spoke in a voice thick with grief, "Sir, I've come to hand in my letter of resignation." Then he reached into his pocket for his secret weapon.

Old School Johto

Part 10:

No sooner than the door shut behind him, B spoke in a voice thick with grief, "Sir, I've come to hand in my letter of resignation." Then he reached into his pocket for his secret weapon.

"But... that doesn't have to mean it's the end for us. I won't be working here anymore. But that also opens new paths, new possibilities. And... in a way I'm relieved. Because that's what allows me to say..." B knelt down on one knee, presenting the diamond ring. "Giovanni, will you marry me?"

Giovanni regarded him silently, fingers steepled in front of him.

"I know you don't exactly have the best experience of marriage. Your kid and all. But, uh, that won't be a problem for us, for obvious reasons - unless you want to, of course, I'm sure the adoption process would be easier with your wealth and connections--"

"B," Giovanni said, his voice an almost predatory growl, "what on Earth are you babbling about."

"We don't have to hide our feelings anymore!" B went on. "Giovanni, this is all we've ever wished for. It was always strange, with you being my boss and all, but now? We can ride off into the sunset together and never be apart. Please, Giovanni, let's..."

"What." Giovanni stood up, his suit-clad figure tall and imposing; it made B's knees weak. Giovanni's mouth was a thin dark line, his eyes hard as stone. "Security. Please escort this insolent grunt out of the building."

"But Giovanni, I--"

Two guards entered from outside the room, grabbing B's shoulders. "I love you!" B shouted as they dragged him out of the room, into the elevator, and shoved him to the ground in a back-alley behind the Celadon Game Corner.

"Don't ever insult the boss again," one of them warned, spitting warningly on the ground beside him before turning to reenter the Rocket HQ with her partner. The back entrance shut firmly, the lock clicking.

B coughed into the pavement, pushed himself up on all fours, and took a long moment to breathe now that they were gone. Giovanni. Had he really been rejected? His gut stung. He'd been so sure that what they had was unbreakable. How could...


He looked up in wonder only to see Giovanni standing there, suit impeccable as always, but his expression milder than usual, a fond smile beneath the touch of masculine arrogance.

"The answer is yes."

B took Giovanni's strong hand and allowed him to support him to his feet, his heart singing. It had all been a ruse, of course, to avoid losing face in front of the team. Here, in the alley, Giovanni could at last be his true self.

"Giovanni, I--I'm so happy!" B stammered. "H-how can I..."

"I have seen all I need to see," Giovanni said, leaning in to kiss him at last.

None of the preceding misadventures mattered anymore in this moment. No matter what B had been through, all Pokémon still existed for the glory of Team Rocket, for the glory of the two of them, and that would never change, not as long as he was locked in Giovanni's embrace.

Everything had turned out for the best.



Never not editing
I think this one was my favorite yet! The inconsistencies felt almost like POV switches in a multi-character story or like gaps in the life of B, during which he changed and grew (?) off-screen. So glad he got a happy ending.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
I love everything about this. The undercover mission. The fact that we saw "evil team" as the theme and bounced back and forth between Yell and Skull for most of it. The completely ineffectual mugging. B and J-Dapps bros for life. ;-;

This was amazingly consistent, all things considered. Appletun managed to stick around for seven entire parts, and he didn't even fade away like most EC plot points--he got a heroic sacrifice! Which directly led to B's desire to quit, which led to the most stunning conclusion of all time. I died. Thanks a bunch everyone. xD And thanks tons to Windskull for running it!


Ground Zero
I think this one was my favorite yet! The inconsistencies felt almost like POV switches in a multi-character story or like gaps in the life of B, during which he changed and grew (?) off-screen. So glad he got a happy ending.
Definitely glad that B got a happy ending, but omg, justice for J-Dapps. ;-; I'm floored by how coherent this one despite having no information besides final lines passed between writers. I think all but the first and the last two featured an appletun?? Holy crap.

This one was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who wrote for the corpse, and also to Windskull for running the show and hosting our VC reading today!

Starlight Aurate

Verso L'Alto
Route 123
I think I was most amused by Joshua becoming an appletun and then only being known as J-Dapps. And omg his end was the most hysterical thing I read XD I also died when reading B's scene with the boss in Part 10. I literally cried from laughing.

Everything about this was so great and I loved the changing tone between every scene! Thanks so much to everyone for participating and to Windskull for running it!


*Crazy Absol Noises*
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Okay this was a riot! The fact Joshua the Appletun - now forever known as J-Dapps, speaker of wahs - stuck around alongside B was awesome! That amused me to no end!
It was so sad that poor J-Dapps was sacrificed like that why...
Those two characters sticking around for so long actually made it feel like every part counted, not falling into the usual EC inconsistencies, while still being totally random! Fantastic!

He burst into the main hall of the tournament building, shrieking incoherently. He knocked over random stalls to throw any pursuers off his trail. Tournament goers watched with bewilderment. He grabbed one by their shoulders and shook them, wailing, before resuming his mad dash for life and freedom.
This legit read to me like a Nick Cage scene XD Love it!

Thanks, Windskull, for running this! It was so much fun to both read and write!