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Exquisite Corpse 2019


Angel of Memory
Exquisite Corpse 2019

This summer we'll be getting our surrealist on with Thousand Roads' first exquisite corpse run! If you haven't tried your hand at making an exquisite corpse before, it's a classic writing game where multiple participants come together to write a story... with each only being able to see the last couple sentences of the previous writer's work! Anything can happen as the story passes from one writer to the next, changing dramatically with each scene.

This year we're going to write three exquisite corpse stories, each with a different theme:

Anything Goes: Just what it says on the tin! A classic corpse, this one has no particular theme, and you can write about whatever you like. You'll get a prompt in the form of the previous writer's last sentences, and you can follow it wherever it takes you.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Story: Oh, no! You've been turned into a pokémon! Or perhaps that should be "oh, yes" instead of "oh, no?" This corpse takes place in the all-pokémon world familiar from the Mystery Dungeon games and has similar fantasy-adventure themes.

Unova Trainer Fic: Catch pokémon, defeat gyms, and become a master! Oh, and watch out for Team Plasma along the way. This corpse is a little different than the others in that it has a bit more continuity--in addition to the two-sentence prompts you'd normally receive, you'll get a list of pokémon that the protagonist has caught so far and how many badges they've earned, so their quest has at least some chance of continuing from scene to scene.

Once it's your turn to write for a particular story you'll receive a message from a moderator with the last two sentences of the previous writer's scene. (Or, if you're the first writer for a story, you'll get a simple go-ahead instead; you start off with a blank slate!) At that point you will have one week to write a scene of 250 words or more to continue the story. Once you're done, send your scene back to the mod and wait to see how it fits into the final story.

To sign up, just post in this thread stating:

a) which corpse(s) you'd like to participate in; you can write for as many as you want
b) if there are any weeks where you're going to be busy and would prefer not to write
c) whether you'd like to be the first writer for any of the corpse(s) you're signing up for

Initial sign-ups run through June 21st, at which point the staff will finalize the order of writers for each corpse and contact the first writer in each to begin working on the opening scene. You can sign up after the initial sign-up period's closed, as long as the corpse(s) you're interested in haven't completed yet, but you'll probably be slotted in towards the end of the line.

Once the last writer in a corpse has sent in their segment, the staff member in charge will compile the scenes and post the complete corpse as a thread in the fanfic forum, one scene per post. For a little extra fun, the authors of each scene will initially be kept a secret so that readers can try to guess who wrote what. After three days the names of the writers will be added, and that corpse will be considered complete.

Feel free to post in this thread with any questions you might have. Good luck, and have fun with your writing!


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
a) All of them!
b) I might be in Spokane Washington at some point, I'll get back to you on that
c) I don't care about being the first writer


Losing her head
a) I'd like to sign up for the anything goes corpse!
b) Out of town June 23 - 27
c) because of b I should probably not be the first

The Walrein

Junior Trainer
Oooh, this looks fun!

A) I'll sign up for both Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the Unova Trainer Fic.
B) I might be out of town July 4th - July 7th. Also, I'd prefer to not have to write chapters for both of the fics in the same week, if possible.
C) I'd rather not be the one to write the first chapter. I'd also actually prefer to not be the last author in the chain, either, if that's not asking too much.


Pokémon Trainer
a) Unova Trainer Fic
b) I might not have regular computer access June 28-July 7
c) I can start if needed, but I'd rather not.


Sounds fun! I'll try it.

A: Anything is fine
B: Free anytime
C: No preference I guess


Angel of Memory
I'm getting in on this, too!

- PMD and Unova trainerfic
- I'll be pretty busy in August, so earlier is better
- No preference on being first


Dragon Enthusiast
Ohh why not. I'll step in, too! But only for one.

- Anything goes (I'm running the PMD one, so I can't participate in it)
- I'm pretty much always free
- I'll gladly initiate if nobody else is eager!


*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
Oh yikes I almost missed this! D=

a) Anything Goes and PMD
b) Aside from next week (starting 24th. It's an oddly busy week for me...) I'm pretty free most days, so anytime after then is good for me.
c) I'm up for being first if needed.

This should be something beautiful when it's completed ='D


the world's scariest violinist
a) Oh, heck, I'll try the PMD one. Never done one of those before.
b) Pretty sure I'm good for the duration of this.
c) I'd rather not go first.


Dragon Enthusiast
Hey all, it's well past the 21st, so I'm gonna start arranging for things on my end. I'll be sending all PMD corpse participants a DM shortly to make sure everyone is on board! To clarify, that will be:

@Umbramatic @The Walrein @Keleri @Chibi Pika @Negrek, @DeliriousAbsol, and @Phoenixsong

I'm not sure what @Raggy means by "anything is fine," though. Do you mean you're down for all three, or that you're doing "Anything goes," or...?

EDIT: I just got clarification from Raggy. Note that Raggy is up for ALL THREE corpses! So uh, other managers, let's make sure we coordinate so we don't send more than one per week.
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Angel of Memory
All right, we've got the initial schedule worked out, and the first wave of writers will be beginning work soon. If you signed on saying you'd be open to going first, keep an eye on your notifications in case you ended up getting chosen!

Remember that sign-ups are still open, and will remain open until the corpses start to get completed, so you can still participate even if you haven't signed on yet.

In the meantime, I'll give you periodic updates to let you know how things are going. Feel free to talk about what you're writing or speculate about what's going on in your story, etc. Just don't give too many of the juicy details away!