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[Event Proposal] Review Blitz

Which point system would you prefer?

  • A point system that has some point bonus given based on review word count.

  • A point system that has no point bonus given for word count.

  • Other (please specify in thread or ask me to add)

Results are only viewable after voting.


everyday is halloween
the middle of nowhere
i mentioned on discord that i'd be willing to volunteer for prizes, but for clarity i'll mention it here too. i could do a few character sketches, maybe even banners depending on how my uni starts off.

and heck yeah let's do this thing i really need to kick my ass into reading things!!


golden scars
Just crossposting here since I feel like it'll be buried in the Discord -- I'll be finalizing prizes going into week three. I've reached out to everyone who's previously expressed interest in prizes to confirm availability and any other details, so if you haven't received a DM from me, please reach out again!

Also, saying it again, absolutely no pressure if you volunteered earlier and your schedule has changed so you can't do it now.

Thanks all; happy reviewing!