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Draw 4 Exposé


Pikachu Enthusiast
Rhyme City
"Henlo, I am in search of free art. If you would please draw my oc..."
We've all been there, haven't we? Well, here's your chance to try on the other side! Now, we'll all be drawing for exposure! (With a few caveats)

1) To submit your character, you have to have replied to the last entry in the thread.

2) When drawing your submission, you must either draw it in under five minutes or with your eyes closed. Ideally, you'd disclose which.

3) When describing your character, the worse grammar, the better.

4) This is a thread for fun and everyone! Don't worry about making something great. If you have experience drawing or not, try it out!

5) Have fun!

Henlo, I drew your Houndoom Marstizzner the Draft. I committed to doing it in under five minutes.

This is My Character: Zayne. He is a Human Hero from the Mystery Pokemoan series. bcuz he was so super strong, the voice had to squish his muscle into almost in-zangoose proportions. He likes being cool, red, not dying, and food. He doslikes discrimination, being electrocuted, bags, and the working class. please respond!


Pokémon Trainer
Drew in 5 minutes:


Now my character (drawn by @canisaries):

Dis mah OC, Isobel teh Machamp! She's super stronk, she must poomp the mooscles, nyess, poomp tem!!! she must also pay dah rent, but wats up wit tat, se super stromk, se don't need moneys, wy do pokemanz need de moneys anyway, se a stoopid macamp.


A cat that writes stories.
Annotation 2020-06-25 163026.png
5m, done in a state of 😢 about how much i could actually get done inside the time limit. Can you tell what body parts I had less time to do? I can. Oof.

gauri colour.png
next person pls droaw my D and D pc she is called Gauri and she is a tigre as you can probly tell she is a total badass n redy to kill n-y-one with n-y wepon avalabl its nothin personnel kid pssh


Biomechanical Abomination

This is as much fierceness is I could put into five minutes.

Ami too late 2 join dis ? owo


dis is my BABEY she's a breloom but her dad is a flogres and that's y she's all fancy rainbow shrooms n' stoof. i no florges are all gorlz n' stoof but fairies r magick and can be wutevah they want, even dads, LOL =^o^= neway shes all fast and slender and sparkly n' dat's like SUPAR important for her charcater!!!1111 plz drw?

Christ on a velociraptor, I think I may have dropped half my IQ while writing this. five second rule!