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Destiny Colosseum


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Pokemon Paradise
  1. custom/chikorita-saltriv
Saltriv's eyes opened as the shadowy aura around them dissipated, their mouth agape in shock.

Did I...


Calm down. Calm down. Feel the sunlight on my leaf. Deep breaths, in and out.

Bottling up those feelings for now, Saltriv reached into their bag, and pulled out a sitrus berry, before beginning to munch on it.

It wasn't a grass or DX gummi, but the sweet, sour and bitter taste of the berry helped take their mind off of what just happened.

For now, at least.


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  1. charizard
With Aegis up and blocking their physical attacks, it seemed that the team knew to fall back and keep their defenses in line. Brisa, however, was going to take Rayquaza on directly with Owen in an effort to cage him completely. That way, Rayquaza couldn't take advantage of their pause...

Brisa's Thunder Cage dealt 40 (1 crit!) damage total to Rayquaza! Rayquaza became Trapped!

"Rrrrgh! Do you really think that's going to be enough to stop me?! I'll just blow through you!" Rayquaza launched the meteoric beam from the back of his throat, but it bounced off of a golden Protect, shooting skyward and into the Colosseum barrier instead.

"Hope you saw how that worked, Brisa," Owen said as Wishkeeper swiveled around his shoulders. "There's more where that came from!"

Rayquaza lashed out against his bindings, the electric wires burning his scales, but all he did was roar in defiance. He rushed for Brisa again, and Owen could only block one before he was knocked away. On his final hit, there was even a hint of dragon flames...

Rayquaza used Boon Meteor Beam on Brisa, but Owen guarded it!
Rayquaza used Extreme Speed on Brisa, but Owen guarded one of the hits!
Brisa dodged another, and took a grazing 71 from the third!
Rayquaza used Dragon Ascent on Brisa for 174 damage!

"Rayquaza, stop concentrating on just her and get ready for their volley!" Shield called.

"I will not take instructions from mortals," Rayquaza said.

"Will you just coopeate?! They're provoking you! Speed up and disrupt them on the next hit!"

Rayquaza snarled, but let the winds swirl.

"I'll cover you," Shield said, and the barrier around them became transparent and flimsy, yet glowing. He eyed the prepared Iceberg that Astrid had ready, and knew from the last battle what that would mean. The shield had a warding effect--It didn't look like secondary effects, or even disrupting moves, were going to work on them this time...

Rayquaza used Tailwind!

Shield used Blinding Aegis - Status!
Shield used Blinding Boon on Rayquaza, raising his Speed and Evasion by 2!
Shield used Heal Pulse on Rayquaza, healing him for 750 HP!

Amid the chaos, Silver's team continued to scramble against the rest of Team Spectrum. The whole of Team Spectrum healed and buffed themselves, but that momentary breath provided by Brisa was not going to last. Rayquaza was even faster, now, and Shield was keeping him from slowing down.

Typhlosion used Strike III on Cabot, Icetales, and Nip!
Cabot: Esper shielded it, taking 70 damage!
Icetales: Dodged!
Nip: Dodged!

Weavile used Shield III on Rayquaza for 500 HP!

Rayquaza took 1875 damage from the damage trap! Rayquaza broke free and became more resistant to traps!

Rayquaza: 11,307
Shield: 1,000

Support Burst: 60
Enemy Support Burst: 40


Dragon Enthusiast
  1. charizard
They next volley came in a wave like before, and the announcer was getting in the rhythm as he gracefully weaved between stray blasts. "Team Spectrum is on the offensive again!" Incineroar announced. "But it looks like Rayquaza is weathering every single blow!"

Vix's Fire Blasts dealt 460 damage to Weavile!
Starr's Flare Blitz combined with Icetales' strike dealt 332 damage to the Supports, and Starr took 4 damage in recoil!
Starr's following Flare Blitz attacks dealt 544 damage total to Rayquaza!
Nip's double (1 Cheer) Triple Axel dealt 513 + 411 damage to Rayquaza!
His Silver Spike dealt 317 damage!
Curio's triple Shadow Malfunction dealt 554 (+1 stab) damage to Rayquaza!
Brisa's Shadow Mauls dealt 765 (1 cheer, 1 stab,) damage to Rayquaza!
Cabot's Iron Tails dealt 1106 (1 cheer) damage to Rayquaza! Rayquaza tried to dodge, but Cabot was too accurate!
Dave's Assurances dealt 464 damage to Rayquaza!
Dave's Silver Spike dealt 141 damage to Rayquaza!
Shiron's Shadow Maelstrom dealt 536 damage to Rayquaza!

"Hang in there!" Shield urged. "You can still do this!"

Gengar and Alakazam looked displeased by something, glaring at Icetales' misty movements. Whatever they had planned, they were holding off while the others weaved in and out of battle, constantly distracted or stopped by several of the Team Spectrum fighters.

Rayquaza's tempo was off. The attacks, as much as he wished to shrug them off, were making him lose his stance. Owen was already shouting to the others a few weak points that Rayquaza couldn't cover with his defenses.

"Not if I can defeat you first," Rayquaza roared, and he was an emerald blur once more.

Rayquaza used Extreme Speed on Icetales thrice, Cabot and Shiron twice, and Celeste and Nip once!
Icetales: Dodged two, and took a grazing 19!
Cabot: Esper's shield blocked both hits or 86 damage and broke, and Cabot dodged the remainder!
Shiron: Dodged one, then took 43 damage!
Celeste: Dodged!
Nip: Lauchs blocked the blow for 160 damage, and Nip dodged the remainder!

Rayquaza used Dragon Ascent on Cabot, Celeste, and Dave!
Cabot: Dodged!
Celeste: Dodged!
Dave: A grazing 70

Rayquaza is charging a Meteor Beam!

"Watch out for that one!" Owen shouted. "I think he might hit us with--wait!"

Typhlosion roared something and fired a plume of lava through the ground, splitting off several Team Spectrum fighters. This inspired Rayquaza--and that beam was charging a lot faster than it should have, "BRISA!" Owen shouted. "It's aimed at you!" Icetales and Shiron were in the way, but their defenses were much more reinforced. But Brisa... that last volley still had her off balance.

Typhlosion used Energize on Rayquaza! He's fully charged!
Rayquaza used Meteor Beam on Icetales, Shiron, and Brisa!
Icetales: 67
Shiron: 38
Brisa: CRITCAL...LY dodged!

Rayquaza snarled, but he didn't have the power to continue the assault. He had to fall back to prepare himself for the next volley.

Rayquaza used Tailwind!
Rayquaza used Blinding Gale!

But more inspiration was coming, this time from Crobat, who was swiftly blasting globs of poison at the ground. the winds picked up even more, complementing the Delta Stream around the sky's guardian.

"Time for your next test," Rayquaza said with a cruel grin.

Crobat used Haste I on Rayquaza, giving him an extra action!
Rayquaza used Blinding Meteor!

"You can't fall here," Shield said. "Just hang in there for a while longer!"

"Assuming that you'll use my subordinates next?" Rayquaza asked with a scoff.

That Ninetales from before--the one with the icy attacks--that would hurt Rayquaza a great deal while he was vulnerable. He had to defend against that. The frost along Rayquaza's body... They couldn't let them take advantage of that.

Shield used Heal Pulse on Rayquaza, healing him for 750 HP!
Shield used Blinding Aegis - Magic!
Shield used Blinding Boon - Accuracy + Evade on Rayquaza!

Brisa's Burn does a little damage...

Celeste's Wish came true! Brisa, Shiron, Celeste, and Nip were all healed by 164 HP, most to full HP!

Support Burst: 70
Enemy Support Burst: 60

Rayquaza: 6,860
Shield: 1,000

"That meteor's huge, and it's only getting bigger!" Incineroar cried, practically leaping with excitement. Despite all the movement, his voice was still just as clear and collected over the microphone. "Shield put up another shield! Can Team Spectrum stop it this time?! And it looks like Typhlosion is too tired to continue--he's been withdrawn into his capture sphere!"

The audience seemed fascinated by that technology, murmuring to one another on what it all meant.

"Don't worry, folks. Typhlosion is just fine! It seems that they are from a world far away from ours, where Pokemon can rest in those spheres after they're done fighting! Why, I'm curious what it'd be like to rest in one myself!" A stray rock slammed into the wall behind Incineroar, whistling past his head, and he didn't even flinch.
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Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Dodging three Extreme Speeds in a row had been quite the feat, and Icetales still got a bonk on his head with Rayquaza's tail fin.

"Ow! Some fellow seems particularly displeased..." mused Icetales, noticing that the sky serpent was targeting other teammates. He turned around to notice Gengar and Alakazam glaring at him, with their attention being on the remains of mist around his tails. "Correction: some fellows seem particularly displeased."

"No time to think about that, Daddy!" exclaimed Petram, pumping his paws. "We gotta kick their butts, just like we did when we fought for our lives!"

Icetales flicked his ears and frowned. "Well, um, not to that extreme, but... yes, we shall slam their flanks."

The Ninetales surveyed the area, noticing that Brisa, Cabot and Shiron were about to charge again at their opponents. He glanced at his tails, noticing some golden gleams radiating from his tips and giving them a flame-like appearance. He smirked, feeling more confident of his new power, and he wished to share some of that confidence with others.

"Let us hurry, Petram. There is still some dark sorcery flowing in mine appendances. Time to make good use of it."

Petram smirked back. "Yo! Let's rock!"

Icetales sped through the battlefield -- his slender paws made the task so much easier compared to the past, even if his tails dragged him somewhat -- and he reached Brisa.

"Remember to just call her Brisa, no Miss," whispered Petram in his ear, floating by his side.

"I know, my dear, I know," whispered Icetales, before beaming a bright smile to the Luxio and his eyes glowing golden. "Thou have done a most excellent work so far, Brisa. Show to that lord of the ether who has the mightiest power!" And then, a golden glow enveloped the feline, strengthening her electric output.

With that done, Icetales rushed toward Cabot, avoiding some stray attacks in the process. After not long, he had reached his comrade. "Sir Cabot, thou have always been a valid asset throughout all our battles, with thy rocky power being a true force to be reckoned. Never lose sight of thy edge; thou can prevail once more!" And then, a golden glow enveloped the dinosaur, sharpening his rocks.

Two teammates cheered up, one more to go. He ran toward Shiron, who was gathering shadows in his fins. While the presence of the darkness bothered Icetales somewhat, he strode forward. "Sir Shiron, thou might be one of our newest entries, but thou have pulled thy strength splendidly. Thou shall go far, and thou shall win!" And then, a golden glow enveloped the amphibian, making his darkness grow like an ominous flame.

Panting from the effort, he sat down and took out a Max Elixir to quell his fatigue. He blinked in surprise when Petram took out the Lax Seed from his bag. "Petram, what art thou--"

Swish! The Shade threw the seed toward Rayquaza, before blowing a raspberry. "This is for hurting Daddy earlier, you meanie!"

Icetales stared at his familiar in disbelief. Why did he...? Uh oh! What if that infuriated Ray---

The Ninetales heard a roar, but he wasn't sure who made it. Alarmed by the cry, he lifted his tails and started channeling his ice powers, cloaking the battlefield in another mist, thicker than the previous one. He hoped that would have been enough to make it harder for Rayquaza and his teammates to connect their attacks...


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  1. charizard
"A fine effort, but it won't be enough!" Rayquaza shouted, weaving out of the way of Icetales' seeds. He knew what that would do to him, and there was no way he was going to let it connect!

What he didn't realize was that this coordinated assault made the Seed the least of his worries...

"What?! How? How are you all so--"

Rayquaza dodged Icetales' Lax Seed!
Nip's first Shadow Spike dealt a CRITICAL 286 damage! His second dealt a CRITICAL 357 damage! The remaining two dealt 560 damage total. Rayquaza was poisoned!

"Nrgghhh...!" Rayquaza winced as the poison discolored his scales in sickly patches. "I don't understand..."

"It's because we're a team, Rayquaza!" Owen shouted back. "A team that fights together! We've fought how many Legends at this point?! We aren't going to lose in a game of showing our hearts!"

"Your... hearts." Rayquaza snarled. "I've already seen your hearts when the battle started. It's..." He looked at the incoming blows, shaking off as many as he could to little effect.

"It's..." He sighed. He didn't finish; he only braced.

Shiron's Cheered Shadow Maelstrom dealt 502 damage to Rayquaza!
Brisa's two Shadow Mauls (1 cheer) dealt 2580 damage to Rayquaza!
Cabot's triple (1 cheer) Iron Tail dealt 1509 damage to Rayquaza!
Curio's Shadow Malfunctions dealt 639 damage to Rayquaza!
Dave's Assurance dealt 348 damage total to Rayquaza!
Celste's Assurances dealt 567 damage to Rayquaza!

Astrid's Heal Hell went to Nip, Dave, and Celeste instead, as Starr redirected to Shield!

Rayquaza was knocked out and withdrawn!

"Gnkhh... Well... isn't this familiar," Shield said to Starr, jumping back from Icetales and the others. There was a crazed look in his eyes even as the Taunt wore off. "What are you doing? Why are you fighting? I don't... understand!"

Starr's Triple Flare Blitz dealt 464 damage to Shield! She took 46 damage in recoil!

Shield jumped back. The other two Poke Balls he had were wiggling frantically. They were fired up and ready to fight, but Shield felt something different from their energies this time. It wasn't urgency or hatred... They were... excited?

Shield sent out Groudon and Kyogre! The weather became intensely hot or rainy around them!
Shield attacked thrice, targeting Icetales, Cabot, and Nip!
Icetales: Dodged!
Cabot: Dodged!
Nip: Dodged!

Groudon and Kyogre roared in unison. Pebbles and flecks of lava bubbled up around Groudon's feet; water conjured from nothing swirled around Kyogre. Both of them had wicked grins. "It's been so long," Groudon said, "since we got to fight for fun."

Gengar was shaping his amorphous body into a giant arrow that pointed at Shield. Weavile and Magnezone hovered around him as well, ready to cover him.

"F-for fun?" Owen asked. "But..."

"We've seen your hearts already," Groudon declared, crouching down.

"Now we want to show you ours," Kyogre finished. "Have at you!"

Groudon used Precipice Blades!
Astrid: 67
Brisa: Dodged!
Cabot: Dodged!
Celeste: Dodged!
Curio: A grazing 24
Dave: A grazing 25
Icetales: Dodged!
Nip: Dodged!
Saltriv: 49
Shiron: Dodged!
Starr: Dodged!
Vix: 51

Kyogre used Origin Pulse!
Astrid: 45
Brisa: A grazing 53!
Cabot: 217
Celeste: Dodged!
Curio: 50
Dave: 39
Icetales: A grazing 8!
Nip: A grazing 28!
Saltriv: 16
Shiron: 34
Starr: Dodged!
Vix: 43

Kyogre and Groudon used Blinding Supercell! They're fired up, gaining +2 Valor!

Magnezone used Ward on Shield!
Weavile used Revenge on Shield!
Gengar used Provoke on Shield!

Shield: 536 +Ward + Revenge + Provoke
Groudon: 10,000
Kyogre: 10,000

Support Burst: 75
Enemy Support: 90
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  1. charizard
The Lax Seeds weathered away at Shield's Ward!
Astrid's Radiant Iceberg weathered away at Shield's Ward and then further damaged Weavile's effectiveness by 50%!
Curio's Drain Punches dealt a total of 484 damage to Weavile, knocking him out! Curio healed for 25 HP! The second Drain Punch dealt a CRITICAL 67 damage to Shield, and she healed for 7 HP!
Astrid's Useless Lump dealt 10 damage to Shield!
Cabot's accurate Silver Spike dealt a CRITICAL 90 damage to Shield!
Starr's Silver Spike dealt 45 damage to Shield!
Nip's Blast Seed dealt 150 damage to Shield!
Brisa's Wild Charge dealt 37 damage to Shield and she took 4 damage in recoil!
Celeste's Assurance dealt 29 damage to Shield!
Vix's Hex dealt 30 damage to Shield!

"Why... why do you keep directing them to me?!" Shield snapped back at Gengar, whose grin widened before going into an innocent shrug. His grin did not go away until a great, shadowy punch from Ashwood sent him flying into the arena's barrier, knocking him out.

The rest of the flurry followed once Gengar was taken care of, most of the team's fire concentrated on Kyogre to disrupt the Supercell, which the audience screamed in amazement at.

Astrid's Blast Seed dealt 100 damage to Kyogre!
Celeste's double Assurances dealt 368 damage to Kyogre!
Starr's double Shadow Claw dealt 266 damage to Kyogre!
Cabot's double Stone Edge dealt 580 damage to Kyogre!
Nip's Silver Spikes dealt 616 damage to Kyogre!
Brisa's Wild Charges dealt 547 damage to Kyogre!
Vix's Hex dealt 77 damage to Kyogre!

Dave's Taunts got through to Shield!

"This--this is getting ridiculous. Do you really think attacking me is going to do any good for you?! Stop sealing my techniques! Do you have ANY idea how long it took me to practice these without an aura discharge?!"

Shield attacked three times, aiming for Icetales, Cabot, and Dave!
Icetales: Dodged!
Dave: 6
Cabot: Skara took the hit for 4 damage!
Celeste: Dodged!

"A lot! A real lot!" Shield said, even as the malformed Supercell went flying overhead.

Groudon unleashed the Physical half of Blinding Supercell!
Astrid: Protected
Brisa: A grazing 99
Cabot: Skara took the hit for 88 damage!
Celeste: A grazing 118
Curio: 150
Dave: 135
Icetales: A grazing 17
Nip: Dodged!
Saltriv: 201, KO!
Shiron: A grazing 50!
Vix: A CRITICAL 262, KO!

Groudon used Fire Blast on Icetales, Cabot, and Nip!
Icetales: 64
Cabot: Skara took the hit for 129 damage and the shield was broken!
Nip: A grazing 107!
Groudon used Psych Up - Speed!

Kyogre used Hydro Pump on Icetales, Dave, and Shiron!
Icetales: 45
Dave: 113, KO!
Shiron: 99!
Kyogre used Psych Up - Evasion!

Silver's team was starting to struggle. More than half of them were dwindling, but their valiant efforts didn't go unnoticed. It seemed like they were all in sync.

"Watch out!" Owen called. "They're covering each other! Can we counter that?!"

Crobat used Hex III - Burn on Cabot, Nip, and Celeste!
Cabot: The Ward repels it!
Nip: Burned!
Celeste: Dodged!

Weavile, Gengar, and Crobat are down!

Vix, Dave, and Saltriv were revived!

Enemy Support Burst! Their damage is increased by 25% and their damage taken is reduced by 25%!

Alakazam is all that remains in Support...

Magnezone used Guardian I - Defense on Kyogre!
Shield: 78
Groudon: 10,000
Kyogre: 8026 +2 Defense Guardian + 3 Stagger

Team support burst: 95
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Houston, Texas
  1. serperior
Dodging, weaving; setting up, then adjusting to Shield’s damned tricks. No matter what angle Astrid tried, they seemed to have an answer. Until…

Kyogre roared in pain, stumbling backwards and tilting heavily to one side. Torrential rains swirled around him as his remaining teammates swarmed to protect him from what would surely be a fatal blow. With Shield occupied by Dave, that simply left the quick-footed Groudon. Astrid flinched at the glow of his bodily lava growing brighter, redder, hotter. The whole audience could tell: he was about to unleash a devastating onslaught on the field.

Time to cool you down.

As she charged forth, narrowed eyes met narrowed eyes as she passed the offensive-less Shield. “Do you believe in us now?”
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  1. charizard
Ashwood's Strike IV dealt 197 damage to Groudon!

"Rrgh!" Groudon was seeing starts from that hit, albeit briefly. "How are they doing this? They're barely talking to each other and yet they're in complete sync!"

"That's their power," Shield replied amid the chaos, weaving between two blows even as Crobat and most of Silver's team were taken out. "Their link to Dark Matter also links them to one another. Anything that one knows, they all probably do. All of their tactics from the clever ones, all of their knowledge from that brainy one... They don't need to talk because they already are. Silently, subconsciously... That's what Maple said."

"Telepathy, then," Groudon said with a growl. "Pathetic. Such silly tricks--"

"It's deeper than that," shield said. "Groudon--watch--"

Starr's Silver Spike dealt a grazing 22 damage to Shield!
Starr's Cheer Flare Blitz dealt 137 damage to Shield! Shield was knocked out!

Groudon deftly blocked a silver spike from Dave, smirking. "Is that the best you can do?"

But then a flurry of seeds in Groudon's blind spot, coating him in a horrible feeling that seeped through his tough exterior. Some of them chilled his body along with the Iceberg.

Dave's Silver Spike dealt a grazing 73 damage to Groudon!
The Chilly Seeds and Vile Seeds severely debuffed Groudon!

"...That's it?!" Groudon shouted, crouching down for his ultimate assault. "Pathetic. This is where you fall!"

Something smelled like purple.

Squinting, he sniffed the air and glanced left. His tail flopped to the ground in disbelief.

Brisa and several others from behind were standing behind Astrid, pooling their power into her like some kind of conduit. Ghostly energy coalesced above her and split into a five-sided star, and then the coordinated strike cracked the air and warped the light around it like a black hole. Groudon could only hold his arms forward to block, but he knew by the sheer magnitude that it wouldn't be enough.

Team Spectrum's Dark Star Hex dealt a total of 10724 damage to Groudon! (x2 crit!)

The whole arena went silent. The harsh rays on Groudon's quarter of the arena dissipated with the spectral winds, and even Kyogre's torrential downpour seemed to have been muted by the sheer magnitude of the strike that had just landed. That was a glimpse of godly power that they'd just witnessed, powered by Darkness, yes, and yet... such cooperation, such teamwork, was not something that could come from Dark Matter. It was simply impossible.

Cabot's Silver Spike dealt 195 damage to Astrid, KO!

...Though it seemed their idea of teamwork got extreme at times.

"I know your tricks," Kyogre shouted. "You think you can defeat me just with your blasts? I don't think so. You can't possibly win after an all-out attack. You're vulnerable!"

Kyogre used Origin Pulse!
Brisa: Protected!
Cabot: Protected!
Celeste: Dodged!
Curio: Protected!
Dave: Protected!
Icetales: Protected!
Nip: Protected!
Saltriv: Protected!
Shiron: A grazing 24!
Starr: Cino took 173 damage and Starr dodged the remainder!
Vix: A grazing 30!

Kyogre used Thunder on Icetales, Dave, and Celeste!
Icetales: Dodged!
Dave: Protected!
Celeste: A grazing 163!

Alakazam used Smite I - Speed on Icetales, Dave, and Nip!
Icetales: Dodged!
Dave: A grazing, misty loss of 4 Speed!
Nip: Dodged!

A Reviver Seed restored Astrid!
Celeste's Wish came true! Brisa, Celeste, Dave, and Shiron gained 164 HP!

Kyogre stared, dumbstruck. Not only had his attack done close to nothing, but once it was completed... they were in even better health than before!

"...Ha... haha." Kyogre chuckled, even in the quiet that followed the thunderclap, and then the deafening, torrential rain that filled it. "I see... I see."

Owen's flame flickered in the spray of the rain, and he readied another Protect when it was needed. His body shifted from red to a deep green, the flower on his tail blossoming.

But Kyogre drifted gracefully through his conjured whirlpool, sinking lower.

Then, with a serene smile, he sighed.

"I yield."


PMD Writer
  1. weavile
Cabot and Pleo both threw a Vile Seed at Groudon, before Pleo broke an Invisify Orb right in front of them. Cabot couldn't deny that Owen had been right about Shield and his team being stronger, but it was nothing that some good teamwork and careful coordination couldn't handle. Some well timed Taunts from Dave here, a Heal Pulse from Saltriv there, and of course there was Icetales cheering him and some of the others on while producing that mist all the while.

He'd done his best to coordinate the team through Diyem's link and their efforts were showing, something even Shield had seemed to realize right before Starr finally got her chance to take him down. Still, there was one trick they still had up their sleeves. Something that last time had changed things very rapidly when facing Groudon and Kyogre: Astrid's Shadow Hex combo.

Even if it wasn't entirely planned last fight, they knew how to set things up for it now. With a Chilly Seed from Starr and a Radiant Iceberg that Astrid had stored, Groudon was now frozen and the team was in the perfect position to do it once again. Surely they could prevent Astrid from becoming too corrupted this time if enough of the team supported her and called out to her... right?

The Cranidos grimaced as he noticed the shadowy haze around Astrid, realizing that the combo had ended the same way as last time after all.

"Gah, sorry Astrid!"

Without hesitating, Cabot did the same as last time and threw a Silver Spike at Astrid as hard as he could.

Cabot's Silver Spike dealt 195 damage to Astrid, KO!

Cabot visibly winced as spike hit Astrid, but knew he couldn't waste any time with Kyogre still up on the field. He produced a Protect Orb from his bag and dashed it against the ground, bracing himself for any incoming attacks.

Kyogre used Origin Pulse!
Cabot: Protected!

He took a quick glance at his teammates, revealing Astrid to already be back on her feet while the rest of the team was mostly unharmed. Cabot instantly got ready to coordinate the team's next set of actions. If they did things right they could easily end the battle right here and now. First they'd poison Kyogre, and then-

"I yield."

Cabot paused as Kyogre's words sank in. Kyogre was surrendering to them? He stepped forward and warily went up to Kyogre, enduring the heavy rainfall against his scales as the small rocks of his earlier Radiant Barricades still swirled around him.

"... You sure you're giving up?"
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  1. swampert
Shiron panted, exhausted from that enormous battle. Finally, it seemed to be over... Or was it? Kyogre yielded, but a Legend like that wouldn't give up so easily, right?

"M-Maybe he actually did give up...?"

The amphibian's gaze turned to all his teammates. Everyone did great in that battle, and were most likely also tired. Shiron sighed. The water from the rainfall felt nice against his scales, and he smiled.

"I need a drink... No, probably some big meal. This left me hungry..."

  1. silvally-dragon
  2. necrozma-ultra
Back at the guild, Bahamut turned away from the screen that broadcasted the match. So, as it turned out, his team coordinated better in his absence. Or, perhaps, they were just better fighters when there were no stakes involved. Whatever. Perhaps this meant the team would do better if this blasted second-hand body got destroyed. At least then he wouldn't have to listen to people talk about how great battling could be. He could go back home to his dying planet and forget any of this ever happened.

He turned and strolled out of the room. Odds were, his teammates would choose to group up and celebrate or something like that. Naturally, he wouldn't be there.



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  1. custom/purrloin-salem
  2. custom/sneasel-dusk
Brisa ground to a halt from her latest burst of speed, stopping just alongside Cabot.

"Yield if you gotta, but you ought to finish a battle once it's started! I want to see you give your best shot; ain't you the lord of the oceans?"

Her fur pulsed with waves of scouring electricity, just waiting for a chance to surge forward. But there was no frustration in Brisa for once, just the joy of a friendly challenge.


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
  1. custom/chikorita-saltriv
Saltriv looked up at Kyogre's words. They were...surrendering!

They won! They actually won, even with less Pokemon here! A wide smile appeared on their face, and they leapt into the air, doing a backflip in joy.

Then their mind went back to when they performed Shadow Panic, and their joy shattered. Their smile faded, and they looked down at the ground.


Houston, Texas
  1. serperior
Something about the crowd had gotten her going. She’d thought the noise would make her feel out of her element if she focused too hard, and indeed, the roaring of thousands had sent chills down her spine more than once whenever her teammates made big plays. Yet, when her time came, it gave her nothing but energy.

Astrid had waited long enough now. The glint of fear in Groudon’s eyes, the way he held up his arm in a genuine, vain effort to protect himself—it didn’t matter. None of it would prevent her from protecting her friends.

Yes. Now they’d all know.

Now they’d respect her.

She was strong.

She was… she…

Something primal came out of her mouth: a battlecry that had no place in a scrimmage.

She looked at Groudon and saw her family. She saw everything that made her tick, every terrible trait that plagued her closest friends, every pet peeve, everything she bottled up in her younger years exploding before her, becoming unbearable, never ending, never letting up, never. Never! All of the things she wanted to stuff into a jar and close the lid forever—they were before her now, at the mercy of her shadows.

Her heart—whatever was left of it that had yet to be consumed—broke.

This was not how she fought. Not against friends, not against enemies. This was not her.

But it was too late now. “Hrrraaaahhh!”


The crowd had gone nearly silent.


A distant murmur brought her back—first to the waking world, then scrambling quickly to her wobbly feet. The battle. The battle! Her friends! H-how long had she—?

Kyogre said:
"I yield."

“Oh. Okay.”

Astrid collapsed right back into the dirt.
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“Huff… huff… at long last, it is over…”

Icetales took deep breaths, exhaling clouds of frost from his jaws and a thin mist still cloaking his tails. He afforded himself to smile — they won. They won against deities once more. They showed true unity and prevailed in yet another battle.

…But golly, weren’t their opponents angry at him for supporting his team!

“Heavens… they sure were after my flanks, were they not?” commented Icetales, recalling Kyogre firing a water blast and a thunderbolt from the heavens in an attempt of taking him down alongside Sir Dave, and he bet Alakazam was still angry toward him for messing up with… whatever plan he had in mind.

“It’s because you’re good, Daddy! You’re the best cheerleader ever!” chirped Petram, rubbing his cheek against his parent.

Icetales chuckled. “Well, um… that is one way to look at it. But still, do not give me credit — our comrades did most of the job. They deserve the praise more than I do. Especially my… fellow Ninetales. That show of ghostly power was outstanding.”

“Still, give yourself a pat on the back, alright? Don’t minimize your successes like you always do, Daddy! You’re… more helpful than you think you are.”

Icetales nodded and looked away. “I shall try to keep that in my noggin.”

“Anyway, time to celebrate!” The ghostly Vulpix floated around the area, starting to hug the heroes with his stubby paws. “Yoh! You were awesome! And you, too! Hey, your attacks were so cool! Teach me your secrets… and yours… and yours, too!”

Icetales chuckled in amusement and strode through the area, ignoring the minor wounds on his body, and complimented his comrades for yet another great victory.

The Emissaries of Darkness were going to bring a light of hope into that brave new world.
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"... You sure you're giving up?"

Kyogre chuckled, even as Groudon was recalled to recover. "Yes," he said. "The point of this battle was to see into your hearts, was it not? Well... I think I've seen enough. There is no point in continuing a battle like this when the goal has already been accomplished."

"I mean--" Owen fiddled with his claws, his grassy tail drooping. "Not even a little fighting?"

This earned a louder chuckle from Kyogre, who then turned to Incineroar. "I'm officially surrendering on behalf of the rest of my team. It was a good fight, but I am simply not used to this strange corruption flowing through me. I'm not at my strongest. I know when I'm beat."
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