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Destiny Colosseum

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  2. custom/alolatales-goat
Prone on the ground, Astrid watched the rest of the fight play out below heavy eyelids. As the crowd lifted the roof off the atmosphere, that weight lifted as well; their final victory was in the books, and finally, Astrid could rest.

She took a deep breath and calmed her Blacklight. It would be the last time.

Then, there was Brisa.

Something distinct and alive touched her face, piercing through the numbing pain and static and introducing warmth and softness. She placed a paw there on her cheek, feeling it and then removing her paw as if she could inspect what had happened. And Brisa, the look in her eyes, had meant it through and through.

“I-I… ahha. I’ve never… felt this feeling before, and I don’t know how to describe it…” Astrid whispered.

She stared past Brisa, down the tunnel leading towards the locker room, and eventually the exit. Eventually a road down Destiny Village. Eventually the skies above. A one-way trip. They’d walk down that dark tunnel and leave this moment in a box locked in a hidden closet soon.

With all her might, she’d resist. She awakened her Radiance one more time and leaned into the sickening burn it brought upon her. She felt around Brisa’s familiar, comforting aura—one final gust of inspiration.

“…but I won’t forget. I refuse to forget.”

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