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Describe someone else’s fic badly.

The Walrein

Pokémon Trainer
Here's a few (may contain mild spoilers for various things):

Three teenagers go on a kidnapping spree across Alola in hopes of earning some quick cash.
Broken Things by Persephone

Why raising Pokemon is generally a terrible idea
The Alola Pokedex by Persephone

Voice-acting session goes way off the rails
Communication by Sike Saner

Is It Wrong To Try To Make Babies Fight In A Dungeon?
People And Humans by Keleri

Nathaniel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Salvage by Negrek

Hardcore anti-natalist activist is persecuted for his beliefs
Places We Call Home by Windskull

Art commissioning somehow ends up even worse than getting paid by exposure
Black Paint by NebulaDreams

The zany adventures of Team Rocket's Pokemon in their later years
The Origin of Storms by Sike Saner

An epic literary masterpiece reflecting on mortality, betrayal, and the danger of hubris
PokE mon: the quest of aLL the legendaries by SparklingEspeon


Never not editing
Reading Role Call!

Envy of Eden by @kintsugi - Pokemon love getting hurt for the glory of their humans, and everything is fine. The writer seems to have messed up and written it backwards though? I guess when the entire thing is out, you can read it in the right order.

Salvage by @Negrek - Local child destroys public property, nearly kills a guy, and complains about not getting Transformozord sneakers.

Dragon’s Dance by @Pen - Area boy has big pants to fill, but might as well try because you can never go home again.

Drowning by @Starlight Aurate - Local girl slowly realizes she needs a career change.

The Long Road by Wolflyn/Panoramic_Vacuum - Steven loves caves, but they don’t love him back.


Pokémon Trainer
Handfuls of Dust by @kintsugi - A woman feeds her pet, inspiring a nearby man to talk to a plant.

Envy of Eden by @kintsugi - A cat marks a rock her owner brought into the home.

Salvage by @Negrek - An imitation enthusiast looks for their mother.

Decoherence by @Negrek - A man decides to cut some old friends out of his life.

Legendarian Chronicles by @Chibi Pika Jade and Stracion enjoy a deep, romantic relationship. Flight protocols are violated when a mouse breaches containment. Later multiple very important people compete for the loyalties of a trainer with no badges.

Black Paint by @NebulaDreams - An artist slowly realizes his current client is not going to pay him.

The Curious and the Shiny by @NebulaDreams - Two friends make a documentary about their high school.

Hunter, Haunter by @canisaries - A man attempts to throw off a stalker persecuting him for the tenets of his religion.

Different Eyes by @unrepentantAuthor - After the last child leaves her home for college, a woman begins an experimental antidepressant treatment.

Broken Things - A girl takes her pet dog on a hike.


Hands of Creation by @Namohysip - Anime but everyone lies

Salvage, by @Negrek - A child is a ruthless assassin, but throws a tantrum about reading the newspaper.

A Home Far Away, by @MadderJacker - Generic Riolu PMD story, but that's how mafia works.

PMD: Rebirth, by @Shadow of Antioch - A noodle, a charmeleon with paws, and a tsundere grovyle go dumpster diving.

Places We Call Home, by @windskull - DELICIOUS EGG


Y'know, like, nya
The Thracian Peninsula
Do Psychic-Type Pokemon Dream of Electric Sheep? by @SparklingEspeon - Yes they do, counting Mareep is a great way to fall asleep faster.

Cosmic Reversion by @love - Turns out that saving the world isn't as easy the second time around :/

Go! Go! Pokecure Warriors! by @Bluwiikoon - Proof that we need more transgender magical girls in the world.

Different Eyes by @unrepentantAuthor - The unexpected psychological side-effects of genetically engineering catgirls.

Tales of Arrival by @Umbramatic - Grumpy angel dad becomes smol bat.

The Last Con by @Pen - Crime cat really doesn't wanna see the afterlife.


Never not editing
Find a Way Home by @Equitia - Local teen escapes into a cave to get away from other humans. Instead finds, oh no, a friend!

Those Who Will Inherit the Earth by @love - Local plant enthusiast runs for Ruler of the Free World. Actually, it's not an election: she's telling you.

Starfall by @Pen - In which collecting stars really does give you a level up and/or an extra life.

risk you - IDK it kinda reminds me of this one fic by @kintsugi in which someone bangs their head on a wall (almost literally--there's a tower!) until they learn a Life Lesson. Or another fic by kintsugi in which someone learns that instead of trying to save someone else they can instead save themself. Or another fic by kintsugi in which ...