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Chess Tournament


Friend of All Chu
Rhyme City
A chess tournament will begin on the twentieth of this January. To sign up, reply to this thread that you would like to join by January fifteenth.

The tournament will be a standard chess tournament, that is, each pair of contestants will face off in a best of three match to decide who moves on, alternating black and white each game. A win will be worth one point, a loss worth zero, and a draw half of a point. In the event that, after three games, scores are tied, the two will continue to play each other until one beats the other.

The brackets will be randomly generated and the structure may change dependent on how many people sign up. A simple setup wouldn't work with an odd number of contestants, for example.

Games will be played through Chess.com and it's up to players to post their results, preferably with screenshots of each game as they happen to keep the thread active and also I just think that'd be fun.

Each round will last either a week or after each match has been decided. If a week passes and your match is incomplete, the player with the higher score will proceed. If the scores are tied, points from draws will be discarded, and the player with the most wins that round will proceed. If neither player has won against the other, both will be eliminated. Alternatively, one player may forfeit so the other can proceed.

To prepare for the tournament, I've gathered some helpful learning resources to help less experienced players here:
View: https://youtu.be/rhZFfB5ih60

View: https://youtu.be/0RHLtx9r2LA

For now, this will be competition for its own sake. If anyone would like to offer a prize, I'm open to it. Just dm me through the forum so we can hash out the specifics. If prizes happen, I will update the thread with information as it comes to me.

Regardless of prizes, however, the winner will be deemed Chess Grand Master of Thousand Roads Forums and will have the freedom to gloat as much as other people are willing to tolerate.

Best of luck!
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