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Boundless Melodrama! Over-the-Top Anime Titles for Your Fic!!


Live by the Sword
So @Persephone was mentioning weird anime episode titles recently on the Discord, and I was reminded of @Chibi Pika's old anime titles thread on Serebii. Fun thread, let's bring it back!

Rename your fanfic's chapter titles in the style of an over-the-top shonen anime! You can see some examples here, but mostly you just need to lean into the cheese and the exclamation points. A pretty good formula is Super-excited statement or question!! Actual topic of the chapter?!

For my main chapterfic (not posted here yet), here are some upcoming chapters:

Chapter 37: Search for Haganeil! Have courage, hero!!
Chapter 38: Myuutsuu's anger! Goodbye Nate?!
Chapter 39: A stunning confession! Vs Kyō!

Anime movie titles can also be fun for one-shots. Super dramatic description of main character: main character's name. For the one-shot I posted recently, I like Genius Master of the Two Worlds: N

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
Awwww yeah, I loved that old thread! :D I’ma do all the LC chapters that have been posted here thus far!

001: "Entei's Desperation! Mysterious Invitation in the Blazing Forest?!"
002: "Captured by the Rocket Gang! Bakphoon to the Rescue?!"
003: "Pikachu VS Strike! Clash of the Experimental Pokemon!!"
004: "Ace Trainer Ajia Appears! Decisive Battle Against the Rocket Executive!!"
005: "Fork in the Path! Will Jade Become a Pokemon Trainer?!"
006: "Crisis Aboard the St. Anne! The Rocket Gang's Explosive Plot?!"

007: "Showdown! Firestorm's Desperate Evolution!!"
008: "Abandon Ship! Arrival on Midnight Island!!"
009: "Mysterious Trainer Stalker Enters! A Lesson in Double Battles!!"
010: "The First Mission! Infiltrate the Rocket Gang Hideout!!"
011: "Learn to be a Rocket Gang Underling?!"
012: "Lightning of Anger! The Battle to Save Raikou!!"

Aaaand to tease the readers who are currently caught up with LC on other sites, here’s the upcoming Hoenn arc:
041: "Blazing Magma! The Fight for the Red Orb!!"
042: "Raging Aqua! The Jouto Force’s Secret Weapon?!"
043: "Awakening! Protect the Super-Ancient Pokémon!!"
044: "Primal Regression! Can the Sky God be Saved?!"
045: "To the Chouji Hideout! Sebastian’s Plan Revealed at Last?!"
046: "A New Life! The Boy Who Would Capture the Legendary Pokémon?"

And because I really like being a tease, here’s the finale. ;P
073: 無限への扉! 時空を超えて!!
074: 絶望ミュウツー! ジェイドの決意!!
075: 命の守り神と世界のはじまり!
076: 不滅の者の賭け!


Ace Trainer
Spoilers for Broken Things Arc 1 I guess...

Normal 1.1: A Test of Wills! Who is this Sorcerer???
Normal 1.2: A Terrible Fate! Why Does This Girl Have Plants For Hair?
Normal 1.3: A Meeting For The Ages! And... Dinosaurs???
Normal 1.4: Beachfront Battle: Kekoa VS. Cuicatl!
Normal 1.5: Someone Dies?! Infinite Sadness!
Normal 1.6: Burning Flames of Hell! The Terrifying World of Primates!
Normal 1.7: Who Killed the Forest? The Power of an Alien Conqueror!
Normal 1.8: Rage Against The Geneva Convention?!
Normal 1.9: Tremendous Fear! Primal Forces Unleashed!
Normal 1.10: The Beasts of Brooklet Hill: Enter Paras!
Normal 1.11: Help! I'm Being Replaced By Mushrooms!
Normal 1.12: Spectacular Trial! Normalium-Z is on the line!
Normal 1.13: A Monster Awakens! Who Will Be Her Trainer?
Normal 1.14: The Stupendous Summoner of Storms: Castform!
Normal 1.15: An Invasion From The Stars! What is Tapu Lele's Secret?


I Like Cats
I'll do a few for Gods and Demons, please enjoy my hasty Japanese names:

P. The Secret of Higure Mountain!! A New Adventure Begins in Gaiien!!
1. Pokemon Dance!! This Chapter Is Really Depressing!!
2. Oh Thank the Gods, the Pokemon Journey Actually Starts in This One!! Yamato Joins the Team!!
3. Time for a Boost!! Battle in Kohaku Gym!!
4. Thunderbolts and Lightning!! Yamato's Secrets!!
5. Seiran Town!! Intense Training in the Mountains!!
6. Why Is This Gym Leader Being Such a Dick?? Red-Hot Battle in Seiran Gym!!
7. Killer Pokemon!! Beware Gurifude!!
8. Filial Sadness!! Moriko VS. Hikari!!
9. This Gym Leader Is Also a Dick!! Kyuutei City Gym!!
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Losing her head
This was a lot tougher than I figured it would be! Here's Mew-child:

1. A Psychic Message From Nowhere! Who is Nia?
2. Enter Neo Rocket: Chaos at the Venomoth Festival!
3. Anchors Aweigh! To the Sevii Islands!
4. Escaping Genesis! Why is Nia Here?
5. Mysterious Detective Hyacinth: Battles in the Ruins!
6. Creature of Past and Future: The Unown's Message!
7. ~Interlude~ Precocious Child Moon! Let's Catch a Ditto!
8. Finally, Pewter City! Find the Aerodactyl Fossil!
9. Let's Rob a Museum! We Must Be Stealthy!
10. Hyacinth in Saffron City! What's Going On At Silph?
11. Protect Bill! Degree Absolute Appears!
12. Escaping Silph! Why is Nia Here?
13. The Mew-child Appears! Clash with Neo Rocket!
14. ~Interlude~ Where Has Pete Gone? Enter One!
15. Trapped in Neo Rocket's Base! No.2's Secret Weapon!

And here are the chapters I still need to post here:
16. Lost in Mel's Memories! What Happened To Mel?!
17. Izzy and Hyacinth in the Base! Why is Nia Here?
18. Mel vs. No.2! Where is the Mew-child?
19. ~Interlude~ Missing Memories! The Shadow of Mew!
20. Mel vs. Degree Absolute! The Final Battle!
21. The Curtain Falls: The Future of Mel and Repeat!


Pokémon Trainer
Tale of Legends:
1. Finnar, hurry up! Which Pokémon to choose?
2. Who gets Kirlia? Stranger in the Woods?
3. The World's Falling Apart!! Darkrai's Power?
4. Ches Can Talk?! Cresselia Needs Help!
5. On Route One? Battle for Dreams!
6. Another World? Malamar Attack!
7. Possessed Legends? Help Kenya!
8. Z-Research? Battle For Freedom!
9. Rai's Last Partner? Such A Boring Day!
10. More Z-Research! Let's Make A Yemium Z!
11. Kenya's First Gym Battle! No Time To Lose!
12. Crazed Beasts! Can Iona Escape?!
13. Let's Stop Them! Too Late?!
14. To Ultra Space! Malamars' Revenge!
15. Out With You! Tep's Gone?!
16. Can't Take It! Finnar's Help?

Upcoming Chapters:

17. Finnar Knows The Champion?! The Help Needed!
18. Rescue Mission, Second Try! What Have We Done?!
19. Glowing Sky! Thousands of Raging Beasts?!
20. Assistant Made These? Let's Catch Some Pokémon!
21. Lia Won't Help?! Beast Balls Save The Day!
22. Out of Beast Balls? Faba's Secret Plan!


Ace Trainer
The Curious and the Shiny (Chase Arc):

1. Shine's Despair!!! Who is this Fullmetal Lucario?!
2. Searching for Answers!!! Gligar and Co!
3. An Important Meeting! Luxray vs. Meowth!!!
4. A Bittersweet Reunion! What Did Shine Do?!
5. Luxray vs. Lucario!!! Long Lost Friends or Enemies?!
6. Shine's Resolution! Downhill Jam!!!


Don’t underestimate seeds.
This is a fun game. :love: Italics are unposted or unfinished but planned.

0 - A Rocky Start! Memories of the Late Gym Leader!
1 - Delibird Dive-bomb! A Mystery in the Snow!
2 - Waiting for Good News! Who is the Mystery Girl?
3 - This Isn't Home! Una's Bewildering Past!
4 - No Good Deed Unpunished! A Battle Interrupted!
5 - In Honor of Ghosts and Gods! Versus Ursaring!
6 - What Do You Mean the Gym is Closed? Versus Clair!
7 - Onward and Upward! Can We Make it in Time?
8 - Smile for the Camera! Ready for the Big Time!
9 - A Grand Opening! How Many Times do we Have to Have This Conversation?!
10 - Sink or Swim: An Illuminating Battle!
11 - Story Time! Friends in High Places!

Continental Divides:
1 - Puppet Attack! Come Here Often?
2 - Solrock vs Mightyena! Secrets at Rustboro Gym?!
3 - A Demonstration in the Streets of Rustboro! Enter Magma!
4 - Double Betrayal!? Surrounded by Pirates!
5 - Cat Caper! Fighting Fire by Lighting Things on Fire!
6 - My Brother’s Keeper? The Fires of the Past Burn Brightly!
7 - I Want My Own Destiny! A Meeting of Mines!
8 - A Dangerous Duet! I Will Defend my Home!
9 - This Ain’t No Gym Battle! Trial by Fire!
10 - Notice Me, Senpai! Awaken Regirock????
11 - Home is Where the Heart Is! But is Blood Thicker than Water??!
12 - ????
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Ace Trainer
2.1: The Sleeping Menace! Eevee Attacks!
2.2: That Sounded Close! Lightning Strikes! Punches Are Thrown!
2.3: Help! I'm Being Attacked By Sex-Changing Pinnipeds!
2.4: Baby Bears Mean... MOMMA BEAR APPROACHES!?!? An Evolution In The Mist!
2.5: Feeling Crabby And Ready to Brawl! Did Meteors Kill My Sister's Family?!?!
2.6: Oh No! My Pet Tyrannosaur Just Grew Teeth!
2.7: An Alien Is Following Me and I Can't Make Her Leave!
2.8: A Shocking Showdown: Enter Sophocles!
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Ace Trainer
3.1: Help! My Pet Was Eaten By Aliens!
3.2: Voices From Beyond The Veil! Life In the Darkness (As Usual)!
3.3: Poise! Passion! Danger! Tea With My Student... AND DEATH!!!!!!
3.4: Danger From The Deep! Shocking Truths Revealed!
3.5: No One Can See You Cry: A Heartbreaking Goodbye!
3.6: A Small Fish In A Big Pond: Homecoming Drama!
3.7: Rematch For The Fate Of The World!!! VS Necrozma!


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
This sounds fun!

Eternal Shadows:

1. Waking Up in a Strange Place! Just What is Going on?
2. Strange Faces, Old and New! A Reunion in the Middle of a Mystery Dungeon!
3. Beware of the Mysterious Entity! A Difficult Trek Through Twig Woodland!
4. Reunions, Arguments, and a Place to Call Home! Welcome to Overcast Village!
5. Disturbance at Overcast Village! Saviors of the World Take Action!
6. A Decision is Made! Team Searchlights is Born!
7. Burning Sands, Strange Phenomena, and Shadowy Forces! The Quest to Find Flapple!
8. One Last Trial! The Mysterious Tapu Fini!
And as a small teaser for what's to come for those who are caught up on other sites:
9. Encounter with the Enigmatic Zarude! A True Search Party at Last!


*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
Let's give this a go!

The End: Rekindled Part 1

1 - Weavile in the Woods! Is this Poison?!
2 - Robbed! The Mischievous Whimsicott!
3 - Noivern at Noon! Mischief Loses Control!
4 - Escalating Developments! Mutated Pokerus?!
5 - A Lesson in Evolution! There's a New Pokemon Type?!
6 - The Guildmaster has Spoken! The Stubborn Meowstic Takes a New Teammate!
7 - Disaster in the Mountains! The Dried-Up River!
8 - Hydreigon Makes a Move! Assassins on a Boat?!
9 - The Investigation Continues. Cleo Breaks the Rules!
10 - Attempted Assassinations... Times Two?!
11 - Encounter in the Forest! The Poison Assassin Harlequin!
12 - Smoke and Mirrors; Fire and Poison!
13 - Tinker Must be Crazy! He's Telling Us to do WHAT?!


Ace Trainer
I've already done 2.5 arcs of anime titles, so now we're switching to sarcastic YA chapter titles

3.8: The Dead Are Obsessed With Snow
3.9: What I Am In The Dark Is Very, Very Bored
3.10: I Meet Big Bird
3.11: I Discover A Tik-Tok Star
3.12: I Went Birdwatching And All I Got Was Electrocuted
3.13: I Collect Spores
3.14: I Get Into DIY Electronics
3.15: Family Dinners Are Awkward When You're Damned
3.16: I Get A Therapy Duck
3.17: I Meet The Very Hungry Angry Lightningbug
3.18: I Am Adopted (By Force)
3.19: The Dead Are Also Obsessed With Poetry
3.20: Karl Marx Commands Me To Wreck Noobs
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Don't stop, keep walking
Because I'm a boring dumbass, I should know over exaggerated chapters are very common in anime aimed at children or middle schoolers, older demographics get more normal chapter/episode titles.

Party pooping out of the way, sadly I only have ONE chapter of my new story out but...since they're not gonna be the real chapter titles I guess I can do something special and tease the first few chapters even if they arent' done yet.

Chapter 1: The Little Crow Takes Flight!
Chapter 2: Keita meets Miguel, a Fateful Encounter
Chapter 3: The Princess of Lago Arrives at the Scene
Chapter 4: Shocking development! Danger on the move
Chapter 5: Team Up! A Race Against Time Starts
Chapter 6: Fiera's Burning Will, Team Murkrow's Last stand


Flygon connoisseur
Chapter 1: The Perfect Plan for the Perfect Team! Ruined by a Zubat?
Chapter 2: A Shocking Encounter! New Friend?
Chapter 3: Crushing Defeats and Hard Lessons! Zubat Forgives Koa!
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