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Blacklight ~ Art & Doodles


Mew specialist
  1. custom/mew-adam
  2. custom/celebi-shiny
Some iterative studies based off the artwork on the right. Basically redrawing it in different angles and or scenarios.



Ace Trainer
  1. butterfree
"They don't do that in my world, okay?" Nate snapped. "It shoulda been dead. Nothing was supposed to happen." He reached inside the open ball and deactivated the switch, again. "It's done now, okay? I didn't want to catch you. I don't want to see your fucking ugly face ever again! So just stay the fuck away from me, okay! And her!" He pointed at Mia. "Or else!" He waved the pokéball meaningfully. "So don't try any funny shit!" He shuffled back, awkward on two legs. "I'm fucking watching you, understand?" And with that he turned and took off into the battle, pokéball shoved into his mouth. He didn't stop until he'd managed to put a crumbled bit of wall and several skirmishing Team Spectrum members between himself and the poochyena.
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