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[Astrid] Lively Town


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Everything had become a blinding flash of light and dark. And then... silence.


It was drizzling. The sun warmed their bodies, and the moon shined upon them. Myles was nearby, unharmed as Astrid had predicted, but unlike all the other times this had happened, Astrid felt in one piece. Her spirit had endured. More than endured, thrived.

They had wound up on a hill far from town, which was now flooded over and forgotten. A distant rumble suggested there was a great battle still raging to the north. But it seemed that Myles had survived... And with it came a new power between them.

Astrid's Eternal Spirit awakened!
"I'll never hold back! I'll burn bright!" - Once per battle, Astrid can perform a Meltdown attack as a triple-target attack without any negative effects.
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