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Pokémon Another Way (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon / OC Isekai) - Threadmarks

Another Way (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon / OC Isekai)
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After waking up in an alien body she has no control over, Sue must persevere in a world that eludes her understanding, its monstrous inhabitants as secretive as they are kind. Finding herself stranded with no knowledge of either the locals or their language, and no recollection of how her ordinary trip ended up here, even the refuge she does receive feels uncertain- especially with nobody else here seeming to have suffered a fate like hers.

Or having to deal with their dreams being used by the local deities to try to communicate with them.

As Sue uncovers more of this place's scarred, troubled history and the traumatic impact it left on those still around, and is forced to confront her own, her task here becomes increasingly clear, as does its seeming impossibility. Despite that and her very limited grasp of her own abilities, she perseveres, for her goal remains the same-

To survive and make it home, no matter what.

Xenofiction Mystery / Slice of Life, told from the perspective of someone with no Pokémon knowledge at all. Major themes include self discovery, xenophobia, overcoming guilt, and forging one's own fate against all odds or powers that be.
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