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An open ended challenge


Pokémon Trainer
So I've a challenge and a bit game.

Basically I've pulled a scene off of a tale. Broke it down to the base componets and wanted to see how others put it together. Its a combat scene.

Sequence of events:
Glass window shatter gets attention
Ash investigate sound
Introduce setting.. resteraunt.
Mallow surrounded.
Ash intervines to save mallow
thugs have set ambush in resteraunt.
Ash takes down thugs (chu and any otther mon not available).
Ash is armed with a gun and minor training in self defense.

Ash (unrecognized by all other cast)
Thug trainers 1-3
Mallow (from the anime)
tsareena (mallows pokemon)

Outside of resteraunt

Moves after window break

Inside of resteraunt (contents: tables. Chairs stacked. Condiments)

Bonus point
Use condiments in scene/scuffle

(I mean its like whose line... Theres points but not that they matter but ah well maybe I will toss a review to someone if they net say 20. And I guess scoring will be one point per plot/setting/character used.)

This will be open until Dec 1st (unless theres no reply then i will extend it to the 8th before offering a new scene/scenario).

the Links,
Mallow's info via Bulbpedia
Mallow's Tsareena via Bulbpedia
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