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  1. kintsugi

    Pokémon the wizard's word [oneshot]
    Threadmarks: the wizard’s word

    the wizard's word there are two universes, one in which AZ used his weapon to wipe out an untold number of pokemon in Kalos, and one in which he abstained. this is the third. “Ollie, wait!” Startled, the swablu executed a neat, mid-air barrel roll before alighting on a small pile of...
  2. kintsugi

    Pokémon burner [oneshot]
    Threadmarks: burner

    [this story is undergoing significant revisions and as such is not eligible for Review Blitz 3] burner Six months after Lysandre nearly obliterates Kalos, a first-year art student accidentally starts a graffiti tag war with an unlikely competitor. --- ohhey! a belated posting of my entry for...
  3. Namohysip

    Pokémon Death Is Lonely

    Yveltal lives a quiet, sad life of killing only when ordered. Despite her benevolent intentions, her position in the pantheon is loathed, and the mortals shun her. Xerneas, who is always bothered by Yveltal's treatment and also beginning to loathe mortals himself, comes up with an idea that can...
  4. Pen

    Pokémon The Last Con

    Summary: This is the story of Midnight Silk, who tried to con her way out of death. (Written in response to the prompt: someone pulls their final con.) The lovely art is by @kintsugi. The Last Con There was once a thief known from the mountains to the sea. She stole gold from under the cheek...
  5. Pen

    Pokémon The Crystal Prince and the Heart of Life

    Summary: The Crystal Prince lived in bliss, until Strangers came, bringing death with her. (Myth and Legends contest entry.) The Crystal Prince and the Heart of Life There was once a perfect garden, where nobody died. When a berry swelled to ripeness and dropped to the ground, a new berry...
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