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  1. Namohysip

    Radiant Void

    The Voidlands seemed to be the same almost universally, with a blotchy, purple sky, dusty wastelands all over, and lifeless plateaus for as far as they could see. But despite that, there was a sizzling feeling in the air, that tingling power of Radiance that permeated the air despite the scenery...
  2. Namohysip

    Null Forest Depths

    No matter how far one traveled, it seemed that the forest all looked the same, like it was some kind of endless Dungeon. Perhaps it was not, but its sheer size, and the fact that the team was advised not to stray too far from the village, meant that the forest was effectively their endless...
  3. Namohysip

    Nihil River

    North, and winding northwest, of Null Village is a large, deep-red river that possibly nourished the dead trees that surrounded everything on the north side of this segment of the Voidlands. Aquatic... things swam in the water, though they appeared to be docile to Team Spectrum. The water itself...
  4. Namohysip

    Nil Plateaus

    South of Null Village is an ever-expansive wasteland of violet plateaus. There is very little water here, and the winds often kick up purple or red dust into the skies. Occasionally, little rocks fall from the plateaus and onto the dusty ground below with a dull thud. Much like everywhere else...
  5. Namohysip

    Null Village
    Threadmarks: R10 - Welcome to Hell

    The first thing Team Spectrum's dead would see was a sky of purple clouds and ominous, red light. The ground was a hazy, dusty purple, and little stone houses dotted the landscape of tall trees that looked like gnarled, rising claws from the earth. Occasionally, winds blew in random directions...
  6. Namohysip

    Void Core

    There was no gravity here. No background, and yet still there was a presence. Flickering colors and flames like candles in space drifted this way and that, some of them aimless, some with purpose. Far, far ahead, in the corner of everyone's vision, was a deep, purple flame much larger than the...
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