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steven stone

  1. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon For all the Beauty in the World

    A little belated Valentine's Day ficclet for two of my favorite characters, and to break back into the world of fanfiction after a many, many, many year hiatus. Posting to TR on this fic's sixth anniversary. Thank you for reading. Feedback is always welcome. For all the Beauty in the World...
  2. Auroraphy

    Pokémon Darksteelshipping World Trip Stories

    Cynthia and Steven decide to go on a world trip in the early stage of their romantic relationship and experience many things together that strengthen their bond. This is a collection of several events in their world trip that are standalone stories, unless stated otherwise. A part of the...
  3. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon Final Gambit
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    What if there was no intrepid young hero to save the day? In a reality where all that is left is to stare down the maw of death as Kyogre threatens to drown the world, the League and its trainers turn to desperate measures in Hoenn's final hours. Final Gambit Chapter 1 The rain is...
  4. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon The Gift of Giving (oneshot)
    Threadmarks: The Gift of Giving [oneshot]

    The holidays in Hoenn are a busy time, but when Steven goes out of his way to get gifts for his friends, he puts the rest of his holiday plans in jeopardy. In the spirit of the season, the Elite Four band together and help cover for the bedridden Champion, and end up delivering a gift of their...
  5. Nubushi

    Pokémon A Homemade Hoenn Christmas (one shot)

    Summary: There may not be any snow in subtropical Hoenn, but love is in the air this Christmas, and so is mistletoe. May and Brendan are invited to the party of the decade. Steven is wearing Stantler antlers. Champagne abounds. Everything will definitely go according to May's plan, right? May...
  6. Torchic W. Pip

    Pokémon (Complete) But How Will It Be: A Drabble Collection

    A Facadeverse fic You may know this story from Bulbagarden, or maybe you know it on AO3. I'm posting it here, as well, for those who don't know it there and for further validation. Also the forum format lends well to reviews. Ok, so maybe they go over the word limit of a drabble sometimes, but...
  7. Bluwiikoon

    Pokémon Find Your Way [oneshot]
    Threadmarks: Threadmark so the thread has a wordcount

    The young boy cradled his Aron's pokeball, shivering and huddling behind a pile of rocks. He didn't bring any revives to his spelunking trip. Careless. Lack of foresight. He couldn't even use his flashlight for now, else the wild Pokemon become aggressive again. The flapping of Zubat wings was...
  8. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon Hoenn Short Stories Collection: The Elite
    Threadmarks: 1 - Power Outage

    Hoenn Short Stories Collection: The Elite Complete, 50 Chapters, 41k words Rating: General, K+ (will be uploaded to TR chapter-by-chapter) Hello and welcome! What started as a small exercise in prompt-driven flash fiction has turned into this collection of fifty short slice-of-life stories...
  9. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon The Long Road
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Limits

    The Long Road Complete, 18 chapters, 132K words Rating: General, K+ (will be uploaded to TR chapter-by-chapter) Hello and welcome! If you like Hoenn and prequels, you've come to the right fic! This was the first long form fic I'd written for the fandom, and of course it had to be a love...
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