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  1. Flyg0n

    Original A Trace of Destiny

    Authors notes: So this is a little short story I wrote for a prompt some time ago, and I really fell in love with. It was one of those prompts where they just give you some random words and tell you to use them all in a story. This is the result. I want to one day turn this into a little...
  2. WildBoots

    The 7 Day Fic Challenge!
    Threadmarks: Guidelines

    The 7 Day Fic Challenge #7daypokeficchallenge The 7 Day Fic Challenge is a time to reflect on the fics that have affected you, made you a better writer, or simply brightened your day. You actually have TWO WEEKS to finish, but there will be a new prompt for you every day. Each day this week...
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