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pokemon mystery dungeon

  1. Shadow of Antioch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rebirth

    The primeval Lords have fallen. The new Gods are powerless to stave off the Empire's collapse. Amidst a wave of devastating portal storms, and with barbarian invaders threatening to turn its ancient lands into ash, a Charmeleon with no recollection of his past is hurled into a scheme far...
  2. Ambyssin

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Path of Valor
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Welcome to the world of Etherium... where pokémon run free! To mark the upcoming signing of a momentous peace treaty, the dragon-led Aeon Kingdom agrees to send its budding princess to the neighboring Kingdom of Radiance's prestigious Horizon Academy as an exchange student. But her plans for a...
  3. Fusion

    Pokémon The Makings of a Hero

    Howdy, this is my first work I'm posting on Thousand Roads, just a short little read but I did put a fair amount of time into it. I hope you all enjoy! Summary: A Litwick named Vix traveled into a dungeon in search of an answer to a simple question, but ended up getting so much more than she...
  4. Namohysip

    Pokémon The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse

    Hey everyone! This is actually an old fic from over a year ago, but I forgot to upload it here. It's a fun little story that I had made for April Fools, but it's appropriate to be read at any time of the year, really. So, without further ado... A potato farmer gets caught up in a battle between...
  5. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Delta Dossiers
    Threadmarks: A001 - H.U.M.A.N.

    A hikikomori human with a troubled existence. An easily excitable dog with a big dream. A surge of criminal activity and violence. A mysterious series of unnatural phenomena. Welcome to the darker side of the idyllic World of Pokémon. ∗∗∗ Genres: Action / Crime / Mystery Rating: Teen ∗∗∗...
  6. Tanuki

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darn it All!

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darn it All! An idiot decided to mouth off to the personality test and got cursed with just the worst form and an even more annoying partner. Now, he gets to save the world. Come! Join the journey of Rescue Team... Zag.
  7. Tanuki

    Pokémon To: A Friend

    Happy Valentine's! The closest thing I have to one's a picture on my phone, so here's a poem I wrote for an RP about a certain ball of darkness. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Spoilers -------------------------------------------------------------------- To: A Friend There once was a ball, A big...
  8. Namohysip

    A Reader's Guide to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

    Hey everyone! This is a simple guide specialized toward readers who want to get into a PMD fanfic, but don’t know enough about PMD to follow or, more importantly, feel like they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the work as much if they didn’t know about the basic canon. In this guide I will be going...
  9. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon Soul Dissonance: A PMD Story
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Table of Contents Prologue: The Fleeting Soul What did it mean to have a soul? Is it being alive? No, that couldn’t be it. Plants lived, but they clearly lacked souls. Was it then the ability to move? That couldn’t be it either. Many things moved, but among them were the inanimate. Was it...
  10. Namohysip

    Exquisite Corpse: PMD

    Hello, everyone! After much delay, the PMD Exquisite Corpse is finally put together and ready for publication! I don't want to give away too much for what's going on, but like any Corpse, you can expect nothing to be coherent from start to finish! Except for a few surprising exceptions. If you...
  11. Umbramatic

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

    This fic is rated Teen for blood, mild gore, adults doing adult things like drinking and swearing, and some dirty jokes and such. About time I had another B fic huh? (Greenhorn Prometheus doesn't count, it was a three-parter that was written out ahead of time, shhhhhhhh) So, this is a fic...
  12. Namohysip

    Official Unofficial Pokemon Fanfiction Team Stats Spreadsheet!

    Hey, everybody! I present to you with no further introduction, the Pokemon Fanfiction Team Stats Spreadsheet! Title pending. There's a readme on the spreadsheet itself that links to another document, but here are the main bits to explain how the scoring system works. The spreadsheet is...
  13. Namohysip

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Don't you hate it when your life is a lie? It started with getting stabbed. Later, mugged. And even later, pulled into a conspiracy he wanted no part of. A self-proclaimed "late-evolving" Charmander must rely on friends new and old to survive against a band of Pokémon called Hunters. His future...