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  1. kyeugh

    Pokémon The Gardevoir's Wish
    Threadmarks: The Gardevoir's Wish

    The Gardevoir's Wish One-shot / 5.6k words / Rated T for language and mild crudeness - - - South of Fallarbor and about fifty miles east of Meteor Falls there is a clearing in the deepwild, and in that clearing stands a single inn several days’ hike from any other human habitation. The woods...
  2. Equitial

    Pokémon Methods of Support

    Methods of Support Snapshots into the lives of six Pokemon as they support their humans in what ways they can. First place winner of this forum's Friends and Partners Contest! --- 1. A Gothitelle can see as a human never could. Gothitelle’s feelers fan around her head. The ribbons on...
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