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#original trainer

  1. Alira

    Pokémon Pokemon Sword: Reflections of the past(oneshot)

    (Warning for mild spoilers for the semi-finals of the Galar Gym challenge! I'll make a thread for my ocs in fanfic discussion shortly that I'll link so you know what my trainer looks like, but I wanted to quickly post this! This is connected to my multichapter story that you can find right...
  2. Negrek

    Pokémon Salvage
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Hello and welcome to Salvage, my big fic project of many years! In the aftermath of Mewtwo's escape from the Cinnabar lab, Mew was lost, and another creature was born. Neither human nor pokémon but wielding Mew's powers, it's vowed to find its mother and free her from imprisonment, no matter...
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