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original fiction

  1. Umbramatic

    Original The Multiverse Bucket

    Heyo! This is my Multiverse Bucket, a place for my original fiction drabbles, new and old.Hopefully you enjoy these bite-sized tales. As for the first one... This was one of the drabbles I wrote for a drabble lesson in a creative writing class. I've refurbished it a little to be up to my...
  2. NebulaDreams

    Original Of Nighthawks and Mothmen (Short Story)

    Hello there! This is a short story I wrote a few months ago - half written in response to a Reddit story prompt, half written as a tie-in to my upcoming novel For Want of a Shoe. This is set in the same world where humans and monsters co-exist in an Americana-inspired setting, but takes place a...
  3. Umbramatic

    Original It's Vaespar Night

    This is an original fiction Halloween Shitpost that I have been planning for a few years now. It stars one of my sonas who I love very much, is kind of a sequel to another original fiction shitpost (Steam Over The Post Apocalypse), and, well, kudos to whoever gets the joke. This is version 2.0...
  4. WildBoots

    What Books Are You Reading?

    I work at a library, so even outside of the fanfic world I read a lot, especially now that work from home has started. Most of what I read is YA, since I work with teenagers, but some of it has been surprisingly good! I wanted to share a few books I've enjoyed lately and to hear whether anyone...
  5. NebulaDreams

    Original The Heart Within The Hoard

    Hello! Since I'm taking a hiatus from writing fanfiction, I'm starting to gather ideas for original stories instead, so I've started looking at writing prompts on Reddit! What was supposed to be a quick exercise to get some inspiration turned out to be 3k words worth of material! I haven't...
  6. Umbramatic

    Original Steam Over The Post-Apocalypse

    This is a story set in one of my original settings, the Midnightverse, a post-apocalyptic post-human fantasy isekai story starring a human from a "normal" world getting yeeted to there as a weird chimera, plus a native human descendant and her dog. It is also a homage to Steamed Hams that is...
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