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  1. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon Iktsuarpok (Oneshot)
    Threadmarks: Iktsuarpok

    Hi! Here's a surprise story I wrote in a surprisingly small time-frame. I initially wrote the entirety of the first draft in just a few hours, and from there, I expanded the story so that the improvised parts felt more cohesive. I partially wrote this since I wanted to rebound from the...
  2. Tanuki

    Pokémon Better Left Unown

    Better Left Unown Legend has it that a wise man once said Mystery is inherent to myth. No one knew this man, who he was, what he did, or even if he was really a man to begin with. Recent scholarship suggests that "he" was in fact a woman who said a man said it so that people would listen to...
  3. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Finding Mahoun (Contest One-shot 2020)

    The life of a wild Pokémon is harsh and full of hardships. The life of a runt of a family of rats and with an impossible dream is ten times harsher. This is the story of that runt. ---- Hey there! Now that the results of the Myths and Legends competition are finally out, I can finally post my...
  4. Cresselia92

    Pokémon The 1K Words Oneshots
    Threadmarks: Index

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to my series of oneshots. The themes of these oneshots are going to be varied, ranging from humor to adventure to drama, and they will be either Teen-rated or Everyone-rated. However, they all will follow this simple rule: no oneshot must have less or more than 1.000...
  5. windskull

    Pokémon Stained Paws

    When a storm catches a litten and his zigzagoon partner out in the wilderness during a rescue mission, they're forced to make camp and wait it out. There, they have a little discussion about the litten's past. *** So, this was a writing prompt response I did for a discord I'm in and was meant...
  6. Pen

    Pokémon Without A Human Heart (Oneshot)

    Summary: N didn't give up after the castle. Afterwards, the Hero of Truth tries to live with herself. Author's Note: So, Keleri and Kintsugi's awesome N fics this month ('People and Humans' and 'naturally') got me thinking about the idea of N being a pokemon who becomes a human. It makes so...
  7. zion of arcadia

    Pokémon Gifts of the Mountain

    Submission for Small PMD Writer's Union October prompt: General: "Look. I know this may be hard to believe, but I'm on your side." Specific: A routine trip to buy dungeon supplies goes horribly wrong. a/n: This oneshot was based on a concept I wrote a few years back but tweaked to better...