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  1. unrepentantAuthor

    Pokémon Stable, Predictable, Safe [PMD Oneshot]
    Threadmarks: Stable, Predictable, Safe

    This was my entry to the 'Mischief and Malice' oneshot contest, a villain POV piece featuring a character from the Heartache continuity. No background knowledge ought to be strictly necessary. My interview for the contest can be found here. Humans summoned from another world to take on pokémon...
  2. canisaries

    Pokémon Into Light (2022 Contest Oneshot)

    Hey all! This was my entry for the Thousand Roads 2022 Oneshot Contest, Mischief and Malice, where the theme was "Villain POV". To my great delight, I ended up in third place, making this the first TR contest that I've officially placed in! Keeping in mind how many talented authors were taking...
  3. Pen

    Pokémon The Last Strike

    The Last Strike On the eve of the Galar League, a corviknight faces a choice between loyalty and honor. Illustration by @kintsugi “And what if they don’t fight back?” Lachen demands. There is no reasoning with Lachen when he gets like this. His eyes flash, his tongue lolls, and his bushy...
  4. Pen

    Pokémon No Quarter

    No Quarter A decade or so before the world goes screaming to hell in a handbasket, an evening in Nina’s Saloon. This fic was written as a prize for @unrepentantAuthor for Review Blitz. . . Outside of harvest season, when half the world seemed to roll through Frontier Town, Nina’s Saloon...
  5. Flyg0n

    Pokémon Champion at Last {One-shot Ficlet}

    Champion at Last (aka Get owned, Garchomp) Cynthia's face remained unreadable. Even down to her last pokemon, her ace, her Garchomp, her conviction never wavered. Matthias faced her, body loose and relaxed, strength simmering in his muscles; his four arms ready to strike. His team, his...
  6. love

    Pokémon Beyond Rescue

    Beyond Rescue Poppy makes the world a little safer. This PMD story takes place before Those Who Will Inherit the Earth. No prior knowledge required. Story is like 10 months old, but recent changes have me feeling tentatively better about it. Pen beta read this; if a sentence strikes you as...
  7. zion of arcadia

    Pokémon Pizza with a Slice of Pain

    Beta read by MadderJacker and DemiurgicPen. Also got some advice from Shadow of Antioch. Pizza with a Slice of Pain Long ago, Mt. Travail was a terrible place indeed. The mystery dungeon's peaks and ridges loomed over their surroundings with a brooding ferocity. But then one day a drowzee...
  8. Shiny Phantump

    Pokémon Dark-Clothed Small Human
    Threadmarks: Oneshot

    Dark-Clothed Small Human: I am trapped. Alone. My siblings are gone. They were put into ice. We did not do what they wanted us to, so now they want to freeze us. I am the last one they need to freeze. Once the machine is ready, I will be frozen… indefinitely. Indefinitely is an odd word. I...
  9. Equitial

    Pokémon Methods of Support

    Methods of Support Snapshots into the lives of six Pokemon as they support their humans in what ways they can. First place winner of this forum's Friends and Partners Contest! --- 1. A Gothitelle can see as a human never could. Gothitelle’s feelers fan around her head. The ribbons on...
  10. IFBench

    Pokémon A Way To Reunite
    Threadmarks: A Way To Reunite

    Again, it taunts you. The shimmering pool that first led you into that world of only Pokemon. That entryway that had led you to an adventure of a lifetime. The portal that led you to meet Vernir, Emolga, Dunsparce, Virizion, Umbreon, Espeon, Hydreigon, and so many others that you held dear to...
  11. love

    Pokémon Earth at Peace

    Earth at Peace Short, standalone atmospheric piece that takes place sometime after the events of Those Who Will Inherit the Earth. Thanks @WildBoots for beta reading. Preferred feedback: would be nice to get a sense of what kind of tone folks pick up from this, but ultimately it's a simple...
  12. canisaries

    Pokémon Sticks and Stones

    Hey all! This is a drabble I wrote for a prompt in the Second Anniversary Mini Prompt Bingo. Obviously I didn't finish it in time, but I liked the idea and wanted to finish what I started. The prompt in question was (sort of spoilers) . Surprisingly for me, there are no content warnings to...
  13. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon The Dreamer Is Still Asleep
    Threadmarks: The Dreamer Is Still Asleep

    Author’s note: Welcome back! Here’s a new one-shot I wrote in between my other projects since I really wanted to revisit Jung’s character from The Inalienable Dreamless. So while this is a sequel of sorts, newcomers can also read this in isolation since it’s a self-contained story. You just...
  14. zion of arcadia

    Pokémon dream eater

    I totally forgot I wrote this. Welp. Better late than never. Written for the PMD Writers Union May writing prompt. General: Write a story from the perspective of the villain. Specific: The Hero and Partner, or the Team, are forced to camp out when a mission keeps them out later than expected...
  15. Deltaaa

    Pokémon Another PMD2 Ending (oneshot lol)

    This was made for practice before anything else. That is why it has a somewhat abrupt ending, and starts at the end of a story. However, I am working on a sequel using the characters and universe, so I will post it regardless. I do not see this story as 100% representative of my current skills...
  16. love

    Pokémon Resting Place

    Resting Place After a peaceful near-death experience, Poppy is thrust back out into the real world and forced to reevaluate her life. A PMD inspired story and the second I've finished out of four so far. Those Who Will Inherit the Earth. Uses the same main character names and species but is...
  17. love

    Pokémon Cosmic Reversion

    Cosmic Reversion The world is saved from destruction, yet pokemon continue to turn feral. Oli and Sadie must find a solution or lose their own minds. Takes place after the events of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team. 12/20/2020 — Substantial changes to clarify the third scene...
  18. Tanuki

    Pokémon Better Left Unown

    Better Left Unown Legend has it that a wise man once said Mystery is inherent to myth. No one knew this man, who he was, what he did, or even if he was really a man to begin with. Recent scholarship suggests that "he" was in fact a woman who said a man said it so that people would listen to...
  19. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Finding Mahoun (Contest One-shot 2020)

    The life of a wild Pokémon is harsh and full of hardships. The life of a runt of a family of rats and with an impossible dream is ten times harsher. This is the story of that runt. ---- Hey there! Now that the results of the Myths and Legends competition are finally out, I can finally post my...
  20. Cresselia92

    Pokémon The 1K Words Oneshots

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to my series of oneshots. The themes of these oneshots are going to be varied, ranging from humor to adventure to drama, and they will be either Teen-rated or Everyone-rated. However, they all will follow this simple rule: no oneshot must have less or more than 1.000...
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