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  1. Venia Silente

    Pokémon A Good Year to Rawr

    Hey everyone, am here bringing one of the newest stories I have written Elsewhere. This time featuring best pseudo, Dragonite Goodra Tyranitar Salamence!. This was originally written for PokéCommunity as a contest entry under the prompt "contentment / frustration”. I kinda sorta picked...
  2. Phoenixsong

    Pokémon Stronger (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: Stronger (one-shot)

    It is Mewtwo. It is strong. It is stronger. Stronger Mewtwo leaps into the air with a surge of energy that thrums and sings around it, power rolling off its body in waves like it's never been allowed to feel before. The smoldering wreckage falls away beneath it and it never looks back...
  3. kyeugh

    Pokémon Without a Master
    Threadmarks: Without a Master

    Without a Master Team Rocket Grunt Tetsuya has hit rock bottom, but for the first time in his life, he has something to lose. When he reconnects with an old friend, the perfect opportunity presents itself: to catch and traffic a legendary pokémon, hopefully allowing him to break from Rocket...
  4. WildBoots

    Pokémon The Chatot and the Honey Tree (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: The Chatot and the Honey Tree

    The cliffs over Sinnoh Route 213 have been overrun with a pernicious breed of pest: shiny hunters. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and that means Sonny has a lot of painting to do. — Word count: 4,865 Genre: Gen Rating: PG (some cursing) — The Chatot and the Honey Tree The old...
  5. Oculus049

    Pokémon You are a Leafeon

    You are a leafeon. The warm spring breeze trickles over your cream-colored fur and tickles your tall leafy ears. You push your oak brown paws into the cool dirt below as you try to find a comfortable place to lie down. Tufts of grass cushion you as you finally find the perfect spot. The familiar...
  6. Flyg0n

    Pokémon Swamping Ground

    Swamping Ground Warm, thick mud cocooned Marshtomp up to his neck. He twitched his two tail fins restlessly, flexing his arms as he peered from his spot in a marsh, scanning the area for trainers. He narrowed his eyes, then sighed, blowing a thick mud bubble. Despite sticking near a main...
  7. Inkedust

    Pokémon Inkedust's Collection of One-Shots and Drabbles
    Threadmarks: Master Post

    A collection of all my one-shots, drabbles and related art done for contests, events or just for fun, complied into a single thread for convenience sake. All stories are (currently) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon focused and may contain spoilers for all games. ONE-SHOT INDEX SPECKLED SILVER OVER THE...
  8. kyeugh

    Pokémon Shadows Cast by Time – TR-versary 2021 Bingo

    Shadows Cast by Time these are my bingo drabbles that ended up not really being drabbles sometimes! my prompt was "moments from pokémon history," and negrek gave me an excellent card to work with: so far i only have one complete, but i'll post them as i finish them! the content warnings are...
  9. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon The Inalienable Dreamless
    Threadmarks: The Inalienable Dreamless

    Author's Note: Wow, I've really been pumping out quite a few one-shots in the past two months. Since I've rediscovered my love for writing, I've been cycling through different ideas for short stories, and with this one, I wanted to write something a bit more experimental in nature. I can't give...
  10. Dragonfree

    Pokémon Go [one-shot]

    This is a one-shot I wrote in 2016, which won first place in the Worlds Collide contest on the Serebii.net forums. It was very much written simply to write something for the contest, I wasn't super-happy with it, and it's still a pretty ridiculous premise that's not being explored all that...
  11. WildBoots

    Pokémon Basic Mineral Components

    Summary: He waits a full sun cycle, but his human does not move. (One-shot.) Rating: PG (Includes a curse word. Deals with death, grief, and decomposition.) I am open to constructive feedback! I'm already aware of a few areas where I need to make small changes--simply haven't gotten to it...
  12. WildBoots

    Pokémon Incubation

    Summary: We have few facts about this place, all strange: the edges of the cave system are expanding, and no one who has entered has returned. But a creeping vine always moves towards the light. "You're changing too, aren't you." Word count: 7,579 (one-shot) Rating: G There are a couple of...
  13. Phoenixsong

    Pokémon The Best Game (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: The Best Game (one-shot)

    The Best Game Morph Revenge II is Blue's favorite game. Other nine-year-olds might be drawn to Super Chopstar Planet's brighter graphics, or Porykart Netracer '95's multiplayer with more options and that one cool mode where you can blow up the other drivers, but when Red comes over it's always...
  14. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon A Lizard in the Garden (TCATS One-Shot)
    Threadmarks: 2k words

    Hello! I decided to bash out a quick 2k word story based on an idea I had about a couple of the side characters in The Curious and the Shiny! I thought I'd post it separately from that thread since it focuses on a minor character that's very non-essential to the story. Reading TCATS up to The...
  15. The Walrein

    Pokémon The Butterfree Effect

    So, this was originally intended to be a 'short' in my Sword n' Shield Shorts collection, but it got a little out of hand... Also contains spoilers for Pokemon Sword/Shield, I guess. Thanks to Cresselia92 for the banner! The Butterfree Effect “Good morning, everyone!” Gloria said...
  16. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon Outside the Frame (One-Shot) [The Manifold Curiosity]

    Author’s Notes: Hey, Neb here! It's nice to join a new forum, and to start with, I thought I'd bring one of my recent one-shots here. This takes place in a universe of fics called The Manifold Curiosity, where there are different fics that standalone from each other in story, but overlap in some...
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