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  1. canisaries

    Pokémon Hunter, Haunted
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes & Prologues

    It has arrived. The subject of many a meme. The story the author would not shut up about. Her magnum opus. Hunter, Haunted is a story very dear to my heart, as anyone who's heard me talk on the Discord has probably witnessed by now. It was the second multiparter fic I'd ever written, and still...
  2. canisaries

    Pokémon Seiren

    Hello Thousand Roads! After some lurking and watching from afar, I've decided to join this forum and post something of my own. Some of you already know me from Serebii or Bulbagarden - for the rest, pleased to meet you! But that's enough about me, I've got a story I'd like to share. Seiren is a...