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  1. BestLizard

    Pokémon PMD: Below
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Layla

    Below The world of Pokemon lives in a cruel underground world with no known escape. The heroes of Team Surface dream to reach the surface and embrace its mythicized freedom, but such adventure ensnares them in a sinister conspiracy surrounding the humans before them. Can they cut through the...
  2. redspah

    Pokémon Another Way
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Duress

    Another Way An unsuspecting college student wakes up in an alien body, in an increasingly mystifying place that eludes her understanding, with no recollection of how her run of the mill forest trip ended up there, but a clear goal- survival and making it home. Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Mystery...
  3. BlackHairedPsycho

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fortune Favors the Bold

    What happens when an incredibly lucky dragon meets a speedy, headstrong bunny and a dead inside owl? Various things. Follow Hatch, Ash, and Werth as they explore, adventure, and come across fame and fortune. Or, will the fortune come to them? Chapter 1. The Lucky Dragon The Axew found himself...
  4. Oculus049

    Pokémon PMD: Dual Realities
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    Rated T Author Notes: Finally porting it over from AO3! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Always looking to improve my writing. Summary: A tale of two similar, yet different worlds. Mysteries are afoot as an experiment goes horribly wrong, an unidentifiable unkillable enemy emerges...
  5. Shamekeeper12

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Agents of Fate
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Ember's Doom

    Ember’s Doom O, rise, you that slumber Stir, and wake your brothers also For your mind is empty And by this your heart is silenced The furret didn't realize it at first, but every step came sooner than the last. Quicker and quicker, until he was simply running. He had dreamt of this tree...
  6. Z2H

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Phantasmagoria
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Personality Test

    Disclaimer: This story is rated T for teens or older. There is depiction of realistic violence, swearing, use of weapons, crude humor, suicide, and use of drugs and alcohol. Summary: Paint a picture of a long-sought after paradise that is so fantastical, it is as if you're dreaming. Enter...
  7. Sudmensch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Quenched Torch
    Threadmarks: 1 - Brave New World

    Summary: So, I woke up as an apparently feral Oshawott without any memories but being human in a world where humans are long gone, and now I have to join my ever-anxious Treecko friend, journey through this strange land without even being able to speak, and find answers or die trying, all while...
  8. DefendThyself

    Pokémon Birds of a Feather

    Hello everyone, I'm a rookie writer who just got started in the world of fanfiction. I will be posting the chapters to my first work of fanfiction ever here, any feedback would be really appreciated <3. I'm also not very used to posting on literal forums, so forgive me if I make any mistakes, I...
  9. LiquidMadMan

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Wildcard
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Summary: Eli is a young Riolu who just wants to live life his way. After a chance encounter with a team of Rangers, he discovers a golden opportunity to see the world and make a name for himself while also uncovering the truth about his mysterious family roots. He'll have to put together a...
  10. IFBench

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Eternal Shadows
    Threadmarks: Summary and Info

    Every story has at least two sides. A human named Gen wakes up as an Oshawott, retaining all his memories. After meeting a Chikorita and a Charmander, he makes a hasty decision, and lies that he is an amnesiac and not a human. As he journeys with the two, he ensnares himself in his own web of...
  11. cynsh

    Pokémon Fighting Nature
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Spark

    "They teach you in school that our ancestors who fought day and night were some kind of lesser beings to us now. It’s all bullshit. Fighting is what we are as pokémon. Taking it away is like taking away our ability to speak, or mate. It’s just pokémon nowadays don’t realise that." Summary...
  12. Shadow of Antioch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rebirth
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Awakening

    The primeval Lords have fallen. The new Gods are powerless to stave off the Empire's collapse. Amidst a wave of devastating portal storms, and with barbarian invaders threatening to turn its ancient lands into ash, a Charmeleon with no recollection of his past is hurled into a scheme far...
  13. canisaries

    Pokémon Mail for Welltown

    Hey there! I decided on sort of a whim to upload this story. It's a oneshot that was written a few months ago for a competition over at Bulbagarden Forums with the theme "Undelivered Messages". The story takes place in a setting similar to the ones in my other PMD-esque stories such as Dragony...
  14. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Delta Dossiers [Exempt from Blitz]
    Threadmarks: A001 - H.U.M.A.N.

    A hikikomori human with a troubled existence. An easily excitable dog with a big dream. A surge of criminal activity and violence. A mysterious series of unnatural phenomena. Welcome to the darker side of the idyllic World of Pokémon. ∗∗∗ Genres: Action / Crime / Mystery Rating: Teen ∗∗∗...
  15. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon The Curious and the Shiny

    Author’s Notes: Hey, Neb here! This has been a long time coming, but here's my longfic, The Curious and the Shiny, available for the first time on these forums. This takes place in a universe of fics called The Manifold Curiosity, where there are different fics that standalone from each other in...
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