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mystery continent

  1. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Rocky Road

    Adjacent to Parfait Way was another, smaller street that had several vacant houses soon to be occupied by Team spectrum. The lawns were all uniformly square in their little lots, and the homes were incredibly basic, with white walls, a snow-proof roof, and simple glass windows. Some were bigger...
  2. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Sundae Park

    Near the center of Destiny Village, to the southwest of the central crossroads, was a large, flat park of green grass and small trees. While the vast majority of Destiny Village, built into the cold stone of the Mystery Continent, was more modern and urbanized, this section of the village had...
  3. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Training Facility

    Deep underground, a hi-tech elevator beneath the Destiny Village guild led to a heavily fortified underground training facility. It was a known secret, and had in fact been designed as a secret bunker in case something catastrophic happened (unfortunately, Joule's attack was too strong even for...
  4. Namohysip

    Destiny Colosseum ~ Stands
    Threadmarks: R9 - Spectrum Showcase

    Considered to be one of the most energetic places in the world, Destiny Colosseum's stands were constantly buzzing with excitement. Monumental fights seemed to happen every other day, and with Team Spectrum now paying regular visits, it seemed like the Colosseum was becoming even more popular...
  5. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Holding Cells
    Threadmarks: R8 ~ Karats are Good for Your Eyes

    While rare, there are occasions where Poppin' Arms required the use of its personal jail. They were usually meant for unruly Pokemon of great power that needed to be under careful watch by the strongest fighters, Poppin' Arms being the focal point for just that need. The basement held three...
  6. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Pasta Plaza

    The entertainment district, between all the food and the fighting, the plays and seedy bars, was all connected by various small roads that eventually led to a central crossroads known as Pasta Plaza. Hopefully the name was not as strange to Cibus natives. Even Destiny Village, with all its...
  7. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Cafeteria
    Threadmarks: R7 - Translation Errors

    The heartiest, healthiest foods were the main staple of the Poppin' Arms Guild. Fresh ingredients, the latest advancements of conjured meats and foodstuffs, and of course the usual, vibrant foods that you'd normally expect from a fancy restaurant. It seemed that along with having some of the...
  8. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ X-Eye Cauldron

    Down the road between the commercial and entertainments districts of town was a string of restaurants, bars, and other eateries that flooded the senses with all kinds of scents. Street vendors happily shared their foods to passerby tourists and residents alike, while the fancier restaurants down...
  9. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Large Dorms

    Architecture in Destiny Village was often accommodating for Pokemon large and small. As such, some of the dorm rooms, particularly the ones further in the back, had wider doors and larger spaces inside to accommodate the larger Pokemon that occupied them. Everything was supersized and generally...
  10. Namohysip

    Destiny Colosseum ~ Training Rooms

    While the main arena was the attraction everyone paid attention to, there were side rooms that could be rented out for use by Pokemon that were preparing to fight, or simply those training in an enclosed setting. The Colosseum in particular had highly reinforced walls and floors, making it very...
  11. Namohysip

    Mystery Continent ~ Southern Beach

    Unlike the beach south of Treasure Town, the beach at the Mystery Continent was anything but pleasant. Harsh, cold winds kicked up chilling ocean mist and choppy waves of a dark ocean. The sand was gray from the stone that it was made of, rather than the traditional beige, and made for a gloomy...
  12. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Study
    Threadmarks: R5 - Cosmog's Memories

    On the far end of the hall of the dorms, as far from the lounge was possible, was the study room. There were no board games here, no darts, no Sky Jukebox, and perhaps to some, no fun. But it was here that the quiet, insulated walls allowed for deep concentration, meditation, and learning. The...
  13. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Dorm Lounge

    Down the hall of the dorm rooms was a much larger room that was a communal meeting room where all guildmates and otherwise can meet up to chill out, as Pop called it. Board games, dart games, and various other recreational furniture made up a small portion of the floorspace here, along with...
  14. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms ~ Dorms

    Team Spectrum's new shelters were in the Poppin' Arms guild's second floor. Unlike the lobby, which was decorated with doodles and fan mail from all over the world, the dorms were much simpler, with beige walls and a bulletin board on the hall talking about a few incoming events. There was one...
  15. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Chip's Lab
    Threadmarks: R5 - Rocket Business

    Between Destiny Tower and Poppin' Arms was a short road, and near the base of the hill that Destiny Tower sat was another, tiny building, a perfect cube in shape. A single, sliding door opened for anybody who approached and pressed against the doorway, but the second entrance required...
  16. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms Guild ~ Main Lobby

    Far to the west of Destiny Village was the headquarters of the best of the best. This guild, despite its unprofessional name, was a worldwide gathering of talents of some of the strongest mortals to ever enter the Dungeon delving profession. And while Dungeons were rapidly fading--prior to the...
  17. Namohysip

    Mystery Continent ~ Northern Pines

    North of Destiny Village, in a frigid yet dry tundra and between the rocky mountains, was a patch of pine forest whose fragrance was so strong that the edge of Destiny Village had a hint of its scent. It was peaceful within the pine forest with only wild Pokemon to call it a home, and only the...
  18. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Parfait Way

    The northwestern portion of Destiny Village was dedicated largely to restricted-access residential areas and environments. High-ranking international guild officials, mortal and immortal alike, lived here, and that included God Squad. They all lived on the same road as neighbors to one another...
  19. Namohysip

    Destiny Village ~ Library

    The southern area of Destiny Village held one of the largest buildings in the whole of the city--a great, white building with brick-red markings and designs along the perimeter. Library of Arceus, considered the greatest library in the whole world, was there--a collection of knowledge, tomes...
  20. Namohysip

    Poppin' Arms Guild ~ Infirmary

    Within Poppin' Arms was a cozy but large room lined with beds of various shapes and sizes, white walls of purity with little decorations of stars and hearts and circles along the corners. It was a little childish, but it was soothing, in a strange way. There was a gentle drone of some kind of...
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