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  1. unrepentantAuthor

    Pokémon Different Eyes
    Threadmarks: Title

    1996, Kanto: a clone of Mew is created and named "Mewtwo". Its imperfect genetic code is completed using human DNA. 2020, Galar: pokémon are going missing, explorers are driven out of the wilds, and a green tech company is hiring experts in gene-splicing. A story about pokémorphs, genetic...
  2. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon A Mew Me: Kuki's Tale [Discontinued]

    Hello everyone. I'm Adam, nice meeting you too. This is a story i had started sometime in 2018 and practically left for dead when I was both burned out creatively and written the story into a corner. However, things will be different this time! Last time i didn't have a solid grasp on where i...
  3. Umbramatic

    Pokémon Greenhorn Prometheus

    So, uh. This is that secret project/Project Gene I kept mentioning on Discord and a few other places. And after several months of being cryptic I can finally tell you... It's a crossover (with Young Frankenstein) Halloween special. And a very silly one at that. I am probably doing one half of...
  4. Chibi Pika

    Pokémon The Legendarian Chronicles
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The story of an inevitable war, the humans that tried to stop it, and all the reasons their failure was written into the universe itself. Hello everyone, and welcome to LC, a trainer fic that was first started on December 14, 2001. Yes, you read that right, this fic is eighteen years old...