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  1. kyeugh

    Fanfic Author Bingo

    forgive me if this thread already exists somewhere. a few times on the discord we've passed around bingo cards, with each cell featuring some trope or staple of the respective writer's work. they're a lot of fun to share and fill out, so i thought it'd be neat to dedicate a thread to it! you...
  2. Namohysip

    Offscreen Activities

    This is a thread to post any offscreen activities that your characters have been doing with one another or with NPCs. The format is generally informal and you can discuss in the discord what things have happened in advance with other players, but when it comes to NPCs, there may be some things...
  3. Phoenixsong

    Pokémon The Pokémon Trainer's Guide (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: The Pokémon Trainer's Guide (one-shot)

    The Pokémon Trainer's Guide Page 16: Walk around in the grassy areas. You will find wild pokémon. It was nice of Mom to buy him a copy of the Pokémon Trainer's Guide as a going-away present, but he wished she'd given it to him a little sooner. He'd have had more time to study it and take it...
  4. Nikita Dracovish

    Pokémon Dismay (AU, Ash's companions, Semi-OC, Meta)

    tl;dr: About a meta, angsty LiveJournal fusion of Misty/May/Dawn/Serena who feels like she’s blown her shot at being really famous and getting it on with Ash. Waaah. You know that one coworker who can't stop talking about how she used to have it better decades ago, despite a steady job and a...
  5. Namohysip

    Blacklight Eternal Rules and Information Master List

    Hey all, the following is the master list of all rules, decisions, and stipulations related to Blacklight, from battle mechanics to roleplay formats to challenges. Anything said here should be taken as the final say if there is contradictory or outdated information elsewhere. Link to the...
  6. Namohysip

    Blacklight ~ Art & Doodles

    This is where you can post any doodles or art related to the campaign for other participants to see! Try not to discuss too much here, since that can be saved for discord or the main discussion thread. Treat this more like an archive for artwork. Maybe even link to the relevant posts, if you like!
  7. Namohysip

    [Day 263 - 270 ~ New Summer] World Map

    The world of Pokemon is vast and interconnected. After years of crises and the collective efforts of villages, towns, and societies all around the world, the globe has become more interconnected than ever. Guilds and Exploration Societies alike have banded together to make travel between towns...
  8. Namohysip

    Blacklight Eternal Prize Volunteers

    Hey all -- this is the thread that is exclusively for volunteers who would like to provide prizes that can be see in the Blacklight Eternal Credit meter. As a recap (and with some extra information) these are the prizes and what it would entail: Review volunteers - This means that when someone...
  9. Namohysip

    Official Actions

    This is the channel where anything you do that is meant to affect the sheet or the battle will be posted. Please DO NOT edit your posts if they have already been logged by me (indicated by me making a post saying "everything above has been logged.") It will not matter and it will make auditing...
  10. Namohysip

    Official Signups [CLOSED]

    This is the thread where you will officially sign up with your character, or just as an Ethereal player! Click here for the character sheet! [SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED] Thank you everyone! The signup form is below:
  11. Namohysip

    Announcement & Discussion

    What can’t be seen, yet festers within us all. The shadows that hide in your mind. The inhibitions that hold back your feelings. What happens when you’re forced to show your true self? The Blacklight will expose the world to its eternal truth. Hello everyone, and welcome to Blacklight...
  12. Bluwiikoon

    Pokémon pcb0000

    This one is, hmm... it's hard to explain! The setup for this story requires you to do a small task to progress to all the other parts. The entire thing is hosted on my website in whole, and accessible as soon as you complete said task. Please try your best! Content warnings (spoilers!) Part...
  13. Namohysip

    Official Unofficial Pokemon Fanfiction Team Stats Spreadsheet!

    Hey, everybody! I present to you with no further introduction, the Pokemon Fanfiction Team Stats Spreadsheet! Title pending. There's a readme on the spreadsheet itself that links to another document, but here are the main bits to explain how the scoring system works. The spreadsheet is...
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