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  1. Namohysip

    [TOWN WIN] Darkwhite's Role Overdrive Mafia
    Threadmarks: Day 0

    Player list: Ajia (Delcatty) [Chibi Pika] Arctozolt (Arctozolt) [Bench] Bartholomew (Rotom) [Equitial] Cosmo (Linoone) [Flyg0n] Courtney (Ninetales) [Starlight Aurate] Dave (Mightyena) [Dragonfree] Fray (Froslass) [ShinjiGojira] Kekoa (Skitty) [Persephone] Kimiko (Snivy) [Seren] Laura (Alolan...
  2. Namohysip

    [INFO/SIGNUPS] Darkwhite's Role Overdrive Mafia!

    Uhuhu... huhu... I'm baaaack! Oh, that statue with the terrified expression over there? Don't worry about it! We're gonna have some FUN! Welcome all to the anticipated "Namo decides to make everything crazy again" mafia game! After the initial vanilla game that became explosively interesting...
  3. Bluwiikoon

    [COMPLETE] Humble Vale Mafia
    Threadmarks: INFO HUB

    Welcome to Humble Vale Mafia! On Saturday, 25 September 2021 20:00 BST (click for countdown!), we will be having a 24-hour Day Zero! This will simply serve as an icebreaker party, with no roles assigned and freedom to roleplay or just to hang out and chill. Get to know your fellow players...
  4. Namohysip

    [Town victory] Vanilla Mafia!
    Threadmarks: Day 0

    Totally Vanilla Mafia (Newcomer Friendly Edition) Player List: Altair [Galarian Yamask] (Inkedust) Anti-Bravoman "Anti" xxDarklord99xx [Human?] (Windskull) Astrid [Alolan Ninetales] (TheGOAT) Bartholomew [Rotom in a yellow 3DS] (Equitial) Clovis LeClair [Human] (Sinderella) Ebony [Houndoom]...
  5. Namohysip

    Namo's Totally Vanilla Mafia Signup Thread

    A letter appears in your dreams. You pick it up, because what else was there to do? But the moment it's opened, you're standing in the middle of a great field of grass with not a sign of civilization anywhere. Inside the letter are instructions on how to play, and a horrible punishment awaiting...
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