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legendary pokemon

  1. SparklingEspeon

    Pokémon Crashing Fate
    Threadmarks: Title, Info, and Chapter of Contents

    "Legends are positions, not people." By day, Ann works as Mew, the glorified secretary for Arceus and the other legends of the High Council. By night, she secretly breaks High Council code to enjoy earth sights with the lower legends. After she and her friend are kidnapped by Team Rocket, Ann...
  2. Bluwiikoon

    Pokémon Legendaries of the Present World
    Threadmarks: #1: The Original One

    Summary: An aspiring project to write one-shots of Legendary Pokémon enjoying life in the current day and age. Warnings: None as of yet! I'm hoping things should be relatively light-hearted in this series. ^^ Individual chapters will have their own warnings as needed. Index: #1: The Original...
  3. canisaries

    Pokémon Bouquatro
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes & Part One

    hello all! it's time for a new pokécentric story from yours truly. i've been working on it for a while, not helped by the abnormally bad mental stuff i've been going through lately, but finally the first part is written and ready to be posted. i don't know how many parts there will be, but...
  4. Keleri

    Pokémon Gods and Demons

    They knew that Gaiien could be dangerous, but they didn't expect anything like this. Three trainers set out on their badge quest in a wild land cloaked by the shadows of old legends. Ancient powers awaken, and demon pokémon, giants, and hybrids converge for a showdown they couldn't imagine...
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