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  1. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Togetic Arcade

    In one part of the Riverside Plaza was a large building, covered in the markings of the Togepi line. Inside was a large space, filled with various objects for entertainment. There were several raised platforms around, covered in various game pieces. One table had a red and blue checkerboard on...
  2. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Overcast Forest

    Around Overcast Village was a forest filled with just as much fog as the village itself. There were trees as far as the eye could see, some bearing apples, some bearing various berries. One may find a few villagers wandering around here, playing in the woods, gathering food, or just taking in...
  3. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Grapploct Dojo

    The dojo was on the far side of the Riverside Plaza, a large blue building with a dome on the top, and a yellow, almost star-shaped design above the door. There was a window on both the left and right side, letting the sun shine inside. To the side of the dojo was a small sign, on which...
  4. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Riverbank Beach

    On one part of the shore of the river running by Overcast Village, just before an S-shaped bend, was a small patch of sand. There was a small dirt path leading to it from the Riverside Plaza. While it was far too small to actually be a real beach, some of the villagers affectionately refer to...
  5. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Banette's House (Zack, Toby, Hearts, Morgan, Amanda)

    Banette's house was...odd. The immediate first thing someone would see as they walk in was a painted mural of a dark, desolate landscape, with dead trees and floating rocks. Five straw beds were in front of it, each with a pillow and blanket. There were hallways going to both the left and...
  6. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Sneasel's House (Koa, Gladion, Dusk [Sneasel])

    Sneasel's house seemed pretty ordinary on the surface. Two rooms, the dining room and the bedroom. There was a short table and several cupboards of food in the dining room, and three straw beds and a bookshelf in the bedroom, along with some pillows and blankets. Five books were strewn around...
  7. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Kecleon Brothers' House (Barky, Star, Nero, Shane)

    The Kecleon brothers' house was one of the largest in the town, owing to the owners being part of the largest groups of shopkeepers in the world. The entryway room had a few bookshelves around, all of them filled with books. On one of the walls was a map of the known world, with some spots...
  8. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Orbeetle's House (Lance, Kora, Harvard, Brian)

    The interior of Orbeetle's house was a strange place. Above the entryway into the house was a painted portrait, of an Orbeetle, Eevee, and Ledian together. It looked old, but remarkably well painted. Books were scattered everywhere. The title of the closest one to the door was, "Illusory...
  9. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Morpeko's House (Lee, Hades, Dusk [Houndoom])

    The interior of Morpeko's house was divided into two sections. The left half was colored a light brown. There was a window to let sunlight in right next to a neat straw bed. There were several books near the bed, most of them about anger management. Near the bed was a small, raised platform...
  10. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Misdreavus' House (Lillie, Meggie, Odette)

    The interior of Misdreavus' house was odd. In the center of it was a cauldron filled with some unknown cloudy liquid. Below the cauldron was a firepit that had long since burnt out. Several books were scattered around, with titles including Wandcrafting, A Guide to Seeds and Berries, and...
  11. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Riverside Plaza
    Threadmarks: Day 1: Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

    Within the stump-shaped building was an interesting sight. Hung on most of the walls were various cloths, scarves, looplets, and other apparel. One part of the walls, however, was covered in various sheets of paper, some blank, some with designs for clothes drawn on them. Some of the designs on...
  12. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Polteageist Cafe
    Threadmarks: Day 1: Reconciliations

    The cafe was mostly empty, due to it being early in the morning. Tables of various heights were scattered around, some surrounded by stools, some having chairs, some having no seats at all. The only Pokemon in the cafe were a small Pumpkaboo drinking a drink as orange as they were, a Chespin...
  13. IFBench

    Game Week of the Multiverse: Overlook Hill & Top Plaza
    Threadmarks: Day 1: Autumn Breeze

    Rustle, rustle. Crackle, crackle. Crinkle, crinkle. Wind swept across the area, taking fallen autumn leaves with it. Reds, yellows, oranges and browns were scattered around, an arrangement of fall surrounding the group that had suddenly appeared atop the hill. Partially obscured by the...
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