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  1. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon The Gift of Giving (oneshot)
    Threadmarks: The Gift of Giving [oneshot]

    The holidays in Hoenn are a busy time, but when Steven goes out of his way to get gifts for his friends, he puts the rest of his holiday plans in jeopardy. In the spirit of the season, the Elite Four band together and help cover for the bedridden Champion, and end up delivering a gift of their...
  2. Nubushi

    Pokémon A Homemade Hoenn Christmas (one shot)

    Summary: There may not be any snow in subtropical Hoenn, but love is in the air this Christmas, and so is mistletoe. May and Brendan are invited to the party of the decade. Steven is wearing Stantler antlers. Champagne abounds. Everything will definitely go according to May's plan, right? May...
  3. Nubushi

    Pokémon Forgiveness: PokeSpe Lance/Yellow One Shots
    Threadmarks: The Greatest Gift

    Forgiveness is the shifting wind That moves me back home. -"Lucrece" by Ballydowse In this thread, I will be posting my completed mangaverse Yellow/Lance one shots (two at the moment), as well as any others I may write in the future. The Greatest Gift explores how Yellow and Lance might begin...
  4. NebulaDreams

    Deli's Delivery Service

    Yo, Neb here! This is the first Pokemon fic I ever put up, all the way back in late 2017. It did well in its original run on Serebii, and so, I thought I'd edit it and post it here. It's probably the most lighthearted thing I've done, free from all the angst, depression and ennui a lot of my...
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