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  1. BossCar

    Pokémon The Lilycove Museum

    The Lilycove Museum Rated: T Genres: Slice of Life, Humor, Fluff, Friendship, and Romance Hoenn's an island region where the art and culture of the Far East interlocks with the West, and this is most prevalent with their crown jewel: Lilycove City. Once a small outpost village called...
  2. GumPlum

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Free Fiction

    A human finds himself suddenly transported to a new world filled with all kinds of monsters, and worst of all, turned into one of them. His union with wary and unlikely companions destabilizes an already chaotic world, but through it all, they will live together, seeking a free and happy life…...
  3. love

    Pokémon Firefly Music

    Firefly Music A reclusive musician pushes papers at the local guild branch, reluctant to plunge into missions—until a spirited vulpix sets his heart alight. Lighthearted PMD friendship/romance oneshot featuring a unique fictional instrument. I think it would be nice to improve at writing...
  4. StolenMadWolf

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guardians of Balance
    Threadmarks: Index, Prologue and Chapter I

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the properties that will be mentioned or explored in this story. They are all owned by individuals with alot more clout then I do. I do not make, nor intend to make any money off this story. It is a fanfic that is for fun and to get myself out there, and not for...
  5. BossCar

    Pokémon There's No Better Team

    There's No Better Team Rating: T Genres: Romance, Fluff, Friendship, Slice of Life, Humor, Adventure Chapter 1: Born to Be a Winner. Barberini Stadium, an artistic and architectural marvel that encompasses three city blocks amidst the congregation of its fellow historical buildings...
  6. redspah

    Pokémon Another Way
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Duress

    Another Way An unsuspecting college student wakes up in an alien body, in an increasingly mystifying place that eludes her understanding, with no recollection of how her run of the mill forest trip ended up there, but a clear goal- survival and making it home. Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Mystery...
  7. Ambyssin

    Pokémon Restarting (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: One-shot

    This is an old one-shot that was written in late 2017 for a contest on Serebii focusing on platonic relationships. If you're reading this for the blitz, please know that I don't consider this representative of my current writing abilities. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! XxX I stumble through...
  8. BossCar

    Pokémon Rosa's Renaissance

    Rosa's Renaissance Rated: T Genres: Fluff, Slice of Life, Romance, Friendship and Humor Chapter 1: Commission Whether it's a dimly lit depiction of Kyogre that emphasizes its raw power or a vivid portrayal of a majestic landscape within Unova, the art of the Pokémon world has served as the...
  9. neirdae

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Keepers of Hope

    I'm mainly uploading to ffn.net, but I wanted to try to put this here, too. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! I'm glad to have finally met you. "Huh? Who's talking?" I'm a spirit, calling out to your soul for aid. I need you to save the Pokemon world. It's on a path to disaster, and I need...
  10. Nubushi

    Pokémon Splash of Sinnoh (TR Anniversary Bingo)
    Threadmarks: Splash of Sinnoh

    Summary: Snow! Ghosts! Romance and not-quite-romance! Three shorts based on prompts from the TR Anniversary Bingo game, centering around Sinnoh. Rotom, Dawn, Lucas, Gardenia, Roark. Ghosts in Static Fresh Winter Morning Forgotten Temple Haunted Mansion Secret Society Unfeeling Genius...
  11. Sinderella

    Pokémon Gladion's Friendship Hijinks (Anniversary Bingo Thread)

    Hi! Welcome to my bingo thread! Thanks for stopping by! Instead of doing multiple standalone one-shots or drabbles, this is going to be a short, yet multi-chaptered fic centered around my problem boys, Gladion, Guzma, and Hau. Each chapter will revolve around a single cell from my chart here...
  12. Flyg0n

    Pokémon Tales of Pokemon (Bingo Prompts!)/Drabble Collection

    Zangoose and Seviper Brought Together by Chance Magma and Aqua Pals A Neat Freak's New Trubbish Egg Group Weirdness The Legend's Mortal Friend Mind and Body Rags and Riches Winged and Wingless This is where I will be posting all my Bingo prompts as I write them! Feel free to review or...
  13. BossCar

    Pokémon Identity

    Identity Rated: M Genres: Romance, Friendship, Trauma, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor, Slice of Life, and Angst. Chapter 1: The Wheels of Fate Angel City's a metropolis of dreams, a metropolis that attracts many who wish for stardom and are determined to achieve it. Unfortunately, such...
  14. DesertOdyssey

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Shifting Sands
    Threadmarks: Summary Page

    Summary: Lawrence, a human-turned togepi ends up tangled on a mysterious plot that threatens the future of the sand continent. Together with Mirari, a energetic jangmo-o, they must discover the turth, or succumb to the darkness alone. Notes: Setting loosely based around Super Mystery Dungeon...
  15. Nubushi

    Pokémon The Pink-haired Cowgirl's Love Advice

    Art by Dragonfree Summary: Several years after the events in HGSS, Lyra confesses her feelings for a certain dashing dragon master . . . to Whitney, and friends don't let friends' feelings go unconfessed. A story told in a series of 100-word snippets for the Writers Anonymous Drabble Challenge...
  16. DragonD

    Pokémon Change of Heart
    Threadmarks: Prologue: New Fife

    Prologue New Life The warm sunlight bathed the meadow as the star began to rise on the horizon. Soft white clouds cutting out against the still dark sky as they waited for their celestial friend to join them in the heavenly vault. Their fluffy shapes being slowly colored over by the gentle...
  17. DragonD

    Pokémon Don't say goodbye yet
    Threadmarks: You are not alone

    Prologue You are not alone We were always together, ever since I found her unconscious on that fateful day. The most important person in my life. The reason why I always kept trying, why I never gave up, that pushed me to keep going. The one that today had fought with me the greatest evil we...
  18. Sudmensch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Quenched Torch
    Threadmarks: 1 - Brave New World

    Summary: So, I woke up as an apparently feral Oshawott without any memories but being human in a world where humans are long gone, and now I have to join my ever-anxious Treecko friend, journey through this strange land without even being able to speak, and find answers or die trying, all while...
  19. Nubushi

    Pokémon Forgiveness: PokeSpe Lance/Yellow One Shots
    Threadmarks: The Greatest Gift

    Forgiveness is the shifting wind That moves me back home. -"Lucrece" by Ballydowse In this thread, I will be posting my completed mangaverse Yellow/Lance one shots (two at the moment), as well as any others I may write in the future. The Greatest Gift explores how Yellow and Lance might begin...
  20. Starlight Aurate

    Pokémon The Best Boy

    Hi everyone! This is just a silly one-shot that I thought of one day and decided to write it. It's a simple man-and-his dog story, meant to be mostly comedic. It's a spin-off of my main fic, Drowning, but you can read this without having read Drowning. As long as you know that Team Magma...
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