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  1. Umbramatic

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Tales Of Arrival (PMD X Tales Of Symphonia)

    This fic is rated Teen for blood, mild gore, adults doing adult things like drinking and swearing, and some dirty jokes and such. About time I had another B fic huh? (Greenhorn Prometheus doesn't count, it was a three-parter that was written out ahead of time, shhhhhhhh) So, this is a fic...
  2. Namohysip

    Fan Fiction's Truth or Dare Dimension

    In a world beyond worlds, the twisted dimensions converge to a single point. Calling spirits from across the Overworld, living, dead, and banished alike, these individuals are drawn here for two purposes: to relax… and to play Truth or Dare (For more info, skip to the final scene) <><><> Owen...