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  1. Namohysip

    Null Realm ~ Blacklight Eternity

    There was no permanent floor in the Null Realm that had been populated by the Blacklight, in a space between worlds, not quite its own reality, but not quite nonexistent, either. Not anymore. Wisps of light that resembled solar flares raced past them from far away. There were no stars yet, only...
  2. Namohysip

    The Moon
    Threadmarks: R15 ~ Boss

    There was no sound in space, normally. But here, it was as loud as ever, the wind from the atmosphere of Cibus rapidly pouring into the pocket of land that they had turned up. Gray dust filled the air that had newly filled the atmosphere, and a silver light enveloped every single one of Team...
  3. Namohysip

    Reverse World ~ Core
    Threadmarks: R4 – Brisa & Starr Seek Home

    Deep in the blue void, away from all the islands that were now decidedly above them, was a place where not even the ethereal light of the Reverse World reached. The surroundings darkened and went from deep blue to midnight to complete darkness. Any trip here required a fall, where even normal...
  4. Namohysip

    Reverse World ~ Downsideup City
    Threadmarks: R4 – Brisa & Starr Survive

    At the edge, or perhaps the center, of the Reverse World is a three-dimensional archipelago of hollowed-out rocks and other formations. Within each one were several small settlements and homes that only the Reverse inhabitants truly understood how to differentiate. There were no roads and no...
  5. Namohysip

    Reverse World ~ Rockfall Cavern
    Threadmarks: R4 – Brisa & Starr in the Pit

    In a strange land that could be very near or very far, there was a cold cave of deep purple rocks and dirt, different shades between blue and indigo and violet. Inside this cave was very little water, but a small trickle to what might have been the northern corner, which dribbled southeast and...
  6. Namohysip

    Spirits' Edge

    Agreeing to learn an Egg Move from Sunny was a strange prospect indeed. Once considered to be completely tied to your birth, new theories have shown that high compatibility with other Pokemon, often of the same species, can allow one to learn these once-inherited techniques. Yet now, Sunny found...
  7. Namohysip

    Group Communication

    There is one last gift that had been bestowed upon the group's new bodies, and it is one that, while situational, could be immensely useful. As they were all tied to Diyem, they were therefore tied to one another. Whether they wanted to or not, their minds were gently and subtly linked with one...
  8. Namohysip

    [Inaccessible] Veritas City
    Threadmarks: R1 – Day 0 - The Beginning

    Veritas City is a world between worlds. A dimensional crossroads where the spirits of many other realms can sometimes find themselves by chance. This city, surrounded by seemingly infinite fields and forests in all directions, is home to mysterious, but friendly, natives, as well as several...
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