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air continent

  1. Namohysip

    Air Continent ~ Baram Town

    On the Air Continent, taking full advantage of the windy atmosphere that the land provided, was a town of windmills that had enough power to supply the whole continent, should it ever be needed. Colorful, cylindrical buildings dotted a tall hill, most of them equipped with their own windmill all...
  2. Namohysip

    Air Continent ~ Great Canyon
    Threadmarks: R6 BOSS – VS Shield & Rayquaza

    High above the rocky plains was the top of the Great Canyon, orange and sun-drenched by an eternal summer. Heat lines riddled the horizon and left countless mirages in the faraway sands, and the winds were dry and blazing. Fire Pokemon and other desert dwellers would feel right at home, but for...
  3. Namohysip

    Abandoned Laboratory

    Deep in the Air Continent, where several Pokemon whose lives were somewhere between modern and nomadic, there were several areas that teemed with life of all shapes and sizes in a relatively localized perimeter. One such area was a fallen-apart, deep blue building made of stone and other...
  4. Namohysip

    Air Continent ~ Bone's Abode

    East of Pokemon Square, after the winding roads and a few pleasant lakes, there sat a small and somewhat isolated building that was simultaneously well-kept and a little bit foreboding and cozy at the same time, in a strange, contradictory way. A once cute house modeled after a Cubone's helmet...
  5. Namohysip

    Pokemon Square - Whiscash Lake

    A decade ago, Whiscash Pond had dried up and its inhabitants had to move elsewhere. The great cavern that had formed from a strange crystal that had struck the lake long ago during the Meteor Omen had slowly, yet surely, drained it of all its water. From there, the dry land had collapsed into...
  6. Namohysip

    Air Continent ~ Pokemon Square
    Threadmarks: Day 23 ~ A Hasty Escape

    The Air Continent was, as the name implied, a drier, less humid place than the Grass Continent, yet it somehow seemed easier to breathe because of it. Gentle breezes were inescapable here, and the dirt was fine and light. The main hub of civilization on this continent--though there were...
  7. Namohysip

    [Destroyed] Air Continent ~ Silver Trench
    Threadmarks: R3 BOSS – VS Shadow Lugia

    Once a grand Dungeon of unfathomable depths, the Silver Trench was now a deep, dark gash in the sea near the Air Continent. Once called the Silver Trench because of the Legendary being that had once lived there, it is now called that for the great air bubble that is still held deep underwater...
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