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  • Hello Canisaries, I was wondering how to go about signing up for the February 12th Game (Review), I'm kind of new to the site and am still figuring things out. (-_-; ) Many Thanks, USW
    You can sign up through direct messages on either the forum or Discord. You'll need to provide:
    1. A link to the fic that you want to enter
    2. A list of users that are caught up with said fic
    3. Content warnings for any potentially upsetting content within the fic (such as a lot of gore or violence or drug use)
    4. Types of upsetting content that you would not like to read (so that you will not be matched with any story that has those content warnings listed), or you can say that you're fine with anything (this is most common).

    There's a Q&A section at the start of the thread that might help answer your questions.
    Glad to see you posting Seiren here! It'll be a little while before you catch up to where I've read, but I look forward to getting back into the story.
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